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  1. CoolHandFluke

    Turkeys, Walleyes, Morels, and Nostalgia

    That Hot-nTot you have on your lamp is a Walleye catching machine. My go to trolling lure on Stockton! The older ones seem to work even better than the new ones.
  2. CoolHandFluke

    Stockton behemoth

    Or Mountain Lions!
  3. CoolHandFluke

    Trolled for Crappie

    Thanks! may give that a try this weekend.
  4. CoolHandFluke

    A little fishing video...

    Your dog has a nice butt! lol Great video thanks for sharing !
  5. CoolHandFluke

    Fishing in the wind

    Tried to go but............
  6. CoolHandFluke

    Greenfield access 3-19

    Took the kids out Thursday evening. They were able to get a few big Whites. They had a blast. Caught them around the Turnback/big Sac intersection. White grubs.
  7. CoolHandFluke

    Motels Turnback Creek Area?

  8. CoolHandFluke

    Motels Turnback Creek Area?

    Southwinds motel is not that far. Sun Sac marine store right next door usually has bait.
  9. CoolHandFluke


    Caught my first one ever Sunday! it was fun, I will be trying it again.
  10. CoolHandFluke

    Its crappie time

    As Catchfish82 posted we didn't do so hot on Friday. I did Catch my first ever Spoonbill at grand on Sunday! it was fun.
  11. CoolHandFluke

    Its crappie time

    Sounds like the boat ramps are going to be packed tomorrow ! lol
  12. CoolHandFluke

    Its crappie time

    Going Friday afternoon / evening with Catchfish82 one of us will post a report.
  13. CoolHandFluke

    Finally some big minnows

    Big Minnows Catch big fish!.......... just ask my wife.
  14. CoolHandFluke

    Fricking theives...

    Had all my Tackle and Rods and reels stolen out of my garage 3 years ago. Just now starting to feel like I am stocked back up. People suck sometimes.
  15. CoolHandFluke

    Tackle shop

    Been following them on Facebook. Man they have the fish at Stockton figured out right now!!

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