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  1. PowerTech Prop: TRO4R21PMS175. Was on a Yamaha 150 4S. Upgraded motor on my Skeeter so no longer need. Prop is in excellent condition. Used only on a 2 week outing on Stockton Lake. Prop retails for $588 plus tax. I'll be fishing Stockton in April if interested.
  2. L D T


    Drifting road runners with minnows in 15-20’ water. When I started walleye fishing LS In 2004, I bought a fishing hot spots map and areas on the map indicating good walleye fishing are pretty much spot on. By the way, fished the day before and did not land a walleye. They were not biting during the front.
  3. L D T


    Bite was on Tuesday morning. Tried to upload photo of 26”, 8-10 lb walleye but was unable to for some reason. All four eyes were big.
  4. L D T

    White bass rewind

    What cove is in the video?
  5. L D T

    CC ?

    Thanks, I have never fished that far south but do plan to fish Birch Branch Cove around mid-April for some early crappie fishing. Mo campers at Mutton Creek have been having success there in the past. Happy Easter and God bless!
  6. L D T

    CC ?

    I have seen many of you refer to area CC and I'm curious to what CC stand for? Thanks for the info and happy fishing this spring. Walleye fishing last spring was awesome.
  7. L D T

    2/26 fishing report

    Good report. I'll start fishing Stockton on April 9th. Until then keep the reports coming! By the way, I also have a ZX190 and just put a new 175 Yamaha SHO on it. Starting break in tomorrow on a small central oklahoma lake. Shouldn't have any issues with hole shot having 300 lb family members on board.
  8. L D T

    2018 Walleye Touraments ?

    Just curious if anyone knows of any planned 2018 Stockton walleye tournaments?
  9. L D T

    Thursday report

    Good report. Thanks. Will be at Stockton Mon - Thur to fish!
  10. L D T

    White Bass Movie

    Thanks for posting DB, headed to Stockton Sunday after church for a few days of walleye and crappie fishing and just might throw in my umbrella rigs and catch of few whites. Looked like a great deal of fun.
  11. L D T

    South Stockton Lake Fishing

    Would echo the cautions. Recommend you only go out with guides. Also buy a Lake Stockton Fish Master map. It'll tell you all you need to know about what fish you will. At h in the various areas of the lake. It's spot on. Mutton Creep marina has them.
  12. L D T

    Mutton creek crappies

    Holy smokes. Nice eye for Stockton. Can't wait for Apr 10th.
  13. Are there any walleye tournaments scheduled this spring at Stockton Lake?
  14. L D T

    Map help

    Very best map you can own (on any lake) is the Fishing Hot Spots map. I buy one for a new lake before ever fishing that lake. They are excellent maps that show all contours and bottom structures but the best thing about them is that on the back is detailed information about all areas of the lake and what fish you will catch there. It is spot on. You can buy them at Bass Pro Shop in Springfield. Mutton Creek marina normally has the Stockton Lake map for sale. They cost about $40. Good luck fishing. I'll start fishing (and camping) Stockton for walleye/crappie around April 10th for about one month. Larry
  15. L D T

    Pointers for stockton lake

    I fish both the Louisiana marsh for specs, reds, flounder, etc and Lake Stockton for crappie and walleye. For crappie and walleye on Stockton you really need a boat. Hope that is in your future. Meanwhile the points mentioned are good. Good luck.

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