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  1. We have been getting them the same way in Birch. Love me some night fishing!
  2. NICE JOB!!
  3. Ouch!!!!!!!!
  4. Greenfield public access.
  5. 4-8

    Thanks! Been taking crap ever since from her and other people. Guess I shouldn't have posted the pic of my fish LOL! Next time no mercy!
  6. 4-8

    Put in at Roark. Tried to hit some of my normal crappie piles in Birch but wind made that almost impossible. We decided to try trolling Cranks. Had some success. Caught a bunch of short crappie and several short largemouth. My daughter hooked into this 18 inch Eye with only one Eye. Boy did she have fun getting it in! Also got one 12.5 in crappie. Windy but fun day on the water!
  7. Got this off google. In Minnesota, cormorants have been found to consume from 1.0 to 1.5 pounds per bird per day. The majority of their diet is made up of fish (99.9% in Leech Lake) but they also eat snails, crayfish, and amphibians.
  8. I saw a HUGE flock of them around Shaw Bluff last time I was at the lake! I didn't know what the heck they were!
  9. Nice! The kid will never forget these times!
  10. You guys complaining that only 1% survive. Think about this. Each Female Walleye can lay up to 400,000 eggs. At 1% thats 4000 fish!!!! LOL
  11. Happy O's is great!!!! Not fancy rooms but very clean. Boat dock is nice! Southwinds is probably nicer, but no dock and almost a mile from ramp.
  12. Here are a couple of pics of smallmouth I caught with red eyes. Also caught them in Shoal creek. Wish I had pics of the meanmouth .
  13. Shoal creek Has Smallmouth,Goggle eye, Laregmouth, and spotted bass. I bet what I caught were meanmouth (spotted bass/smallmouth) with red eyes. Love going down there and getting a mess of goggle eye. They are delicious!
  14. How can I find water temps close to Powersite dam? Thanks!