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  1. Fishing with mr.price

    John you are a good man 😁
  2. Fishing with mr.price

    And I am proud to say I work for him. He mentors me. Good man I got his back all the time.
  3. Fishing with mr.price

    And teaching me not only about fishing but about life. That's hard to come by in a person
  4. Fishing with mr.price

    Yes Mr. Price whooping me
  5. Fishing with mr.price

    He showed me how it's done.
  6. Fishing with mr.price

    No I posted on table rock wanted to let our friends see what was going on on the rock. Actually Mr. Price is a mentor for me right now and got one of the best hearts you'll ever met in your life. Good man
  7. Fishing with mr.price

    Mill creek yesterday jerk baits
  8. Fishing with mr.price

    Table rock yesterday
  9. Fishing with mr.price

    Table rock yesterday
  10. Its crappie time

    Heading up Friday morning I'll post that evening crappie already moving up.
  11. Need feed back

    My cousin is wanting to come up there crappie fishing tomorrow I need to know how the lake is right now could you guys give me some feedback I'd appreciate it thanks in advance
  12. Hi guys

    I'll be up tomorrow gonna run the boat and do some crappie hunting I'll post tomorrow after trip
  13. Where the bass pics ?

    I'm about ready to head that way
  14. Bennett's Springs C&R - 12/30/17

    Nice report I went down the last weekend with no luck only a nice pic. Nicely done😀
  15. Nice fish you are doing better than most 😀

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