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  1. Be on the lake at 6 a.m.

    Yes sir
  2. Be on the lake at 6 a.m.

    Just got the boat back I'll tell you boys how the bite is when I get back I'm looking for a line Ripper tomorrow
  3. Found a few 8/15

    nice job
  4. Srockton.... Trout?

    Be nice to the guy he was just trying to have fun
  5. Srockton.... Trout?

    I was thinking that but I didn't say anything that you probably stopped on your way home to keep your fish cold you kept the Forum going anyway don't do that too much or they'll be all over you like that used to be on me lol
  6. Another crappie day

    Crappie bite was good today, kept 8 to eat. Only one short caught today all between 11-13 inches. Saw my friend mr.price getting some fishing in today.
  7. Srockton.... Trout?

    Looks like coffman cove and the water was that low this past winter. I would say anything is possible, he did say near Aldrich. Who knows ive never heard of it.
  8. Good day Tuesday

    14-16 Crappie 14ft deep turkey creek arm
  9. Crappie an bass

    I will be at work blah blah blah and that sucks have a good one fellas
  10. Crappie an bass

    Hope that helps out and you guys can catch some fish tomorrow
  11. Crappie an bass

    But I will say this fishing is good after that rain cuz it dropped the temperature drastically since you can see on my graft
  12. Crappie an bass

    I was actually catching the white bass on a crankbait the ones I did catch and it was the XPS from Bass Pro white color
  13. Crappie an bass

    Turkey Creek alright guys have a good evening
  14. Crappie an bass

    The white bass are school and shad up in the back of coves in about 4feet of water
  15. Crappie an bass

    I use Voice Text to please don't make fun of me

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