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  1. Turn it on! Lol for a little help, you tube Peye Wenners latest report. Itll be a good place to start
  2. I can tell you that I am almost 40 and served in the military for only 8 years when i decided college was not for me, when i got out apparently I made the wrong choice of profession. LOL I am very happy fishing and hunting and living to my means and if I could afford it I would not have a problem paying that kind of money. However I do just fine with all of the set ups I have which is way to many, says the wife. I have even hired a guide on stockton for my dad and me to learn more about walleye fishing in the south as we are from SD originally. And soon one day I will try the same thing on TRL for bass just to learn a few things. I take a week hunting trip in the fall to bow hunt the rut and 3 days in the spring to fish the BBB. I save enough through the year to treat myself to that and still have time with my family. I guess all i mean to say is that Wealth means different things to different folks and I dont mind one bit if they want to buy those kinds of toys, as long as they keep their wake boats on there private ponds!!!!
  3. I will check it out for sure next time were up there!!
  4. Hello all, I am in no big hurry and just looking for the right deal. If anybody upgrades their graphs this year and have GPS, DI graph like a helix 5 or something keep me in mind. Di and GPS is a must and possibly SI. I have an old GPS graph and just want to upgrade a little before next spring. I do favor the HB brands but am open to others for the right price as well. I'm pretty much a springtime crappie and walleye guy so I cant justify spending alot on big graphs when I only take my boat out a few times a year. I do Bass Fish some but out of a buddies well equipped bass boat. Thank you all in advance
  5. REDS in Greenfield, Awesome burgers and even better Cheese Balls!!!!! Cant beat it to call it in from the ramp and have it ready to grab when you get there!!
  6. Targa98

    Water color

    Last time I was up there last month it was pretty much worthless to even go out. Lol sounds like it's not a whole lot better now though.
  7. Targa98

    Water color

    Can anyone tell me if the water still mud on the entire lake?
  8. Or possibly those 4 & 5 were 6 Lbers before the had spawned out. I know a couple of the 4 Lbers wheeler has caught were long and skinny, def spawned out. Id say that will have a little to do with it.
  9. Thank you very much. I am very unfamiliar with this lake and its gonna be a new experience either way.. Thank you very much for your time and help!
  10. Hey navery, thanks for the info. Is there a place I can find where the high water ramps are?
  11. Again, this isnt the same thing you've seen on TV before. Same MLF format but it's the Bass Pro Tour and not the summit cup. They wont be aired til fall but you can watch the live streams on they're website
  12. Guys, this weekend is the Crappie and Carp trip i was talking about last week. Can anyone tell me what the lake conditions are right now in different places after all the big rains have passed?
  13. Hey oneshot, Im soposed to be comming up on Saturday this week and was gonna throw a flat bottom in there at Fairfield, Is that even possible and any idea what the water condition is there? Plans may have just changed. LOL
  14. Hes my pick this week, awesome dude, with MDJ and DC to go with him. All three making the top 10 cut would be pretty cool.
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