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  1. Basfis


    I have to ask about the other 5 or every leap 6th day per year. 360 sounds like a story that needs telling. Short garage? Alternative trailer with 1 7/8”?
  2. Guys, thanks for the interest. I believe I’m down to the war eagle and mojo. If it changes I’ll update.
  3. If you can give an idea of what you are after I could put a package together. How and where he hunts would help. I’m guessing I have nearly 20 dozen here.
  4. Full bodies are big foot mallards in 6 slot bags pm me an offer i have a ton of dekes. From magnums to woodies. A few dozen Texas rigged (mix of pintails, mallard, gadwall and feeders.) if you are looking for something specific I will separate out. I’d make a smoking deal on Canada floaters. They eat up real estate
  5. Layouts. Make a reasonable offer and put them to use
  6. Have 97 war eagle 648 LDSV with a 40 Honda 4stroke. Fantastic rig. $6k Otter Final attack layout boat cabelas layout blind with waterproof bottom tree stands decoys; metric ton of ducks a couple dozen Canada floaters, field shell decoys, snow rags, full body mallards, mojos and much more. Mostly G&H and greenhead gear all under roof and rigged PM if interested in anything. Used to have 2 private lakes and made sure to have extra gear to slip away to public ground when conditions called for it.
  7. So, the lake that the COE built was high which hurt businesses that exist because the lake was built? I’m guessing the engineers you disdain have similar sentiments.
  8. The Shad assertion vs crawdads is both reasonable and likely. No way you can possibly generate any reasonable data to determine a quantity present. You should spend some time on clearer water. The inverse is all bites on the bottom are 5 or less fish. Either way it’s ludicrous.
  9. I guess I should mention it’s on the TM not the stern mount option. Make sure you have a way to turn off power to the 360 not just the graph. It has its own power wire.
  10. I’m not good at seeing fish with imagining at all. Down, side or 360. I fish the shadows shown with imaging more than anything. I do see fish at bridge pilings and occasionally a dock. Helix 9 Normally I have the 180 showing the direction I am moving. For brush, I have my waypoints visible on the 360 screen.
  11. I have it. Not properly working at the moment but installed. Greatest brush pile fishing add on ever.
  12. I put 14k lumens of led on the front of my duck boat. Blinding to look at yet almost useless for navigating in the early morning. Usually better off without lights and still have a spot light at the ready. I do really like the led bow light strips many boats now sport. Very visible and no annoying white light from a bulb on the bow. I see mixed answers on legality and they are very effective. Anytime annoyance is reduced use improves.
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