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  1. It’s a cheap sneaky little POS on the shaft under everything else on a HEI distributor.
  2. Long ago.... I had suburban that gave me fits 3 different times. One was a pinched injector wire. Really struggled under a load.... darn near free fix once found... another time it stranded me with no fuel and no fire after running poorly.... ended up being a pick up coil.... The last straw was the converter plugging up. Struggled bad under a load. I got rid of it in 2003, haven’t worked on my vehicle since 😇
  3. 100% always with a trailer, maybe even greater than 100% if it was possible. if gin clear and I’m after a reaction maybe no rattle. If it’s clearish rattle in the trailer. Dirty (less than 12”) rattle on the jig.
  4. Fixed it.... still a stretch.....
  5. Honda produces 23M engines annually. More than any other. I can appreciate your repair perspective. Good engines (reliable, low maintenance) aren’t good for parts and service. Poorly designed engines suck for service. friend of mine left Brunswick for another brand of boat. Business model doesn’t include p&s at an appreciable level due to not needing p&s.
  6. I’m biased towards Japanese outboards. They just seem to work, much like their automobiles.... I have thoroughly abused a 97 Honda 40 duck hunting and would have another one in a heartbeat. Yamaha 4stroke on our pontoon is incredible. Doesn’t even require a strong battery to get rolling. mercury made by Yamaha 👍🏻 Mercury home brew, probably not. 4strokes aren’t inherently bad outboards. Hp to displacement rules internal combustion. No replacement for displacement.
  7. Different tools for different jobs... should be weird in turns. Flat would be better in a turn but not as good as a vee or semi-v. there is no 1 hull for everything, it’s all a trade off. The bow being concave or convex on the sides of the keel change handling. The options are almost endless as are their strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Yes. free body diagrams and Newton’s 3rd law. First seems applicable but it’s been 20+ years... while decreased from perpendicular it does indeed create a reaction. FWIW my wife hates when I use physics to explain something she’s emotional about Not my rules but physics always work unless emotion is involved.
  9. If it was truly perpendicular it would be equal. In practical reality, angles and shapes are in play. Curves really set apart lift.
  10. if hydrodynamics wasn’t in play, yes. However, the shape of the hull factors in... in practice, the tunnel can generate more lift by its increased surface area. It’s the whole equal and opposite force thing worked out centuries ago... certainly not political opinion
  11. It’s amazing that hydroplanes float and planes fly with Gravois physics.... We are not talking about buoyancy while in motion, that is the difference. A flat bottom has better displacement properties at rest. The tunnel works only in motion. If the discussion was floating the shallowest the flat bottom wins.
  12. Techno speaking, the wetted surface area on the tunnel hull is greater than a same width flat bottom. The tunnel is area in addition to forming the plume that allows higher engine positions. hydrodynamics is a thing.
  13. It CAN be cheaper. Prices are exploding now. CU acknowledged upcoming investigations into price gouging in their press conference today.
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