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  1. Don't know if any of you guys seen this from over the weekend but looks like some guys found some big ones!! Almost 40 pounds to win a 2 day tournament!!!
  2. you know the truth just due to habit I didn't even think to throw the Kentucky in with the walleyes after weigh in. Going to have to get it ingrained in my mind to do that. I have told myself and my dad when one of us takes the kids and they catch some legal Spots to let them bring them home, just not something I've gotten used to doing, I still second guess myself when putting a 12incher in the box.
  3. lake was 882.3 last night
  4. Friday night we had one keeper around 7:30ish and then the other 3 keepers were caught from 10:30pm- 12am. also had a flurry of walleye and a few whites after. dark. we covered a ton of water for those 4 keepers we weighed in. Thank goodness Kentucky's are now 12" !!!!!!
  5. This might be totally luck, but it might help u walleye guys.... So fished the Friday nighter Friday we had the boat 25-30ft found a large Rock that topped off in 11 ft guessing when the water is at pool it completely out of the water. I noticed a lot of fish on the graph that were suspended. So end up tying on a 6xd crankbait, threw it off and on a little bit with nothing but we turn back around and headed back toward the east so I remembered that rock picked the cranking stick up, and I made five cast and out of five cast I caught three keeper Walleye. Think I ended up catching seven walleye & 2 nice whites off that rock with another keeper eye that came off when we went to net it. I never had that to happen before. But that crankbait had to hit that rock for those walleye to bite it, I threw them both sides The Rock making no contact and I never got a bite. When we got back to the ramp the live well they were in was full of shad they all spit up. Didnt end up with any keeper black bass off that spot. All walleye where caught after dark. Don't know if any of that info can help you walleye guys but good luck! I kind of reminded me of that deal those guys that bass fish the ledges down at Kentucky Lake do.
  6. Also today marks the official start of widening highway 160 to a four-lane highway. work will start just south of Cotners Corner, run through Willard and ends where 160 turns back into 4 Lanes just before you cross the I-44 bridge.
  7. https://www.ky3.com/content/news/Stockton-Lake-marina-sees-slow-business-with-high-water-512331892.html
  8. If they could just get it down to 8-10ft above pool I'd be happy, at that point MOST everything would be accessible again.
  9. Mhyde


    Fished the Friday Nighter on the 7th. Ended up finishing 6th. Bite was very tough and it seemed like there was only about a 45 minute window to catch fish. Our bite completely shut off around 8:30. Caught our 5 flipping the flooded jungle, if you haven't been up there since the flood it's overwhelming how far the water goes back into the trees. For example we saw some guys literally fishing in a boat in/on the Orleans South parking lot!!! Looked like they may have been cat fishing. 11.37 was the winning weight which in years past in June that wouldn't even gotten you in the money some nights!! Hope since they opened Bagnell today some other other lakes can move some water. Need to drop Stockton about 3-4 feet for the State Park ramp to be usable.
  10. my son and were down by shell knob yesterday evening and we had the same thing happen with the top water bite. would come bump it or just follow it all the back to the boat. threw a J-walker and a fluke and had the same result with both baits.
  11. Ott will be allowed to defend his tile in the 2020 classic, but no other BPT will be fishing in it unless they go through the BASS OPENS . I think a few of the BPT guys are doing this I know Swindell for sure was fishing some. I also believe I read where after 2020 you will see fewer and fewer BPT guys promoting at the Classic.
  12. I saw a on ky3 this morning that the Corps "hopes" to have Truman back down by July.....so id say Stockton is going to be up for a while!
  13. Stockton State Park... The Friday Nighter has been cancelled for this Friday. I would think if there's any other tournaments over the weekend they're probably going to do the same thing.
  14. If you didn't know, the High school tournaments now even haul those fish to a different locations to weigh in and then taken back to the lake on a relocation boat. in the case of the TR HS tournament every team took there fish from TR to the White Water parking lot to weigh in. As far as the club deal, bass tournaments have become no different than having/joining a rec/company slow pitch softball team. the company I work for has an annual tournament for clients, staff and vendors. I know of at least 3 companies we do business with that have weekly series just for employees just like they have a softball team for staff that enjoy that. we have also pulled into a ramp many times that a tournament was taking place ( benefits mostly) that regatta permits were never submitted.
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