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  1. The fall over is interesting. My dad swears you have to present a bait above a crappie. That aspect is missing from the cheap foam floats with removable inserts. Glad to see a weight along with the type! Thanks. Last year a slight ripple and allowing the jig to drift in to the tree was magic. I’m assuming the referenced thills will impart the same subtlety to the jig.
  2. Ok, hypothetically going to mess around with light biting crappie. I have in the past used a slip bobber with light jig. I have NOT really liked any of the slip bobbers. Foam is cheap and no great loss with line breakage in trees. With the light bite, some types seem better but can be overcome with attention. 1/16-1/32 heads, standard crappie plastics. Usually less than 5’. Fluoro leader on braid (though straight braid would be fine if it would thread and slip thru!). Whats the rule on types and sizes? Why one versus another? Looking for opinions and experience.
  3. Basfis

    A couple short BilletHead hunts,

    I was hoping to zoom in to see pierced lips! Very pretty plumage
  4. Basfis

    communicating with the mdc

    This. i am not sure what I would lobby for fishing wise. Maybe we are lucky at TR when we go there and it seems to treat us as well as ever just not the same techniques if a couple of good issues are framed I would voice and support.
  5. Basfis

    Full of dinks.

    Fished a bit a Bennett Saturday. Was digging for my license to get a daily tag and was handed a tag. I asked about my license and was told “between you and the game warden “. Shocked me. So, who gets the daily tag revenue? Completely agree with the small fish quantity and amazed by the numbers hanging out by “cleaning “ areas. Never seen that phenomenon to this degree.
  6. Basfis


    Any non marina Corp area on Truman until deer season.
  7. Basfis

    Oldest Weapons in North America Found

    Thanks. So, do we assume there was an organic artifact (like an animal bone) with the spear point to derive the time from? The rock existed before it was shaped.
  8. Basfis

    Oldest Weapons in North America Found

    Pretty cool. I wish they would say how they know what they believe for time. i can’t wrap my head around dating a rock much less dating the fracturing of a rock for weapon use. Still really old really cool.
  9. Basfis

    Custom painting lures

    Marking up an unpainted blank is way easier than detail airbrush or stencils for me. I bought a mixed color pack of fine point sharpies to keep playing with. Brown shows brown after paint and clear. That surprised me. Hoping purple and orange do the same for jerkbaits. Time will tell. Is there a thinner epoxy than bsi anyone recommends?
  10. Basfis

    Custom painting lures

    Next pics
  11. Basfis

    Custom painting lures

    so I dabble with painting mostly in pursuit of wart colors that have changed over time or tweaking jerkbaits. I messed around putting a hand drawn scale pattern on unpainted and primed blanks with a sharpie. I think it works ok. Epoxy top coat messed with visibility. Enamel was great. Looking for thoughts and further tweaks. Would like epoxy durability. Pics are no top coat and finally with enamel.
  12. Basfis

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

    No electronics?
  13. Basfis


    try rich n tone (RNT) entry level single reed with an instructional cd. Mack’s prairie wings is THE place for calls I have a couple of rnt’s and old big guys some wood and acrylic. Each has its day and place. Learning to feeding chatter and single quacks can sure help. Whistling or drake grunts are handy too Calling is part of the fun for me and a must in timber or flooded tall cover....especially if it’s sunny. Clouds are quiet days. Enter knowing it won’t happen over night and you learn a lot by messing up. Ducks have a language. Be courteous if ducks are working someone else Decoys do a lot in the open, not so much in the trees. Timber hunting is incredibly addictive 🙂
  14. Basfis

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    In a pro-am format there should be no boater expectations for cost share of fuel. If you catch a ton and eat/drink from his cooler, by all means offer up. Courtesy is the rule, if they expect $ they shouldn’t be there either. I never asked or expected and typically refused any $ as a “boater” “pro” or whatever. Including head to head. Buddy tournament stuff needs to share if anywhere fishing from a boat on a reservoir for bass ain’t cheap
  15. I think Tim hughes does the Norman flake better than anybody including Norman. Real bluegill is tough. Duckydoty has been spraying some great natural stuff.

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