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  1. Run the channel i do it all the time when the waters up
  2. Be another week or two of warm weather probably won't turn on for at least another three to four weeks
  3. Fished Cedar Ridge area up to High Point up around High Point area really muddy caught one bass that was it 30 feet of water they're really not turned on yet just wanted to let you guys know water temperature was 41 degrees
  4. bassfisher


    Anyone know about that bass bite. Heading up tomorrow out of mutton creek. Thanks jason
  5. Ask Jordan's dad Mike he'll be able to tell you what's up with that out there
  6. Well I've seen it like that out there before in my years of fish in Fellows Lake but I've never seen that many fish that we're dead however there is a lot of algae up in the upper end of the lake and with high temperatures and low water and oxygen issues I would say that be a good cause for it. One thing to put in consideration is is that Lake the depth of it varies.
  7. Yeah I never in a million years would have thought you catch tilapia in Missouri
  8. Go after dark when it gets warmer nobody needs to know anything unless you tell them
  9. I have to say one thing in the past three years it's been really excellent I've caught quality trout around 3or 4 pound range
  10. Hi fishwrench im going early Sunday whats up down there and when i get back ill do the same im going a lil ways down from the park where i once took my wife
  11. Hi guys it's a bass fisher give me a little feedback to what's going on please
  12. So the color this year is the orange tube jig with a chartreuse tail and then a blue with a with a white tail don't need to tell you anything more
  13. I was told about it today about a co-worker I've never seen that before
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