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  1. Basfis

    Wiggle Wart Advice

    I’m a natural red and natural green fan in spring. Old school brown and brown chart in fall. Maybe a phantom green if it’s really really really clear in spring. Wind and clouds a little shallower Bite seems to me to be just deeper than you can see which dictates line size for me. I refuse to bottom grind with less than 10. Too much lake to fuss with line that light and a bait worth over $30. Seguar invisx 10 a lot 12 some. Move to find color Algae kills crankbait fishing way too often. 😡
  2. Basfis

    Kimbering Docks?

    Nope, sure didn’t miss it Regarding “commercial “ I’ve always heard (and shared) that to define where commerce occurs. For example, gas dock, restaurant, bait tanks, etc. where traffic is typically higher, cables, lines and hoses prevalent....
  3. Basfis

    Kimbering Docks?

    As the owner of a boat on a lift, if you can cast in there, go for it. If u can’t, practice. I don’t own the lake and I choose to leave property on it. If you’re questioning casting accuracy, I in no way harm property pitching docks. Most that aren’t comfortable with their skills forego the throw to save their own lures To the specific question about a house, that’s a poor example. I own mine and all the land around it. You would have to trespass to reach it with a throw or cast. Shame on people pretending to own public water.
  4. Basfis

    Dip net training

    Very nice! Even got her past the slimy fish fear and holding them! Well done sir
  5. Basfis

    Kimbering Docks?

    I can’t fathom it being enforceable if real. Lake of the ozarks would basically become a very small place to fish ropes are a better deterrent than a sign to me, especially the frayed braided poly rope 😖
  6. Basfis

    1990 Nitro/Tracker 180FS

    Wrench, you like carburetors and Johnny-rudes....newer than 03 trucks should scare you....with electronics, soft touch switches, digital readout, start them and they keep running without intervention, burn whatever fuel u find, etc...all new stuff
  7. Basfis

    Humminbird® 360 Imaging?

    I have it and it has its place. Pros: brush pile fishing is waaaay easier, sees sideways up front, gps puck is directional, way points show on 360 screen along with distance to target, makes upcoming timber easy to find, hardwood vs Cedar is visible Cons, spendy piece on trolling motor shaft (dock cables), 20’ seems to be deepest it sees well for me. Needs AT LEAST a 9 and better at 10 or 12” screen The cast percentage into brush or adjacent to timber is incredibly high. Waste less casts for sure on those kinds of targets. U can pull up towards a pile and see exactly where to cast and how to approach.
  8. WOW. That’s a leap right there. I own an AR for varmint hunting. Can’t wait for lights to be legit to night hunt coyotes. Turns out it sits safely in a safe on its own.
  9. Basfis

    On fire

    Was fortunate to fish with my 9yo Monday and Friday morning on Stockton. Both mornings were a blast. The post spawners on points are hungry and willing. Today, he caught largemouth, smallmouth, Kentucky, mean mouth, crappie, walleye, catfish and whites on a PB&J ned. 1/4 oz head steadily pulled in 12-20 ft on gravel points. He managed a limit of keeper bass each trip, Monday had a 4+, today just solid 16” fish. On the water 6ish off around 10 to tend to other things. Awesome trips Plenty of short fish and keepers. It’s a great time to get novice anglers into a whirlwind of bites. I tried to will them into a crankbait and couldn’t. I quit fishing a c-rig as they swallow it every time. I Played around with a swim bait and let him have the bottom oriented fish. No love in the brush for us. Go get em. It’s fun catching a fish every 5 minutes or less for a few hours. 🙂
  10. Basfis

    Onboard charger recomendations

    6 years ago I installed a BPS XP’s dual charger to maintain starting batteries for a 24v starting system. 24/7/365 since without issues including pressure wash down. 4 years ago I put the 3 bank version in my boat. Zero issues there. Hard to beat for the $.
  11. Looks like the found THE cougar...if the animal was with the body, seems certain
  12. I caught a male smallie on 3 consecutive flips a few days ago. The males go back with haste. I’d C&R hunt if I could. I like seeing fish, it’s a neat deal to me. The different species have different attitudes and individual fish have different triggers. That said, if you are in water you can’t see through, how do you know if they are on a bed or not?
  13. Basfis

    Fancy new trucks !

    It’s uphill to my shop and of course the shop is flat . Camera works perfectly
  14. Basfis

    Rock snot. Where it isn't?

    ^^This is my go to in snot. Cast, tight line, bow to the bite. Green pumpkin finesse worm and hang on. I usually use a split shot (1/4 oz?) with bait up 10-12” Pure pea gravel (typically) has less algae. As a bonus it also typically has brownies that are a blast to catch.
  15. 10 at 20+ is pretty good. My team needs a little luck tomorrow to lock in Saturday for all 5! I find it impressive how little weight separates the field. 8-10 ounces is the ball bouncing your way. 8-10 ounces on 18+ lbs is gravy on a good pattern.

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