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  1. River looks really high, that's a good thing as low as it was this summer. They need a winter, I think we will get one here for sure. Pretty dead and shuttered up there this time of year. That guy with the beard is a short ball of fun! One of the most gifted fishermen I have personally ever seen. Looked like a fun trip.
  2. watermen2


    There are some guides in N WI that specialize in it especially on Green Bay. Perch and Walleye both, google Larry Smith, he has a show now and he will have a show on it probably.
  3. My kid are too smart, the kid I hire is cheaper than the repair bills. They have other chores, but I all ready bought a new mower this year to replace one with a bent shaft.
  4. ENSO positive conditions are forecast to hold on through the summer. High water might be the norm this year.
  5. This whole issue has become decidedly political. As a fellow fish head, ignore the hyperbole and vitriol and pay special attention to the FRI scientist from UW as he describes the fish themselves and the ecosystem. I am familiar with most anadromous fish on this continent and these are unique. They also are becoming extremely limited in their present range compared to their historical range. It will not affect most of us in our lifetime. The video is interesting for informational purposes. Hope you enjoy it! Sean
  6. If you go around the fourth you might hit the HEX hatch. Big Deal!!!
  7. I would have to say a fresh from the ocean king salmon. Not the best at anything, but very good at what makes a fish special. Getting scarcer, too.
  8. https://www.tu.org/blog-posts/protecting-bristol-bay-this-one-is-personal There are always better wordsmith's than myself. For thirty years I have been blessed to spend time in this region. If you don't get it, take a trip with Phil and experience the place. There were many, and only a few places like this remain in the world. Wild fish are special! The comment period basically starts tomorrow. Sean
  9. https://www.tu.org/blog-posts/save-bristol-bay Follow the link.
  10. Saving for the next installment Pete, Atlantics in Newfoundland in 2020. Swinging wet flies and fishing dries for wild fish before they are gone. You in? Bucket is still not empty.
  11. Tuna and some snapper came home, we concentrated on the Marlin and avgd 2-3 tuna a day in the afternoon. Fished cubera and roosters one day and could not get the cubera out of the rocks. No roosters, but have caught them in Mexico in the past. Very diverse fishery and fun. Ate like pigs, every day.
  12. Spent three days in Panama chasing the big fish and they were big. It is a destination easy to get to, cheaper than US, safe, and just plain fun. The water was full of porpoise and turtles as well. One off the list.
  13. Normally I would be in that weekend if you are going offshore. Fortunately I will be in Panama the week prior. Have fun it is a hoot.
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