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  1. I was not aware of it, I though you had to pay at booth
  2. where is this post you speek of ? I am a local and I hate the reservation system, it was designed to help the city folk,
  3. they aint working on a new CG, they are rebuilding the sewer pond, they have been talking about a new loop, but it is still just talk, but I could be wrong
  4. montaulk village is on the edge of the park, I was past it a week or so ago and there was a for sale sign posted pointing into the village, I don't rember the realator, you could search it. its on the old Sand Stone Inn road that runs out of the park
  5. Wow Burt, sorrie your experenice down here wasn't up to your entitled life style, Im one of the local hicks as you portray us to be, sounds like you have problems every where you go! From you sig.I say it tells your age so I will over look you statements about us.I also see you joined this site and only stayed a couple weeks so you will probly not ever see this, and its just as well. As far as a return trip to this area, if you cant make it, we will understand, how ever I think we will get by (it will be rough). have a good day bob
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