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  1. It’s certainly not free may be nothing paid out of pocket in the right scenario
  2. That sucks. Feel for you on all 3 counts. Reducing a work force is gut wrenching. If it’s not, the wrong people are in charge.
  3. The shallow bite at l of o inspired me to shoot a couple “red wart” square bills. I’ll exercise one Sunday. With fish sub 2’ this one should still dig
  4. Bledsoe ferry is at the dam. drakes harbor is just down stream in warsaw
  5. Essential or not, business should not be proceeding “as usual”. Continuing business is fine with mods to help the whole. Anything less is contributing to extension and worsening. Same as spring break.... For the sicknesses running (flu, strep, COVID-19) the social distance thing along with better hygiene is a legit detriment to spreading either. Do it for everyone else.
  6. Spent the morning between Larry gale and hurricane deck. We caught a dozen, none deeper than 2’. Wiggle wart pulled the load. They seemed to like gravel. sorry for the on carpet pic...
  7. Grand from bucksaw to sparrowfoot is great for sure and popular.
  8. Bill, it’s been a minute since I spent a ton of time on Truman. That said, talley bend cuts down a little driving and fits your away from main with creeks criteria. It has a high water ramp with the changing levels. Pretty easy navigation down stream from there compared to tebo or upper grand. All 3 are excellent areas
  9. This is “social distancing” combined with hygiene. Exactly what we’ve been asked to do. It’s really pretty easy. unfortunately waaaay too many don’t. Look at spring break....
  10. Well said. This isn’t a “me” thing. This is about others and the community as a whole.
  11. Looking at what went down in Italy, we should be restricted. “The right thing” is too subjective and often not done by the masses here. Look at the store shelves and fools thinking Chinese food is a cause.
  12. Exercised social distancing at Stockton. Hoped to snag a walleye. Stockton sucks. Drain it and start over.
  13. Any time you can use the same casting across pn’s it saves a ton of $. Often allows same machining fixtures, shared tools and such. At the scale of evinrude, easy to imagine the cash savings being in excess of $1m on a single share starting at the foundry thru inventory.
  14. I’m no boat mechanic.... HP or KW are two ways of measuring power. Nowadays outboard power is typically at the prop shaft. Many power classes share parts, especially as computers control so much. The allowed ratings are expected to be within a percentage of label. For example +/- 10%. some are indeed “stronger” but within a range. Yes, the prop along with the power band and gear ratio of said engine create the feel of more or less “umph”. so, KW and gear ratio are your comparative points combined with operating range.
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