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  1. Hey Jerry, long time no see on here. I was just gonna chime in on the boat debate. 1st off i havent owned either but have fished and rode out of both. My tourn partner owned a 19ft skeeter and while the fishing aspect of it was great with the big front deck the ride was very rough compared to the 21 ft Legand he owns now. I wouldnt trade back for anything. That legend is 100 time smoother riding. Now, that said it also has to do with the 19ft vs 21ft also. But I and Him absolutely love the Legend. Again, this is just from my experience. Hope you are doing well and can get back on the water soon.
  2. Call the office, meet a ranger at your dock, find out the gripe, argue your case to him about the rules, comply to whatever agreement you guys come up with and everybody will be satisfied, (not happy but satisfied!) I for 1 have no complaint for what anyone has on their docks. If the Core is going to continue to let thousands of docks cover table rock, it should deal with it because there will be no said Shore left to manage anyway. Lol
  3. Make a real fun trip out of it and come down for the KVD Big Bass Tour 3 day tourn from OCT 30th - Nov 1st. Catch a big one and go home with some money!!! LOL I personally cant wait and have a blast every year. It turns into a weekend away camping at the lake with friends fish and beer. No Worries!!!
  4. We are heading up on Wed morning to give it a shot. I normally stay on the south end of the lake but Im affraid how dirty it may be by then. Who knows, I may have to vernture north to untouched, by me, waters. Lol I am clueless up there!!!
  5. Let us know how the water is. I plan 9n making a trip up on Wed either way but a little notice of what to expect will be great. Lol alot will change by then but we shall see
  6. I fished the cambell point area sat morning from 6-9. Water was clear. Could easily see 6 ft plus. Almost too clear for me. Alot has changed since them I'm sure but hopefully the fishing has gotten better. Was pretty tough for us. Threw just about everything at them in all 20 ft and under. Little top water and jig bites. Had 1 keeper in 3 hrs. 2.4 smallie on a jig in an isolated bush. Good Luck!
  7. X2!!!! I "upgraded" this year to a lowrance triple shot. Lol I absolutely love it. However I have a deep v targa I target eyes and crappie in. I bass fish with a buddy in his boat in which he is all set up with. Dual birds and a garmin's panoptics to boot. All with the ultrex. Best of both worlds for me.
  8. Sooo.....need a favor from the weather voodoo, could you please plan a trip to Table Rock around June 5-7. If they decide to do the BBB that weekend I would like the crappiest weather possible to keep most pleasure boaters off the water all weekend.....Please and Thank you!!
  9. I'd say it wouldnt be to hard especially maybe in SGF. Alot of hotels are very slow still. I personally am lucky enough to have a friends who family has a cabin near Cape fair and we fish this together and cook out and enjoy the kid free weekend every year!!!
  10. Like I said, I am 100% going to do it whatever it is because that is my time to get away and enjoy friends for a few days. We actually trailered one day last spring so I know it can definitely be done. I was just firing up the conversation again and hope we can pull it off this year! Look forward to hearing the final results and we'll see y'all there!
  11. Ok gentlemen and ladies, I see they are considering a early june date to reschedule this again. I look forward to the time staying at the lake for a getaway during this tourn. But is anyone else worried about the safety aspect of this during that time of summer. The boat traffics is crazy already and will only be worse in 3 or 4 weeks I'm guessing. I'd rather keep it in November but will participate either way. The survey they sent out was short and sweet and I would fish it either way but Later would be better safety wise. IMO which isnt worth much I'm sure. Lol.....that is all
  12. I'd say it was bc it was starting to rain and then disappeared so maybe most people were waiting. It was def concrete. Lol I put in at mutton creek with no issues at all. But like I said. It was raining at 6 when we put in. I made a short run and didnt have a boat within a half mile of me till at least 10. Rain was over by 7.
  13. I understand every part of the lake is different but I was the 3rd boat to the ramp at 6 on Sunday morning and never saw another boat until 10 am where I was fishing at. After that yes it got fairly busy in a few places but was by no means anything like an average weekday on table rock. I took out around 6 pm also and did not have to wait on anybody either. I too have been working full days straight though, thankfully, but with kids also if I am lucky enough to be able to have a day alone to get on the water so I will fight that crowd if needed and still Love every second of it.
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