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  1. TinBoats Tourney Results

    You should have went around the state park then that's why I'm in my partner turned back around
  2. TinBoats Tourney Results

    Good job on tournament guys see u next month was good to meet u all time we got on fish to windy to stay in lots of short fish
  3. Hi guys

    I'm voice texting by the way
  4. Hi guys

    he's not going to be fishing he just wants to go with me
  5. Hi guys

    He's 12 years oldguys my boys 12 years old he's not going to be going fishing with me but he wants to go with me would you guys mind if he wrote in the boat with me
  6. Hi guys

    My wife will be making check to care to learn
  7. Hi guys

    Fishing a tournament this weekend prayers needed donating money to the kids if I win. All of it thanks tin boat bass club
  8. Mr. B

    And I told your guy the wrong info see you Saturday
  9. Mr. B

    Good luck
  10. Headed up this afternoon

    That's all good what you're talking about. If I win the tournament, my proceeds will go to a non-profit benefit for kids with needs. I'll see you Saturday.
  11. Bass an walleye

    They're actually biting reelin a little bit then Pause about 2 seconds and then reel it back in real fast and then pause again
  12. Bass an walleye

    We actually caught more I just took her to a good spot that I know about and she landed this one
  13. Bass an walleye

  14. Bass an walleye

    Oh yeah she was jumping around my boat like she won a million dollars
  15. Bass an walleye


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