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  1. Big Bass Bass

    Pre fishing a big bass event baffles me. Like anyone in the history of the world establishes a pattern for 8lb fish.... anyone have a productive explanation for catching a fish prior to a big bass event? Or, ever positively caught a big fish twice in a 3 day span that didn’t involve a bed?
  2. Anyone know what these go to

    Look like remote drain valves. Have to know where the ends hook or positions to say for sure. There are drain, fill and recirculated versions as well as drain/fill. If the latter, skip and use a bailer plug to remove a system risk.
  3. Especially if you have a modern fuel injected truck!!😀

    Dallas showed a pic to me from the water of the big bass. Beautiful fish. Built like one from San Diego lakes we see in pictures.
  5. Release boats?

    Back to the question about release fish.... I used to count on some to start a bag and in my experience, it’s a short window before they moved on. We planted cover specifically where release boats went “out of sight” on Truman and had several other go to holes to get a keeper. The bass move on pretty quickly. Seemed like about a 10 day window after a decent sized derby before it became not worth the effort. That said, it’s still only a % you can get to bite. If it were otherwise, every derby would be settled at bucksaw, alhonna, pb2, ahoys, long creek marina, RB, state park, etc. certainly not how it turns out the data isn’t there....
  6. Line Size?

    I don’t often use spinning gear, but when I do ..... braid on every spinning rod used by anyone I’m kin to and me. It’s absolutely phenomenal for feel, casting distance and trouble free. Hi vis yellow, green and pink. With a fluoro leader, it’s all good Some is into it’s 3rd season this year. Unless it frays, I’m waiting for it to show signs of weakening before changing
  7. Distance Between...

    Is it really just that simple??? Did you determine 3 miles per marker point or was there a source? I’m in shock
  8. This guy is way worried about cwd....
  9. Line Size?

    They eat umbrella rigs made from wire... really depends on how (lures/style) u are fishing. 12-15 seems safe enough to me. Maybe a bit heavy for spinning gear.
  10. Pickled Asparagus

    Having read many food posts, who has a go too pickling recipe for asparagus? with the too cold temps I beat the loss and cut my asparagus. I tried pickling some yesterday and am not crazy about the flavor. Too vinegary. The onion in it is great as are the pepper rings but the asparagus is just ok. I trimmed some to jar length and the rest cut to 3/4-1” for putting on salads later. In coming weeks I’ll need to can more Ready for tips and ideas...first 3 jars ive ever canned of anything. Edit...we love wickles pickles and okra, I’d be over joyed to create something similar
  11. Our pontoon (G3) has a vinyl floor. It’s not slick when wet. Under shoes, flip flops or barefoot. Clean with a hose or whisk broom. Love it.
  12. New pastime

    Very nice work 👍🏻
  13. Merthiolate Worms... ?

    If you can see beds, they will eat a floating worm....they tend to get it and hook ups are high. It’s fun stuff and I’m glad they are falling out of favor 🙂
  14. Frustrating Day on the Upper End

    Friday we found the males to be in 15-25’ 10-15 down. Less where dirty (12”) more so where the clarity came to 2-3’. Every fish was off the bottom. The handful of females we caught were on timber in the middle of pockets. I’m a bank beater by nature and kept seeing fish on my graph while beating the bank. The females on timber was a lucky guess. We fished arigs, I’m guessing a stickbait would work though it lacks the blades and vibration for the dirtier water Its like many fish stayed right where the were and let the lake come over them. I hoped the moon might override the temps and it looks like the temps won.
  15. first world problem for sure...makes me jealous. Oh to have poles and spot lock 🙂

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