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  1. The old blind sow sometimes finds acorns

    Glad you found a limit!!
  2. Keepers still missing

    I do agree with you on this, we have not had a GOOD shad kill for a couple of years. need a good freeze this winter.
  3. Keepers still missing

    2017 STOCKTON LAKE FISHING PROSPECT REPORT "Largemouth bass are the most numerous black bass species in Stockton Lake, especially in the upper portions of the lake. Spotted bass and smallmouth bass are present throughout the lake, but make up larger percentages of the population in the lower portion of the lake. Sampling is conducted on each of the major lake arms on alternate years. In 2016, largemouth bass catch rates on the Big Sac Arm were improved from 2012 and suggest good recruitment the last few years. The data revealed a very high number largemouth bass in the 13-14.5 inch range. This is consistent with recent reports from anglers, catching an overabundance of sublegal fish. The good news is that these fish should provide anglers with more keeper fish in the next couple of years. Catch rates from 2015 on the Little Sac Arm were below the long-term average, in fact the lowest since 2007. However, this could be partially attributed to less than optimal sampling conditions at the time. Fortunately, successive strong year classes should continue to produce quality fishing for anglers." just spit balling not trying to start a conspiracy here, but when I read this I wonder if the 'overabundance of sublegal fish" could contribute to the growth of the class stunting out? If there were an overabundance of short fish in the big sac arm could that lead to a growth issue? I don't believe there is shortage of food (shad), but TOO MANY or "over abundance could lead to an issue with that class of fish maturing? this also reads that in the Little Sac arm in 2015 catch rates were "below the long term average, in fact the lowest since 2007" could it be that the floods the last 2 years just have not produced good spawns and have actually hurt the fish more than they have helped? I'm no biologist but I just wonder if you read between the lines in this report that maybe the lake is just on a down and we all just shouldn't be surprised by the lack of keepers this year ...anyone else have any thoughts??????
  4. Hot Crappie Bite!

  5. Is anyone bass fishing

    Bass fishing has been tough. No consistency, just look at the tournament results across the board. One weekend on a Saturday it's taking 20+ pounds to win and 10+ to draw a check, then on the same weekend on a Sunday it taken 13 pounds to win and 8 pounds to get check. It's not been good since the floods in April. Sure there are guys who can out and find a good sack on a given night but to do it every weekend has been tough!!! I know there is a lot of head scatching going on with a lot of guys/teams at weigh-ins. I have noticed the lack of bass reports lately too, I just figured guys were just being tight lipped.
  6. Friday night tournaments

    Yes, Friday Nighters is out of State Park tomorrow night take off is a 7pm sharp, (Fishers of Men Bass Club is launching out of old state tomorrow night) last week was the smallest field all year with 45 teams had been 50 and above for the last 4 events. Good luck to everyone tomorrow night, we've decided to take the weekend off thinking I might troll one day this weekend, and since we are in the Championship fish-off and really struggled to find good fish I am going to spend the rest Weekend at the racetrack. Everyone have fun, remember to take care of those fish Friday night and BE SAFE!!!
  7. Stockton Friday Nighter Friday July 21

    Each team puts $5 in a side pot for the biggest "trash" fish brought to the scale at weigh in. U can bring any fish other than bass alive and caught via rod&reel to the scale for the Trash fish pot. We had a 3.79 flathead.
  8. Stockton Friday Nighter Friday July 21

    Chase and I won the Trash fish pot!

    Did some digging on Facebook here's a photo: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10214037412156167&id=1437321117

    Don't know if anyone else has seen or heard it but I got a text this morning that here was a small Black bear spotted/seen walking down one of the roads in the Hawker point campground area over the 4th of July weekend. I guess photos of the Bear are circling around Facebook. I have yet to personally see (have not been looking ) it yet but from my friend that I got the text from he say's its no hoax. I guess be careful out there and always keep and eye out!
  11. Iosr fishing tackle at old state park

  12. Just wondering if anyone fished the Friday night tournament that was out of the RB ramp put on by the Happy Hooks tackle shop on 32 hwy just outside of Stockton on Friday 6-30-17? A couple of my friends were going to fish it but due to work they were not able to get back from Kansas City in time to fish. I had seen a flyer floating around on Facebook earlier this year but I never travel that far north so I never did get my hands on one. I believe they are held on every last Friday on the month? anyone else have anymore info???

    Sorry for such a late response I've been in Oklahoma since Wednesday afternoon and had not got on since I left. Best way to get info like this is to check the Stockton Friday nighters Facebook page and that has all the current information along with the contact information for the tournament owner/director Rodney Faught. From what I was told they did fish they had an excellent turnout almost 50 boats again and 26 lb won, caught by BASS/FLW tourning tournament Pro Jeremy Lawler.
  14. Flicker Shad Fun

    Saturday I was using 6'6" XPS graphite series medium spinning rod with 8pound Grand slam mono and the 2.75 Flicker Shad. I was holding the rod as I trolled because I do not have rod holders installed on Dad's boat. I tied straight to the flicker shad no swivel. Pretty basic setup.
  15. Flicker Shad Fun

    I trolled from 8ft to 36ft, but ALL of the fish caught were from 12ft to 18ft. Half were caught on a flat and the others were caught going down 2 different bluffs.

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