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  1. Mark Davis wore them out on a biffle head and a menace last time around. He should be a threat. It saddens me but Jeff kriet should do well.
  2. KC area was full of beds and beds with fish (singles and pair) on them Good Friday. 2-10ft ( probably deeper too but it was windy making sight difficult). The fish spawn when they are ready. I’ve asked several and none knew what month it was.
  3. It’s a technique with a place and is far from a novice one. It has taken me several years to figure out where and how. Still trying to figure out how in the world to get it thru trees and reliably hook a fish C-rigs are way harder on deep fish....just my $.02. Not liking a technique or tool is not a good reason to complain about it. I have my kid fish a ned a lot. It’s a proven novice bait and the complaints about it are much less.
  4. I think there are fuses in the engine compartment in addition to in the dashboard. I had to replace one on one truck I had but don’t recall which year model it was.
  5. O’Reilly. They are everywhere around these parts, completely capable of intelligently testing a battery (at a store level anyway) and stand behind their warranty. Open 7 days per week (should there be a problem) and priced competitively. The targeted marine brands are often not open when u find yourself in need of a battery. Everstart and Wally World used to be reliable, now kind of flaky on warranty
  6. Leave it better than you found it and your helping in general. Time will tell which camp sorted data correctly and grabbed the right set of points to make a claim. crit·i·cal think·ing noun the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.
  7. Where are they and What are payment options? PayPal, cash only???
  8. I saw long creek on regatta. Figured they would zone the lakes instead of fishing different lakes across the six days. Long creek to dam one day. Dam to kc another, James only, etc.
  9. So, between now and May we need a group of spotters to find the takeoff location to aid in observation. this is a format I’d go see in person. If the bushes are in play, these guys should catch a ton of 1lb plus fish.
  10. I forget the steering stops at launch a lot! But, easy to grab and recover. I made a few sets from pex.
  11. Ironically all the old boats with failed transoms used to toter to trailer support. I’m a fan of the sticks over trim or if u have a mercury, the swivel bracket that uses trim holes. I have NEVER seen a motor bounce in my truck mirror like it does in rough water... transoms are way better than they were years ago when motor toters to the trailer were a thing. Or, avoid low profile reels, fuel injection, radial tires and fluorocarbon line too 🙂
  12. I recorded and am ffwd thru filming inside state park? A “giant “ weighing 1.56?? Between shameless product plugs and demonstrated incompetence fishing, how on earth can a company associate with Charlie and Ray??? I used to enjoy Cedar creek jerky, now I have to boycott ☹️
  13. No telling how much braid from a-rigs and trot lines I could catch with that! i am intrigued....look forward to the colors they apply.
  14. Still dabbling. Couple square bills the other day and based on another thread, just got 15 predator stickbaits to tinker with.
  15. If it’s under 6’ I’d rather grind the bottom with a wart. New or original. Bill durability thing and algae cleaning puts the wart ahead here for me At 7’ or more, spro wins.
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