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  1. Yes....... just had to ideal through. if the lake gets up 5ft most of it will be unseen.
  2. Put in at the Cedar ridge camp ground both days after 4:30pm ran down around high point water was anywhere between 63 and 58. fished 45 degree banks with chuck rock and brush. Friday I fished till a bit after 10pm and ended up with 12 keepers. Saturday fished the same area with dad and headed back around 9pm bite was much slower Saturday and we only had 9 keepers. Once you get past the island at the mouth of Turkey creek water really turns dirty where I fished both evenings I only had about 2ft of visibility. I ONLY fished minnows/shiners both evenings. biggest one on the weekend was 13.3/4. of all the fish cleaned only 6 were females. the fish in the pictures are all the one over 11 1/2. and all the females were still carrying their eggs high in their body had not dropped yet.
  3. I am headed up in a few hours for the weekend, hoping to find something wanting to bite. just had a couple of questions.... #1 I was told that the Cedar ridge camp ground ramp is open to everyone if this is true is the paybox out or is it free? #2 how is the mud/water conditions from cedar ridge to high point? Thanks in advance !!!
  4. Thanks everyone ! Looks like I don't have to worry about going hungry, just have to worry about find 5 big bass!
  5. I'm going to be down the weekend of April 14th for a tournament on Saturday the 15th out of Mill Creek. The last few years we have been out of Campbell Point for this particular tournament but they changed areas do to permit issues. I will be staying in Kimberling City, and was wanting to get you guys that live locally to point me in the direction of some of the best local places to eat! Also This will be the first time I've ever taken out of Mill Creek and stayed in Kimberling City. Once I'm there I really don't want to have Go back into Branson. Besides food are there any places to get gear in case of emergency or find out I need something else while pre fishing.I thought this would be best place for Local info. Thanks for the help. Thanks, Mhyde
  6. I know it was discussed a lot at weigh-in's that I was at over the summer. I cant remember a weigh-in that I've seen maybe more than 2 Spots 15" or over at the scales in a night. I know personally my boat isn't catching a bunch of 15" Spots on Stockton and most days tournament fishing or just playing around we're not boating any keeper size, now Table Rock that's a different story. The Spots we do catch that are 13-14" on Stockton are very fat and healthy and DO sometimes weigh more than some of the 15-16" LM we boat and sometimes have to weigh in.
  7. Speaking of keeping all the legal Spots, does any know what came about the Spotted bass surveys the MDC did last spring at a couple of the ramps at Stockton? I thought that they might be leaning towards a 12 or 13" length limit for Spots?
  8. Thanks, I knew I had never heard of them, and now I know why. if you haven't seen them yet their site it is . might be worth checking out. with so many tournament series already out there I'm always curious when new ones are formed, there are only so many anglers to go around and a lot of guys are like me and don't have the pocket book to fish every series every weekend on your "home" waters. I wish them the best, hope there successful. if any of you guys do end up fishing with them please post your feedback (boat count, payout ect...). I may try to give one of them a try before the Friday Nighters and Reeves brothers really get into the meat of their schedule's . -Mhyde "Remember, we all live down stream"
  9. My friend picked up a flyer at Happy hooks(I think that's the name of it) there on 32 going into Stockton this past weekend for a tournament series call " Show ME State Team Trail" just wondering if anyone on here has fished it before. I only ask because I had never heard of them. I looked them up they have a very nice Website, but couldn't find any past results from their Stockton Division? if any of you have fished with them, how was your experience and how many boats/teams do they average? thanks, Mhyde
  10. Call Kris Nelson at tandem fly outfitters
  11. I did some looking, and it doesn't look like there is much going on as far a smaller open tournaments for the next month. I know this time of year most of the stuff is wrapping up, there are some large sanctioned events though if your into that. I know that there will still be some things going on that guys aren't pulling permits for. I would say best thing to do is go by Fin & feather, LEWS ect and see if anyone has hung any flyers on bulletin boards. Years ago Wee Willy's bait and tackle shop in the old Cottner's Corner gas station outside of Willard use to be an excellent place to find out about a lot of smaller tournaments going on at Stockton when It was still around. also if your able to listen to Jock 98.7fm at 3pm on Wednesdays the Fishin Radio show will have a run down of up coming events on the local lakes. I would think about the middle to the end of October you will start to see posts and talk on the local winter bass series that take place. Good luck, hope this helps.
  12. Yes, the Friday Nighters season finally is this Friday the 19th @ 7pm state park. The Championship fish off (must be have Qualified to fish) is Aug. 26 and starts at 6pm! for more info.
  13. Reeves Brother's tournament series Here is our tentative late summer/fall schedule (pending regatta approval) -8/21 Stockton Masters Ramp 6am-2pm -8/28 Pomme Hermatige park 6am-2pm -9/4 Stockton Masters Ramp 6am-2pm -9/11 Pomme Hermatige park 6am-2pm -9/17 Pomme Hermatige park 6:30am-3pm -9/24 Stockton Masters Ramp 6:30am-3pm
  14. Thanks I understand the it was tough bite for everyone in Stockton Saturday night, The gentleman who runs the Friday Nighters won the Ma&Pa tournament with his wife last night with 9.82 with 4 fish.
  15. Results??