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  1. I think Tim hughes does the Norman flake better than anybody including Norman. Real bluegill is tough. Duckydoty has been spraying some great natural stuff.
  2. If u post a few pics of the pattern you are after maybe someone would volunteer? Seems folks have niches they are good at.
  3. LVN2FISH on here has painted a few baits for me. Nice work.
  4. As a fan of fishing I’m intrigued. I do kinda feel for the guys with careers in the game sorting it out. When FLW first hit the scene, they sure looked like the smart circuit, they’ve since become a b series
  5. Basfis

    New Pro Tourney trail rumor

    White River Marine extended support to FLW last month and is imbedded with BASS, curious which tour shrinks or how MLF works around existing. Maybe a single event or 2 versus a series?
  6. Basfis

    You buying this?

    Maybe with the right spin gross is $1m? Seems like creative math On the other hand, if you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beer... stupid jingle has caused me to buy more high life than I’d like to admit...
  7. May not be ideal but, I leave one tied on until I a) loose it b) wear it out or c) determine it is cursed. In the event of b or c, it gets tossed into a cup holder for eventual cleaning of the boat. Replacements live in the original war eagle package in a BPS bag or tackle warehouse box. Makes it easier when you only fish mouse or spot remover. 😀
  8. Basfis

    Tracman86 Steering Mod - Fail Safe

    Thanks for the write up. I checked hardware after the initial posting and like the pin.
  9. Basfis

    Sunglasses ?

    Shirt. Scratch resistant lenses.
  10. Basfis

    Sunglasses ?

    Good glass makes a difference over time. Binoculars, scopes, windshields or sunglasses. Im not getting any younger and I’m sure my eyes aren’t better and I’ll never have more eyes. I finally pulled the trigger on costas 3 years ago. Now wife has some and I have a second pair. Where they really shine is scratch resistance and eye strain. I can wear the bronze from before sunrise until after sunset and eyeballs feel fine. Not cheap and absolutely money well spent. Both pairs I have are Fisch 580g. Silver mirror and a blue mirror pair. If only one, the silver over bronze wins every time
  11. Basfis

    SAFETY while boating

    Thanks for the post and sharing. Looks like the connection point is the same without regard to the steering type I hate that the accident happened to you and genuinely appreciate you putting the info on here as to how it happened.
  12. Basfis

    SAFETY while boating

    Is this “the” bolt? How do you pin/retain a lock nut?
  13. Basfis

    Wiggle Wart Advice

    I’m a natural red and natural green fan in spring. Old school brown and brown chart in fall. Maybe a phantom green if it’s really really really clear in spring. Wind and clouds a little shallower Bite seems to me to be just deeper than you can see which dictates line size for me. I refuse to bottom grind with less than 10. Too much lake to fuss with line that light and a bait worth over $30. Seguar invisx 10 a lot 12 some. Move to find color Algae kills crankbait fishing way too often. 😡
  14. Basfis

    Kimbering Docks?

    Nope, sure didn’t miss it Regarding “commercial “ I’ve always heard (and shared) that to define where commerce occurs. For example, gas dock, restaurant, bait tanks, etc. where traffic is typically higher, cables, lines and hoses prevalent....

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