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  1. Took my 4 year old son to a friend's pond Saturday evening and had a blast! Kept it very simple only took nightcrawlers and a couple of frogs.
  2. Mhyde

    Spawned out?

    From what we have caught and seen I think the crappie spawned a little deeper this year. From a three weekends that we went I caught very little fish up on the bank I know others did in some areas but we never did most of our fish were 5 to 15 foot out. Im no crappie professional by any stretch of the imagination but when you cast it on the bank as much as I did and didn't catch anything and then you pull your jig or minnow (under a bobber) out deeper and would bites, I just figured they made beds and then we had some rain and I just stayed there were the original bed was made and didn't make a new bed up shallower.??
  3. Mhyde


    I know of the Brand I often throw a Chompers 3 1/2" tube. just didn't know which one of the Chompers baits you were referring to.
  4. Mhyde


    what do you mean by a Chomper?
  5. Mhyde

    Crappie Pattern

    we fished last Friday night into early Saturday morning, fished shiners under lights in 25-20ft in the little sac arm. caught most of our fish either on the bottom or just a couple of feet off the bottom. id say 40% of the fish were females and they had not spawned out and there was little to no blood in the egg sacks. brought home 38 crappie between the 3 of us. counting all the white bass and the 1 keeper walleye we had it was around 150 fish night. Caught a TON of short crappie from 8"-9 3/4" and TON of white bass. it would also come in spurts, we would go 15-20 minutes with very little action and then the graph would light up and it was on for several minutes and then shut off again. got on the water just before 7pm and was back at the ramp about 1:15ish am . good luck to everyone this weekend, gald to hear the flicker shad bite is starting, need to get those rod holders installed this weekend!!!
  6. Mhyde

    New Berkley MaxScent

    that was my first thought, but with some other the other products that have been on the market like the Max Scent series they have a horrible issue with drying out and becoming trash. just didn't want to spend $5.99 a pack on something wasn't that great of a product when the original Powerbait series of baits is just fine and like you said stood the test of time.
  7. Mhyde

    New Berkley MaxScent

    Just curious if any of you guys have tried the new Berkley MaxScent baits out yet. My main question is are they like the Trigger X baits that were made by the Rapala company that dry out if they are not either kept moist during the day or put back in the bag after use. -matt
  8. Mhyde

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

  9. Mhyde

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    http://www.kayakfishingfocus.com/cheating-in-cpr-kayak-bass-fishing-tournaments/ video : https://scout.com/outdoors/bass-fishing/Article/Kayak-Bass-Fishing-Cheater-Busted-101453825
  10. Mhyde

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    It's popular because it fits todays society... fast and now. Like I said its a TV production. we all know weekend tournament fishing doesn't look like the MLF show. we are all not bring brought in given a boat and sent out. their making $$$ because they have anglers that even most novice anglers know...KVD, IKE, Hackney Ott Defoe ect.... folks see those guys on TV and go buy Jack Links jerky and Rage craws, because they saw it on KVD's jersey. _MLF uses a scale to weigh fish, and they all have the same one, so in a local/club tournament who is buying the scales that anglers use (have to all use the same one) and who is certifying the scales are correct. _How many marshals do you think are really going to volunteer to sit a boat on a Saturday night 7p-1a club tournament. Also the Kayak tournaments format is not fool proof, one of the largest cheating scandals was only a few years ago when a guy had doctored this measuring board (i'll try to find the article.) so nothing is perfect.
  11. Mhyde

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    I don't know if you will ever see "local" and club tournaments go to the MLF format. MLF works because its a limited number of anglers, cameras and a marshal in every boat, and remember MLF is for TV and attracts a whole new audience to tournament or "pro" bass fishing. MLF is more exciting to watch for most folks then watching BASS LIVE and watching anglers key on only 5 fish, they can watch an entire tournament in an hour time slot. I think in theory the MLF format is great but only works due to the $$ behind it. Its a production and is edited for TV to make money and sell advertising. They have put together and awesome marketing strategy and are making a killing $$$$!!
  12. Mhyde

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

  13. Mhyde

    MINNOWS ??

    The bait shop at Stone Creek Lodge will sell them by the pound.
  14. Stockton Friday nighters kick off this Friday! Be sure to read up on the rules as a few things have changed. I don't have anything to do with running the tournament just post as a courtesy and fish a few. http://stocktonfridaynighters.com/rules/
  15. Mhyde

    Stockton behemoth

    Another one was caught by a guy I go to church with earlier this year between the steel bridge and Taylor bridge. So that's 3 confirmed sightings/catching since last spring on Stockton. When he called the Polk County Office he was told that during last year's flood there was a breakdown of the dam at fellows and there is reason to believe some fish did Escape Fellows. I don't know if that's the story that the MDC is sticking to or if they really did try to test some fish. Don't know if we'll ever know the truth, We were all told for years there's no bears in this state.......

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