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  1. Since I'm moving to Vietnam 1/2/19 my goals will be to catch fish in Vietnam (Fiance's parents live on a 30 mile long lake but they never fish as they work all of the time) and to make it back to the US in September to go to Canada for our annual trip. Haven't missed that one in 22 years. I found out I can buy a brand new composite boat in Ho Chi Minh City similar to and the same size as the trout boat that I built for $140.00! Going to pick one up and leave it at her parents' house.
  2. Heading down this weekend if anyone wants to see the boat. Could show it Saturday afternoon or evening. $3,000 402 499-0110
  3. I appreciate the all of the well-wishes. Anyone interested in buying a boat? LOL
  4. I very well may be back. I love the area. The plan is two years there then three years home while her daughter finishes school then retire and 6 months in the US and 6 months in the winter there. Winter temps there are 80 high, 70 overnight. I can deal with that.
  5. I am a very lucky man and I know it. She just turned 29 last month.
  6. You realize I could commission a new boat to be built there for about $100 LOL. thanks for the well wishes.
  7. Oh, I'm also getting married in April.
  8. Back up for sale. I'm moving to Vietnam in February. I'll be there for a couple of years. I had this wonderful little boat for sale for $3,500 when I originally posted this. If someone commits to buying it at Jigfest and takes it home I'll let it go home with them for $3,000. Hope to get a firm offer on my house down there this weekend. Some Omaha people looked at it last week and are going back down this weekend to look at it again. Please wish me luck on that going through.
  9. I have a 1985 Evinrude 60 with controls for $800. It's still attached to an 85 Ozark bass boat. You have to take it as a package. I need to get rid of it. I started tearing off the carpet to replace some rotten wood deck and a divorce happened so selling for motor value. Trim does not work. Otherwise the motor ran fine last summer.
  10. Stein

    New trout boat

    I wish that were true about gliding over the rock when Les and I hit a rock just under the surface with his at Jigfest. The abrupt stop threw us both to the bottom of the boat in an instant. I wonder if a UHMW poly sheet bottom would help.
  11. Changed my mind, I am not going to sell the boat. I'm going to turn around and buy another house down here after this one sells. i am just moving down market a ways to back out some cash from this house to pay off the third one that I am buying now. I'll either take it home or get a storage unit here to keep it and some furniture in until I find another house.
  12. Selling my house in Arkansas so my trout boat is for sale. Many here followed it's build thread but if you haven't seen it you can find it below. I don't know why it always shows that green boat in the link but that's not mine. Pics in the thread. It's 20' long with a new 2017 Merc 9.9 four stroke which pushes the boat to 16 mph per GPS. Trailer is a homemade trailer with Ranger axle with oil filled hubs, brand new tires and light kit. I have $3,500 in materials and motor in the boat, not counting any labor. I'd like to sell it for materials cost. I'll be down this weekend on Friday and Saturday if anyone wants to see it. It fishes very well. John Kunkle 402-499-0110 call or text.
  13. Further update, I'm listing my house at 57 MC 8072 for sale this weekend. My trout boat will likely be for sale this weekend as well. I'm coming down Friday, heading home Sunday.
  14. Got in touch with my real estate agent down there and he hooked me up with a lawn service. I told the guy it hadn't been mowed yet this year. He called later that day and said it was done. He had to mow it three times and that it was waist high in some areas. LOL
  15. Well, I haven't been on here in a month or two. Going through a life change. I separated from my wife of 20 years a bit over a month ago, filing for divorce tomorrow morning. I bought another house at the same time and have been working on it every waking moment that I haven't been at work. Been traveling for work quite a bit, just got back from Vietnam on a trip to vet some new suppliers a week or so ago. Haven't been down to my Arkansas place since February. Finally got hold of the lawn guy that has been taking care of the place for the last two years since I haven't got a bill yet for the season. He finally replied last week that "oh, yeah, I'm not mowing lawns this year". Would have been nice to know. Anyway, the request is if ANYONE has a referral to a lawn guy that will mow every other week just the front and side yard on my house between Bull Shoals and Fairview I really, really need someone there pretty quickly. If it hasn't been mowed yet this year it's bound to be a jungle. I really don't know when the next time I will make it down there. Any assistance would be appreciated. Not looking for a handout or a freebie, I'll pay whatever it costs. I'd just like to sign up another lawn service and know it's getting done. I just don't know anyone in the area.
  16. LOL yep, me too. 22 years on the road and never an issue. Heading to Vietnam in a couple of weeks so that may get me.
  17. I get the first part even though I'm a slow learner but I'm confused by the scissors cutting....eggs? What is that part?
  18. I don't think I've ever heard a reference like that before!
  19. Stein

    2018 Garden Thread

    We grow it every year but not from seed but purchased starts. My wife just plants a 6 pack and what we get is what we get. Quality varies every year from good, dense heads to thinner, spindly heads. Pretty low maintenance and don't seem to be bothered by pests.
  20. Stein

    2018 Garden Thread

    I thought about getting some seed ordered...maybe.. in about a month. Sucks to be a northerner. That said the house I'm flipping now came with a dozen new windows that I'm not going to use in the house. Planning to take half a dozen to build a "year round" greenhouse this year for next winter. 2x6 walls, R19 insulation, new double pane windows and water barrel heat retention - maybe with a heat recirculator pump up to a heat exchanger near the roof.
  21. Banking on a better report in a month. Heading back down then.
  22. Do as I say and not what I do. Take care of yourself now while you are still young and invincible and it will serve you well. I'm not overweight at all but I don't do anything to stay in shape and I'm starting to feel myself slow down. I need to exercise more and drink less scotch. Well, I need to exercise more.
  23. My formerly pristine prop took a beating as well but you have to just consider them a consumable item if you are going to fish zero flow.
  24. Well, I could have written that for our experience on the White below B.S.. We fished White Hole in the AM Saturday for two fish and Cotter in the afternoon for ome and a couple of swings and misses. only fished jigs other than a few casts on stickbaits. Zero flow all day Saturday and planned for Sunday again so we went bass fishing with Ham. Thought bite at the lake as well. still better fishing and not catching than looming out my window at 14" of ice on our lakes. Coming back the end of March so things should get better.
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