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  1. Saturday I was using 6'6" XPS graphite series medium spinning rod with 8pound Grand slam mono and the 2.75 Flicker Shad. I was holding the rod as I trolled because I do not have rod holders installed on Dad's boat. I tied straight to the flicker shad no swivel. Pretty basic setup.
  2. I trolled from 8ft to 36ft, but ALL of the fish caught were from 12ft to 18ft. Half were caught on a flat and the others were caught going down 2 different bluffs.
  3. Forgot to add also found an old Original Wiggle Wart floating out in the lake.
  4. Made a very quick trip up Saturday morning put in at Old state started bass off fishing, but that was very slow so I pulled out a spinning rod and the flicker shad box, and caught fish almost immediately. Ended up with a mixed bag of fish, bluegill, catfish, bass, crappie and a just short walleye! I tell u what the Drum bite was AWESOME, lol!! I don't have rod holders on the. Boat so I just held the rod as I trolled.
  6. Please come say hi the next time you are there! I meet my partner/boater up there and drive a black Chevy Colorado and fish out of Maroon and White Viper.
  7. Don't feel bad, another tough night for a lot of teams....only 7 limits at the scale, 7 teams only weighed 1 fish and 14 teams had ZERO! 45 teams Friday night. I think I will get better soon they seen to be pulling a lot of water during the day. Looked like the Webb Outdoors tournament guys had little problems finding the fish Saturday and Sunday! Hope to see again on the 16th! Oh and new starting last week is the Friday Nighter trash fish pot which paid $125 for a 3+ pound Drum that was brought in!
  8. Stockton kicked our butts! Had one bite all night for one keeper that weighed 2.18! Very tough night and very frustrating. I know the team that Finished second they had 5 for 9.43, don't know what the winning weight was. On a brighter note the pre tournament cheese burger and the conversation was excellent!
  9. I think he averages around 40..don't think he ever paid less than the max 7 places..(1 place per 5 boats) If he did it was only once or twice. June 10th was our largest night last year with 52 teams I think.
  10. It's that time of year again, Stockton Friday Nighters kicks off this Friday 5-26-17 at State Park Marina. Take off starts at 7pm!
  12. not defending anyone...SAFTY FIRST!! don't know about the big sac arm of the lake but there was a Tournament out of Masters and State Park Saturday morning, the one out of state park took off at 6am and the masters took off at 6:15. I was in the one at Masters and you could CLEARLY see the guys that were running out of State park coming down the lake before we took off. we took off across the lake around 6:20 made it to out first spot around 6:30 and where fishing as the fog rolled in. like I said not defending anyone but if take off Is 6am and it is clear at that time why wouldn't you get them go.... I think at that point its up to the angler to make the right call when fog rolls in. For us we stayed tucked in the bank and a pocket until the fog cleared, then continued our day.
  13. If any one else is Fishing the Morrisville Assembly fundraiser tournament tomorrow morning be sure to say hello. We will be in a Maroon and White Viper.
  14. Yes....... just had to ideal through. if the lake gets up 5ft most of it will be unseen.
  15. Put in at the Cedar ridge camp ground both days after 4:30pm ran down around high point water was anywhere between 63 and 58. fished 45 degree banks with chuck rock and brush. Friday I fished till a bit after 10pm and ended up with 12 keepers. Saturday fished the same area with dad and headed back around 9pm bite was much slower Saturday and we only had 9 keepers. Once you get past the island at the mouth of Turkey creek water really turns dirty where I fished both evenings I only had about 2ft of visibility. I ONLY fished minnows/shiners both evenings. biggest one on the weekend was 13.3/4. of all the fish cleaned only 6 were females. the fish in the pictures are all the one over 11 1/2. and all the females were still carrying their eggs high in their body had not dropped yet.