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  1. Yes, I think there is a leak at the bead. No nails and it holds air for a few months. I just never got around to dismounting and re-seating the tire.
  2. Thanks man, I REALLY appreciate it.
  3. Here's the wife and daughter. Daughter is 13 so will be starting high school the year we move back to the US. With a move in June it allows them a couple months to acclimate. I tried to upload more pics but apparently there is a 9.77MB cap. I assumed that was per post, not per thread.
  4. A couple of pictures while waiting. I bought a cashew farm here in Vietnam. When I retire in 5 years we will live six months in US and six months in Vietnam. We will have a house in the city and a lake house near her parents. The lake is huge - about 20 miles long. We have several acres on the lake and about 900 feet of lake frontage. In the meantime family will take care of the cashew farm. The brush pile is where the house will go. Second pic is what a cashew nut looks like when it is growing. The nut is the brown part hanging off of the cashew "apple" which is a fruit that can be eaten but almost everyone discards it and just keeps the cashew nut.
  5. I know I have been gone for a couple of years but I need a tiny bit of help. I finally sold my house between Flippin and Bull Shoals town. I am supposed to close in about a month. I have a couple of trout fishing rods and a box of Zig Jigs in the boat in the garage and a vintage Pioneer stereo receiver and small speakers in the master bedroom closet that I have had for 40 years. I didn't think this move was going to happen so quickly or expect that I would be stuck in country for so long so I figured I would pick them up the next time I was down there for work. There might be a few other items in the boat and I think a four way lug wrench in front of the tire of the boat trailer. The new buyers bought the boat so that's good. I'm stuck here in Vietnam due the COVID so I can't get back to the US for the closing and to pick up these few items. The realtor said they would rent a storage unit but can't hold personal belongings. I can't justify a storage unit for these small things so I wondered if a forum member would be willing to meet the real estate agent at the house and pick them up for me. I'll be moving back to the US with my wife and daughter next June and would find my way down there sometime next summer. Maybe we could fish a day and then pick up these things from your house?
  6. Since I'm moving to Vietnam 1/2/19 my goals will be to catch fish in Vietnam (Fiance's parents live on a 30 mile long lake but they never fish as they work all of the time) and to make it back to the US in September to go to Canada for our annual trip. Haven't missed that one in 22 years. I found out I can buy a brand new composite boat in Ho Chi Minh City similar to and the same size as the trout boat that I built for $140.00! Going to pick one up and leave it at her parents' house.
  7. Heading down this weekend if anyone wants to see the boat. Could show it Saturday afternoon or evening. $3,000 402 499-0110
  8. I appreciate the all of the well-wishes. Anyone interested in buying a boat? LOL
  9. I very well may be back. I love the area. The plan is two years there then three years home while her daughter finishes school then retire and 6 months in the US and 6 months in the winter there. Winter temps there are 80 high, 70 overnight. I can deal with that.
  10. I am a very lucky man and I know it. She just turned 29 last month.
  11. You realize I could commission a new boat to be built there for about $100 LOL. thanks for the well wishes.
  12. Oh, I'm also getting married in April.
  13. Back up for sale. I'm moving to Vietnam in February. I'll be there for a couple of years. I had this wonderful little boat for sale for $3,500 when I originally posted this. If someone commits to buying it at Jigfest and takes it home I'll let it go home with them for $3,000. Hope to get a firm offer on my house down there this weekend. Some Omaha people looked at it last week and are going back down this weekend to look at it again. Please wish me luck on that going through.
  14. I have a 1985 Evinrude 60 with controls for $800. It's still attached to an 85 Ozark bass boat. You have to take it as a package. I need to get rid of it. I started tearing off the carpet to replace some rotten wood deck and a divorce happened so selling for motor value. Trim does not work. Otherwise the motor ran fine last summer.
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