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  1. Learning little sac arm

    Hope this helps a little the blue line is about where I run from high point to Aldrich, it's not exact but close. The red dots are about there the visible tress run and the red circles are hazard areas where you may need to idle a bit. If you fish down there when the crappie and whites really turn on you can watch where everyone runs, it will the same line by everyone going through there.
  2. Learning little sac arm

    It's tricky but you can go All the way back into turkey Creek same with Maze. When the water was a couple feet above pool during waterfowl season we boated under the bridge into the actual turkey Creek. As far as Aldrich there are a couple spots that u need to idle when going from hight point to the Aldrich bridge, With out showing u on map it's hard to explain the spots.
  3. St. Patricks report

    Put in a Roark Bluff today got on the water about 8:30 fished till about 2pm. Ran down to sons Creek area started to fishing secondary points with 45 degree banks with rock about as big as a football to the size of your fist. Caught the first keeper about 20 minutes into the day ended up having 4 total Keepers with one right under 5 pounds. 7 bass all together. Six Largemouth in one small mouth. Warmest water we found was 48.7 degrees water still has good color with about 2ft of visibility. Ran down the big sac arm for a little bit did not have any bass but did catch one 18 inch walleye on a jerkbait. All the bass came on wiggle warts (green and brown Craw patterns). All the bass were scattered and in 10ft or less. She was the only female all day and the only time we had a double was when I caught her my partner caught a male that we feel was with her. Rest of the Bass where single males. Caught the last fish about 1:45. We felt after we left that if we had been on the water at dawn we would have caught more fish. I think we had some high pressure move in about 10-10:30 and the bite sent south quick on us. Good luck guys if winter would ever let go this year, when it does the fishing for all species are going to explode!
  4. War eagle spinnerbaits

    I talked to Kris at Stone Creek Lodge this evening, he got what will be his LAST shipment of the original War Eagle Spinnerbaits in. He got some of all 99 colors/blade combos they make. So if your up there this weekend and need to get some you better stop in. Since Pradco bought them they have changed the swivels and are using a rubber band instead of wire to attach the skirt.
  5. Does anybody have any information about the tournaments that go out of Campbell point on Friday nights? I have a friend who has semi retired and moved to Shell Knob he was told by one of his neighbors that there is a club or a series that takes out of there on Friday evenings? Since his neighbor doesn't fish he didn't have any other information about it.
  6. Stockton jerkbaits favorites

    From Aldrich to the dam. 😎
  7. Stockton jerkbaits favorites

  8. Tournaments with boats

    only other one I came across last night was OMTT but that boat was an end of the year Points deal not a one day or one weekend tournament.
  9. Tournaments with boats

  10. Tackle shop

  11. Tackle shop

    if your coming from state park its about 3\8 of mile after you cross the bridge on the left.
  12. Stockton jerkbaits favorites

    We must know the same lure painter....😂😂🤣
  13. Crappie fishing

    And somehow over at Hawkers the no wake zone buoys are about a foot under the water???
  14. Thinking about Sunday Afternoon...

    Left the lake from dumping brush around noon today and water from mile long bridge to the dam was clear up to 6-8ft visibility in some parts. From the old state park ramp to about halfway out to the main lake is very muddy, but once u leave Hartley cove it is clear. Water was 38-41 degrees.

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