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  1. I think its just late year of spawning due to all the rain. I graphed alot in the middle of coves in about 20ft of water
  2. Crappie
  3. Was at ruaurk west caught alot of crappie fished a loon whopper plopper ib evening caught alot of short bass
  4. How everyone do this was state park at Stockton could not fish my dad been sick
  5. Me either
  6. Maze creek Sunday
  7. Fish that since I was a kid and I couldn't even tell you with this house that Waters came up I should be the one asking you
  8. I was told there was an open tournament first weekend of May out of aunts creek.
  9. It's a 300zx and belongs to my father, I do remember you now from old posts. Ketchup is it? I sent you a private message, are you jealous of me or something. Evidently you have nothing better to do than make fun of people. All I can say is thanks for the info.
  10. So this thread was about helping someone out fishing, I made one comment on a tournament wishing a guy good luck and you appear quoting me. I've been on here awhile, says a lot about you!!!!
  11. Here ya go , thanks for all the compliments ketchup really just shows me who talks behind my back. Wow
  12. No I'm actually 42 and use voice text but thanks for comments, what advice did you give these folks? Exactly!!!!
  13. Sorry for spelling pal!!!!!!
  14. The fish bee spawning all the way up into the middle of May