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  1. Mhyde

    White Bass control needed

    One of the guides posted this video last night of their trip.... https://www.facebook.com/tandemflyoutfitters/videos/2071252402950142/
  2. Mhyde

    it's still tough...

    Cc was muddy like that last Saturday after the wind storm blew through. Didn't even wipe the boat down just went by the car wash on the way home.
  3. Mhyde

    Am I the only one?

    did absolutely horrible Saturday morning, put in at CC. water was very dirty only about 1ft visibility. I guess the winds really churned that water. only had 2 short LM on a jig and lost two more. any bites we did get were very quick, just hit it and drop it never really hung on to the bait. if you really wanted to you could have made a day out of following the Whites around waiting for them to bust the schools. I did manage to get my spook in one of the burst and catch one white. also caught 2 Flatheads on a jig. not much boat traffic. put in at 6am was the second boat and when we left there were 4 trucks in the lot. hope it gets better soon or I am going to be forced to go to Table Rock.
  4. Mhyde

    Am I the only one?

    I'll be out there tomorrow EARLY to avoid the heat. haven't been out since June 2nd, it ought to be interesting. if I come across a pattern I'll post a report.
  5. Mhyde

    So Ketchup...

    What spoon are u using?
  6. Mhyde

    Shaws bluff

    I'm not really sure if you are interpreting the no wake rule correctly. i.e. if you are running down the lake near the Hawkers or Orleans south ramp at full speed in a boat with a 200mph + outboard/inboard and are 500' out then you will still throw wake that will enter the no wake zone and eventually end up on the bank. I always interpreted the rule as the vessel/boat you are in can not be creating a wake once it enters the NO WAKE zone, but maybe I'm wrong??? I'm with you on the no swimming at the ramp, that drives me NUTS when people do that.
  7. Mhyde

    Banning "Bass" Boats

    Here are area readers responses that were published: https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/ozarks/now/2018/06/18/bass-boats-ozarks-waterways-how-fast-do-they-go-what-types-exist/709979002/ https://amp.news-leader.com/amp/713514002?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Mhyde

    Banning "Bass" Boats

    Straight from the Springfield news leader: https://www.news-leader.com/story/opinion/readers/2018/06/15/time-ban-bass-boats-public-waterways/698791002/
  9. Mhyde

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    thanks! just wanted to compare weights with some other tournaments, and those weights are about the average right now from what other results have been. right now you really need at least one good fish in your limit to separate from everyone else. Friday nighters, Joe bass and some others it visually looks like everyone is bringing the same five fish to the scales, if you don't have a kicker.
  10. Mhyde

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    results or a report???
  11. Mhyde

    benefit crappie tournament

    Thanks for your support and looking forward to next year!! congrats on the win!!!!
  12. Mhyde

    benefit crappie tournament

    We're here Getting teams registered for Tomorrow's Charity Crappie Tournament befitting Ambassadors for Children!! $25 entry fee plus an optional $5 trash fish side pot!! We'll be here till about 8:30pm so come get entered!! Registration location: Brookline church of Christ 3086 N. Brookline Ave Brookline, Missouri 65619
  13. Mhyde

    big fish contest

    just to let everyone know Stone Creek Lodge is having a big fish contest through the summer. You can take your Crappie, Walleye, or Bass to the tackle shop at the Lodge to be weighed to enter their contest!
  14. Mhyde

    How deep??

    caught nearly all of our fish in 12ft or less Friday night. didn't have any size just keepers, but tons of 12-14 3/4" fish. on a side note I've caught more small mouth in the last two weeks then I have in the last few years combined. don't know if we've just been in the right area or what.
  15. Mhyde

    benefit crappie tournament

    Door prizes for Saturday. thanks to these people and Businesses!! -Large pizza gift certificates X2: Stone Creek Lodge -Hats and Bass pro gift card : Farr Better Plumbing -Hats : Crown Power & Equipment of Bolivar -Ammunition, 3 boxes of Steel shot & 1box of Hornady .380 Critical Defense : Blue Bonnet Farms -Custom painted Crankbaits : Estate Management Services ( LakeIt forum member) - Nemesis sunglasses X2 & added purse money : Matt Hyde Outdoors - 1 free oil Change : Willard Fast Lube - 2 $50 Bass pro gift cards : Freedom Bank of Willard - 2 stainless steel coffee mugs: AM Donuts **Thanks to Star Wholesale Supply for lending us their Tournament scales and Equipment from their company Tournament!!

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