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  1. I don't like the practice... now that I know what it is and why it is bad for the habitat. I have kicked up quite a bit myslef in Tanny, but not doing it intentionally, but because I am a pretty big guy (6'3", 270#) and a bit of an oaf in swift water. So, I can honestly say that I have not shuffled to catch more fish, but I have technically shuffled getting from one place to another. Here in lies my delema, I would rather focus on education and voluntary cooperation than legislation. We don't need our courts clogged with unitentional shufflers. I would rather see a large sign in the Tanny
  2. Thanks everyone. Thanks Phil. I had a 17' deep V basic bench aluminum boat with a 25 hp tiller. I sold it before I every fished Tany. I looked at the Lund web site at the various models. Does anyoen know how they compair the Bass Pro Tournament V or the Targa series? Jeff
  3. I am thinking of buying a new boat. My favorite place to fish is Tanycomo, and TRL to. Any thoughts of what would be the IDEAL boat for Tany. I was thinking maybe a Tracker bass boat with a jet... for easy moving up the trophy area. I have seen some fishing shows that feature funky boats for fishing fast moving trout streams out west and in Alaska. They are very pointed with high sides. I have had some troubles when Tany was in full generation mode. I have rented boats from Lilly quite a few times. Overall they did quite well, but not something I would invest in. Lilly had some 4 stok
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