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  1. NYMPH~o---

    sold canoe rental

    Thanks for your services and advice on the river, Brian. Always enjoyed renting from you. Tight lines.
  2. NYMPH~o---

    How is the Current fishing?

    Dinks did well last weekend on an orange stimulater with rubber legs for me. Looked like normal/sporadic caddis with big trico hatches/spinners. Tried a baby dry trico spinner, size 20, behind the stimulater but they liked the bigger fly despite feeding frequently on the spinners. Went deep a few times in the bigger pools to look for the hogs. Had a big guy chase the dink on my line but that was they only thing of size I saw. Watched a pair of 14in browns hunt minnows in front of our camp site all day. Caught one of em later but had more fun watchin' em hunt to be honest. Probably will go back next week.
  3. NYMPH~o---

    Current River Fishing Report 6/16/2017

    I've hit the Current under Baptist twice this month as well. Electric fishing with bites every about every 4th cast. Hit 4 in a row at one point with a Fox Hair Squirrel Nymph, but they were taking everything. Managed only one 15in Brown on an Orange Stimulater (crushed it though). Fish were holding in pools and seams. Very different river with a few blockages that require floaters to walk/portage. Agree that they should consider a reprieve on the size and number limits with all the stockers down there. I'm C&R but if they're gonna fade anyway, I'd fry up a few - especially to maintain the Brown population. - Nympher
  4. NYMPH~o---

    River Levels

    NOTICE: Streamgage data collection activities MAY BE DISCONTINUED at this location on July 1, 2017, due to lack of funding. For inquiries concerning this streamgage, contact Paul Rydlund (prydlund@usgs.gov, 573-308-3572) or Shane Barks (csbarks@usgs.gov, 573-308-3674). Does anyone know if there are any efforts to stop this from happening? -Nympher
  5. NYMPH~o---

    June 5/6 & 12/13 Reports

    Hit the Current on June 5th and 6th for an overnight float and fish from Baptist to Cedar with a group of four of us. Fishing was a little slow but each of us avoided the skunk and landed nice fish between 15-17 inches. Friends used Panther Martins - black/yellow spots and gold with orange marabou. On the fly, I hit with a white thread jig and a peach egg (my go-to's after a really slow first day). Was fortunate enough to go back the next week with the Mrs. and the fishing picked up a bit with the fly rod. Hit on home tied midges mostly - size 16. White thread, bright colored ribbing, and sometimes a little flash back - with or without a bead head were the popular patterns. Landed a dozen or so including a 16 inch bow at Ashley Creek that was a fun fight.

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