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  1. I reel lefty.... that said I own a couple of Lew’s and probably 18 of the pro qualifiers. I don’t use the Lew’s. I take a reel out of the box in the store, turn the handle and listen for any noise. If none, I check where the spool is set, loosen to just contact the shaft and give it a spin. If it spins for a 5 count, it’s a keeper. (The high end shimano spins a little longer fwiw). For the LH reels I’d say 4 of 5 pass the test. Neither of my Lew’s will cast as far as easily as the pro qualifiers. Never mind the $ difference
  2. Basfis

    Fillet or Not?

    Revelation per day. Hang in there
  3. The mod v makes a difference turning under power. Flat bottoms just feel weird turning while “running” to me. Just an opinion
  4. Basfis

    Fillet or Not?

    I’m with you on this one. I may have misunderstood and, aren’t tilapia the bait fish that helped grow the monster Bass in falcon?? Border Shad??
  5. In hindsight, maybe more of a seiko considering it’s heritage.... just quietly does it’s job every time. Pinnacle of carburetors
  6. Basfis

    Cast iron

    After reading and googling a little more, I think I’ll walnut blast and speed the stripping without harsh chemicals
  7. Basfis

    Cast iron

    I’m thinking about taking an old rough pan to work and blasting with stainless shot to get inside and out then re-seasoning. Nuts?
  8. Is the security gig over for the day?
  9. I’m saying the reference was inappropriate. Arm chair quarterbacks are everywhere including your assertion.
  10. I dunno. My kid fishes the ned a ton. Catches 100’s per year. Rarely ever use pliers. I mention this as he is rarely on top of what his bait is doing and frequently surprised by a fish being on the end of his line. Maybe it’s the small hooks he uses vs the newer longer shank and wider gap heads out there? Theory being the little hook slips back to the lips?
  11. Dude, Engineer is a title earned not something to “quote”. Rather than belittle the field of study, go try it. You can knock it after you pass calc II and thermodynamics.
  12. I only use 3 knots...but no loop knots. Same for 2lb to 30lb and up to 65 braid Surgeon with 4 wraps per side for mono-mono or fluorocarbon to the backer line on a reel. Albright special for braid to leader ( includes NanoFil). Zero failures ever with 13 wraps. Take care not to kink the fluoro before cinching. Like Mitch mentioned it flows right through eyelets Palomar to the lure. Key to a palomar is to NOT fold the line and push thru the eye. Wet it and cinch down making sure it doesn’t lay over itself.
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