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  1. Had 2 nice crappie on Flicker shads but that was it mid day Wed. Had the boy who is not real patient so a guy could not slow down and hit it hard. We couldnt get them to fire but they were stacked in 18-20 ft near spawning bank but were def not shallow.
  2. Yes sir. The lot was full and the dock was perfectly in the water on wed. As well as both the Mutton Creek Docks
  3. They were stacked in there just like this for about 50 straight yards.
  4. Both the Mutton Creek docks were in as well as the roark was in as well. Several boats using all of them today. Water around the mutton area was definitely muddy and we did not do too well. Found crappie stacked in 18 to 20 foot of water just could not get them to bite. The two we did catch were 14 in and we're beautiful but just could not get much fired up. It's always worth it to see the smiles even when it's slow.
  5. I know, Im so used to fishing the south end that Im not real confident anywhere north. LOL I know I need to get out and explore much more but this trip is mostly to get out and enjoy the day more than anything! I appreciate the advice and we may just check it out and take a little boat ride til we find cleaner stuff. I may even get bored and flip some run offs or throw a Spinner Bait in the mud. Gonna crappie search and dont expect my normal success but will just enjoy the day off on the water more than anything. Ill be in my Red Targa cuizing around so anyone feel free to say Hey.
  6. Im headed up tomarrow to get some fresh air with the 12 year old for the his first time on the water this year. Just curious if either of these ramps are good or bad. Ill figure it out either way but was just curious if ones better than the other. I will post a report of what I find tomarrow night. We will be in search of Crappie or Walleye more than likely.
  7. At least everybody has the same conditions. No doubt so big ones will still be caught and a few years from now everyone will benefit from this years spawn if it doesnt get crazy flooded
  8. GIANT DAMPER on fishing the BBB in the spring and getting a pass for my yearly hunting trip up north the first week of November. No it comes down to which one to do! BUMMER
  9. Shhhhh, dont tell everyone the have the best 6th sense collection anywhere around either
  10. Wow, that came out blurry! Just go to the website and check it out. Much easier. Lol
  11. Here is a screen shot if what's there in March. Google the Mo Highway Patrol Ragatta page and you can get all tournament information you'll need there. Looks as there is a USS Bassin derby that probably cost a good little bit for a first one. I'm not sure though. I'm sure you can find more I fo about it online.
  12. That's kinda my thought as well. I've been useing both the 6th sense Devine jigs as well as just the 6th sense lead swimbait heads.
  13. Nice, I even saw them and it didnt even cross my mind to use those on an A Rig. Any body else useing them? Thanks man!!
  14. Hey Bo, where can I find them. I've been looking on the NuTech website and cant ever find them
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