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  1. Hey guys if you really want to know something talk to David up of baitmasters he will tell you what's going on and that's probably pretty much the end of it
  2. Hey y'all there pulling water from stocking Lake it's not going to be good until probably next week that's when you're really wanting to go don't listen to anything else I win and didn't do anything really good and I've got feeling that fishes up there but yeah just wait until another week with warm weather and it should be good talk to you guys later and have a good evening
  3. So post on Stockton because a lot of these guys don't have a lot of money to go up and fish all the time when they hear stuff like that they like to go fish and I really want them to catch now so please don't post that again. That was kind of messed up that wasn't even really funny bass fisher
  4. That's pretty crazy that you want to mess with guys like that I mean they're wanting to go crappie fishing you need to post post for Stockton Lake and not where he caught them before sorry but I'm not really good with that
  5. They are white bass
  6. Still on the beds they have not moved up yet. Caught alot of bass on a wiggle wart craw color. Sons creek water temp 50
  7. Ill let youall know what i did and did not do. Going for crappie
  8. Thanks for all the info guys have a nice day
  9. Hi guys i now work 7 days a week so i only have early mornings on the weekends to fish. Is the water high and have the crappie turned on. Ready to get my ranger out and catch some dinner. New year new attitude. Ready to start it. Thanks jason
  10. Run the channel i do it all the time when the waters up
  11. Be another week or two of warm weather probably won't turn on for at least another three to four weeks
  12. Fished Cedar Ridge area up to High Point up around High Point area really muddy caught one bass that was it 30 feet of water they're really not turned on yet just wanted to let you guys know water temperature was 41 degrees
  13. bassfisher


    Anyone know about that bass bite. Heading up tomorrow out of mutton creek. Thanks jason
  14. Ask Jordan's dad Mike he'll be able to tell you what's up with that out there
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