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  1. Basfis

    Custom painting lures

    Still dabbling. Couple square bills the other day and based on another thread, just got 15 predator stickbaits to tinker with.
  2. Basfis

    Spro Rock Crawler 50

    If it’s under 6’ I’d rather grind the bottom with a wart. New or original. Bill durability thing and algae cleaning puts the wart ahead here for me At 7’ or more, spro wins.
  3. Basfis

    Varmit weapon

    Regarding your ricochet concern, there is an incredible amount of light “frangible?” ammo for .223/5.56 out there. Varmegedon is a popular line. Bullets give up at first contact. I was slow to get an AR platform. Went the previously mentioned PSA route. .223 Wylde shoots sub MOA from almost any rest and is very compact and durable. Gives lots of options if MO ever allows lights or other night accessories for varmints.
  4. Basfis

    61 yards my longest shot

    Physics apply differently to an air gun than a center fire projectile?
  5. Basfis

    What do you recommend on Sunglasses

    Heffingtons in springfield sells costas and does accept fsa.
  6. Basfis

    Needing some ideas

    Any chance there is some oil or other residual from the hook manufacturing process? Some of the fluids are high temp for sure. Easy test would be to alcohol wipe the area in contact with lead, especially if u torch dry after 30 degrees should hold lead.
  7. Basfis

    Needing some ideas

    Most jigs have a turn in the hook inside the lead. Can’t see from the angle where yours is. Have you poured other molds without issue from the current batch of lead?
  8. Basfis

    December 12 bass report

    We occasionally target spots in the summer on Stockton. Never catch a ton but, frequently catch 15-16”. Kiddos have a blast with them dropshotting.
  9. Basfis

    Places to Stay

    Stockton state park. Has all listed plus a great cheeseburger
  10. Gents, there may be some truth in the fishery changes and it’s lost in comparison, complaints and whining. How to catch them has certainly changed over the last 20 years. For big brownies, I catch more quantity and quality than ever before. Stringer wise, the winter bite sure seems to show lots of good ones and weights that are as good or better than ever. 100 fish days still happen every year. The pleasure boats suck worse than ever but I can’t agree the fishing is faltering. Sorry, just a different view.
  11. Well, tried a couple styles. Based on the wind and depth, weighted clip on cigar type won the day. 1/16 oz jig head 18”-24” under.
  12. Basfis

    Working birds

    High pressure, clear skies and a light wind following a cold front sets up well. Hens talk, shadows hide you and green heads glisten. Trips my trigger and ruins a guy for life chasing the right combination to do it again. I’ll give clouds, calm and rain to anyone that wants it. FWIW, that was public hunting in MO. I don’t think we (6 of us) shot more than 30 rounds to bag out on green
  13. Basfis

    Working birds

    Same sky in this pic 😁 i love it.
  14. Basfis

    Working birds

    I can’t wait for THE blue sky day to introduce my kid to the addiction. That second pic is perfect. Those images show why I go. Beautiful shots.
  15. Basfis

    part of linda's day on the water

    Good on you Bo. Solid info and interpretation.

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