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  1. This am, Catching bass and drum but no crappie or walleye?
  2. Skeeter ZX190. Had this prop on a Yamaha 150 4S to help with hole shot. I upgraded to a Yamaha 175 SHO which is what should be on a ZX190. I am using the Yamaha factory 3 blade prop on the SHO which is why I am selling the 4 blade prop. Don't recall exactly but rpms with the 4 blade on the 150 was in the high 5000's. The SHO with the factory 3 blade prop will get into the low 6000s but generally run it in the high 4000s. Not interested in going 60+mph in water. I'll be at Stockton this coming Tuesday for a few days fishing so if your interested in buying the prop you need to let me know before Monday evening.
  3. Nice eye! Thanks for the intel. Are you fishing north of Mutton Creek? I'll be up later next week for a few days of fishing.
  4. Here is an identical walleye to yours. A little over 26” with tail pinched!
  5. Normally catch my Stockton walleye 15 - 20’ during late April/May, is this still the depth to find walleye during late June?
  6. What was your speed when using the bandit?
  7. Are these ramps one and the same? Hear a lot of you are using the Greenfield ramp and I'm not sure where that is located if its a different location. I had a lot of success last year for crappie and walleye putting in at the CC area ramp. I'll be at Stockton late June for a week of fishing. It'll be a new experience fishing that late at Stockton but don't know why it would'nt be good! Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Planning a fishing trip to Stockton in early May and wondering if Woods Supermarket and Sonic are open for business in Stockton? Thanks for the info. Asking because of COVID19.
  9. Who would have seasoned oak firewood available in the Mutton Creek area around April 15th? Need a rick.
  10. L D T


    Congrats. I generally run road runners with Minnows in 15 to 25 feet around points and do pretty good. Curious to how you were casting the Crank baits. Casting to the shore of the rocky points and out?
  11. L D T

    Personal Best

    Congrats. Looks like a twin to the one I caught last April.
  12. L D T


    Camping at Mutton Creek and need seasoned firewood delivered on April 2, 3 or 4th. Prefer camp size cuts but can handle 16" if necessary. Please respond if you are able to deliver the wood. Also, if unable to deliver, I would be able to pickup the wood if you are located in the general area. Thanks, Larry
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