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  1. Curious does anybody catch any numbers? Their habits and habitat are diff than crappie or Bluegill, but will intermingle. The ones in the pictures are so skinny they look unhealthy. They do not suspend like a walleye will.
  2. Picked the one up out of westmarine on my acct. xtra 50. Now I need everything installed and wired.
  3. Got the bigger Garmin for the dash and a helix 7 for upfront. Liked both for different reasons, the display models anyway.
  4. That would be one of my knocks on Garmin their bottom contours and detail in bottom locations are inaccurate. claimed it was a licensing deal at one time. I will look at them this weekend.👊
  5. I'm looking for my own xmas present, what's the difference between 93 and 94?
  6. Why all the love and Garmin switch over. Curious because I am upgrading and have a long history with Garmin, furuno and raymarine. I have had some runins with them over the years. Is the new Garmin stuff that much better and is it more geared toward tournament fishing? TIA
  7. https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2020/11/25/trump-administration-denies-permit-for-pebble-mine/?fbclid=IwAR3ctBNyoQfJ_8WnwEO8jBkm6bVvXa0S7eP83zEyT5SvelQHL7ccLW4ZAUA
  8. This is positive, but not in any way permanent. The mine footprint itself consists of state issued permits and leases. I know using the EPA and original tact was illegal and subsequently neglected to pass the test of time. Be interesting to see if they try another draft or if the current state is maintainable. Things will go quiet for awhile I hope. The longer it drags on the less likely a mine is built in the last great place.
  9. In the 80's I had a 1949 Thompson 15 ft cedar strip without a bubble in the canvas and a small rot spot on the end of one rib. The original 7.5 1949 evinrude ran like a top. I had the best looking ride on the Menominee river for a couple years. My mother and father traded it for an antique piece of furniture when I was in college. I was ticked at the time. I miss that boat, it was a work of art and craftsmanship. I also owned a cedar strip Hoefgen that was an attempt by the company to branch out. Just too delicate and got tired of beating it up loading and unloading it. The rest are i
  10. Some crazy good smallie fishing on the prairie. You might have been one lake too far north on the missouri. Oahe is deep and cold.
  11. weird year, no traffic lots of small bows for me and they had a record escapement up the river. Talked to Jim before I left and he reiterated the stupid easy sockeye fishing. Was more than a million fish staged below the falls alone and no tourists at the park. worth the price of admission.
  12. They don't typically start spawning till middle of May in BP or Nade. I Turkey hunted up by boiling springs (gods country) and the river was extremely high and is unfishable right now. Headed to Stockton in the morning with an uncle with a place at Riddle. You could fish it, it just wouldn't be any good. It has been this way every year except one or 2 I think since the drought of 12. Frustrating if you don't have all summer to fish it. Lot easier to fish with the water reasonable and green IMHO. I never fish your river except off private way up wading.
  13. I wonder if the rain the last few springs is messing up their spawn. On low years you can watch them spawning against a rock or log in the slower water. This raging river situation has got to effect that I would think. IDK either way for sure.
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