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  1. Hooks in hand

    I’ll have to check that out. If I had to place a bet in advance, I’d bet on a stinking white bass being the fish that one day sticks me.
  2. Hooks in hand

    I’ve been changing some hardware on baits. I might do a trial to see cut force. I’m guessing the owner stingers and mustad 2x in a #2 size will take some squeezing. Pretty sure those hooks are harder than cheap side cutters.
  3. Hooks in hand

    Anyone else catch the MLF where Poche caught his jerkbait instead of line? 2 hook points buried beyond the barb. I own some good side cutters and they aren’t in the boat. Anyone used the cutters on their needle nose like they did?
  4. Late Winter Truman Bass (March)

    Tough is being kind. Colder and muddier than any other around. It’s not worth launching a boat until late March for bass.
  5. Can’t imagine it being open in many places.
  6. Best video instruction I’ve seen in fizzing. How, when and why. https://video.bassmaster.com/detail/videos/conservation/video/5713863086001/what-you-need-to-know-about-fizzing-smallmouth?autoStart=true
  7. Question on Distance

    Watch out for oncoming traffic headed where you are leaving in the morning. Stay wide on inside bends. The mid lake is one heck of a fishery. Figure out what rock/depth then worry about docks and brush.
  8. Sportsman Outlet this wknd

    It’s a solid tackle store. Mostly relevant and current stuff with knowledgeable staff. Priced fair and aimed directly at competitive bass (read current trend and season) and serious crappie. Of course plenty of lews rods and reels too.
  9. I'm definitely in favor !

    Sounds like you were parked where I’d like to throw a stickbait with softer water. Never fished that creek in the winter with a good graph to figure out why they collected there. Too bad the buoy is gone, that was my marker!
  10. Where to buy on Lake of the Ozarks

    Do you have a desire to be near civilization and it’s amenities? edwards area is off the path with lots of fishing. “Town” isn’t near.
  11. Love him or hate him...

    A British transplant to this area talked about this mill and genuinely hoped it and the bridge would be saved for historical sake. He postulated that unless we “yanks” started preserving some history, we’d never have any. There’s some wisdom in it. Good for Johnny and Ozark.
  12. That may never happen. A 100 hp is still 100 hp. Gas or diesel. It’s certainly not the power or efficiency of manufacturing that drive costs up... the consumer paying for it really shows on items sold in power classes like tractors and outboards.
  13. Is it better or just less black/soot? It is how to meet the current epa regs. That assumes they are right and didn’t overlook something else.... so far, kidneys are the only urea filter, now we inject urea to burn? please don’t read this as a knock on your rig either. They are as solid as any. The after treatment stuff is still unproven for the long run. Remember platinum bead catalytic converters? Those were the deal right up until they weren’t
  14. Thanks for the tips. Seastar had the guides sized about perfect to get past the shaft end. I did put a little polish to the edges and ends of the rod covers for travel. With the cylinder tighter now, maybe they won’t matter.
  15. Seemed to go together ok. No seepage and boy did it tighten up the motor. Bleeding was a PITA with the temperature in my shop. Clear tubing was a little stiff... 60 seems warm unless you’re vinyl tubing.

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