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  1. Mhyde

    geese are headed south

    Four geese didn't make it all the way south yesterday evening.
  2. Yesterday early afternoon I got a call from one of our outside sales guys who has the Branson territory, he saw Several MLF wrapped boats and a few of the BASS guys who have gone to MLF in the last week heading south on 65 when he was on this way back to Springfield. Does anyone know if they are shooting MLF cup event at Table Rock this week or Weekend?? I looked a the regatta permits for TR yesterday after he called nothing with MLF or anything that would think would be MLF, but if they are going out of Big Cedar they wouldn't need to pull a permit.
  3. Mhyde

    Indian Point - report?

    I'm coming down to Indian point Friday morning for the weekend, when you are dragging the Carolina rig are you putting the boat out in deep water off a point and making a long cast up to shallow water and dragging back to the boat??
  4. saw a couple of the announcements of the guys leaving BASS to go to MLF and they did say they will get to fish the classic, but that was last night BASS might change their minds by the time this is all said and done.
  5. Mhyde

    BASS FISHING 9-8 & 9-9

  6. Mhyde

    BASS FISHING 9-8 & 9-9

    As far as the Spots the MDC did some surveys a few years ago on them, some of you may have gotten stopped at a ramp and took one of the surveys. I was told that they concluded that for now they need to just keep everything the same and that one concern for not changing any regulations on Spots were due to the fear of anglers not being able to tell the difference in a 12" spot and a 12" LM and that more LM would be filleted out in error. I don't if any of that is or was true that's just what I was told when I asked. @Jmontgo1246 and I caught a TON of short SM this year during the Friday nighters, and I noticed a lot more legal SM were being brought to the scale at weigh in this year. Don't know if that says anything to the health of the SM in Stockton, but is encouraging to see more legal smallies being caught, I think I only caught maybe 3 legal ones all of 2017. I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it just seems like in the last two years or so as soon as the spawn has completed Stockton has gone into a huge funk, as far as the bass fishing. you read reports and see photos on here and other places of REALLY nice bass caught from end of February to mid May and after that no ones seems to be able to find the mature fish consistently. I don't know if it's weather or dam generation schedule or just fishing pressure, but like many others have said, where are all he 3. to 4 pounders gone?? I would not think its a spawn issue since we have had several years of high water in the spring. I just don't know.
  7. Mhyde

    Saturday afternoon bassin

    Not sure, I weighed our two and left 15 something was winning. They post results Wednesday on there website
  8. Mhyde

    Saturday afternoon bassin

    congrats!! you had much better results than we did on the big sac side of the lake. if you could have ran that pattern Sunday and had the same results you would been in the check line at Joe Bass yesterday, or most tournaments on Stockton right now!!! once again CONGRATS!!!!!
  9. Mhyde

    BASS FISHING 9-8 & 9-9

    Bass fishing report in one word.....TOUGH!!! This weekend was by far the toughest bite I have come across all year. Fished Saturday and Sunday and if I told you we caught 25 fish total both days I might be lying. The list of what we didn't throw at them is much shorter that what we did. I DID NOT throw a Ned rig, jerk bait and an A-rig, I think I threw everything else. put in at Hawker Saturday morning an fished midway into Sons Creek to into Hawker. caught maybe one keeper on a jig (didn't measure it) and a few shorts on a spinnerbait & a jig did catch 2 13" walleye on squarebill in 2ft of water. Sunday put in at Old State and made a donation to the Joe Bass tournament. Sunday fished just north of the mile long bridge to down in Birch branch. caught all of our fish in Birch on a jig and plastic worm. bite was very light and went through 2.5 bags of jig trailers between us. we really had to soak the bait for them to bite it. only weighed 2 keepers for 3.29. I will say this as disappointing as the weekend was it was still better than sitting in my office at work. If you have figured out the bass fishing on Stockton this past week I salute you! I am ready for a few trips to Table rock or somewhere else for a while. also if you are interested the Don Berry Fishing Radio show that is on 98.7 fm out of Springfield on Wednesdays from 3-4pm is efforting to book the Fisheries Biologist for Stockton in the next couple of weeks and if you can't listen you can watch the show live on Facebook or later in the night when they repost it or any other of their shows since they have started Facebook archiving them on their Facebook page!
  10. Mhyde

    White Bass control needed

    One of the guides posted this video last night of their trip.... https://www.facebook.com/tandemflyoutfitters/videos/2071252402950142/
  11. Mhyde

    it's still tough...

    Cc was muddy like that last Saturday after the wind storm blew through. Didn't even wipe the boat down just went by the car wash on the way home.
  12. Mhyde

    Am I the only one?

    did absolutely horrible Saturday morning, put in at CC. water was very dirty only about 1ft visibility. I guess the winds really churned that water. only had 2 short LM on a jig and lost two more. any bites we did get were very quick, just hit it and drop it never really hung on to the bait. if you really wanted to you could have made a day out of following the Whites around waiting for them to bust the schools. I did manage to get my spook in one of the burst and catch one white. also caught 2 Flatheads on a jig. not much boat traffic. put in at 6am was the second boat and when we left there were 4 trucks in the lot. hope it gets better soon or I am going to be forced to go to Table Rock.
  13. Mhyde

    Am I the only one?

    I'll be out there tomorrow EARLY to avoid the heat. haven't been out since June 2nd, it ought to be interesting. if I come across a pattern I'll post a report.
  14. Mhyde

    So Ketchup...

    What spoon are u using?

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