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  1. just kidding with you guys
  2. I was told Friday evening the caplinger Mills was supposed to be pretty good right now especially for catching walleye
  3. I'll be out in inner tube if you see me give me a tow back into Shore
  4. Yes
  5. South end of lake
  6. By the way did I tell you you're my favorite turd😉
  7. That's what I get for not checking my messages cuz I went where I was at and I didn't get a bite but a couple tugs and that was it
  8. Fished a tournament there last September. 21st
  9. Bucksaw marina!!!!
  10. Crabtree cove has a nice one also water is only 2 feet above normal pool
  11. are the eggs in one of the ones I caught they're not even developed yet. well developed but not ready to drop three to four foot of water on nightcrawlers
  12. Aldrich Bridge finally found out where they're at. Old blown out Aldrich Bridge nightcrawlers. Nobody would tell me where they're at, but I'm letting you guys know. Better in the morning time. Good for family and baked taters.
  13. thanks for the report I'm off Thursday and Friday
  14. Look like most of them were in the 15 to 20 pound range to
  15. Saw guys today pulling out big stripers below power site. Sunday