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  1. likinmo


    They have definitely bought into Craig Beurubes coaching style I think! And having a goalie right now with a 1.69 GAA doesnt hurt either! That Ryan Oreily deserves alot of credit as well hes a heck of a hockey player . He wins ALOT of faceoffs for the blues!
  2. likinmo

    Pickerel in south west mo

    conservation lake at indian trails is loaded with chain pickerel
  3. likinmo


    I mean DBF in Missouri
  4. likinmo


    Daniel Boone forest has timber rattlers but how many and where they are in there I dont know and dont really want to know
  5. Hey this picking my guys from a hat has been working ..since i started doing that two tourneys ago Im climbing up the ladder and in a respectable 21st place over all!! LMAO!!!
  6. At this point does it really matter! I mean whoever i pick wont make the top 50 anyways....One week i picked the AOY leader and he finished like way down in the bottom! LOL!! From now on im just picking guys from a hat and going with that! I couldnt do any worse!! LMAO! But Im just in it for the Beer!
  7. Ive been down there all season its not to bad and the people are friendly!!
  8. Wade on down here in the deep end the waters fine lol!!
  9. I knew KVD would suck this tourney......cause I picked him!!! Im a Rally killer for sure!..I couldnt pick a winner if there was only one horse in the race! And dont even look at the pundits picks they suck too ! LOL!
  10. Im heading to the windy lake tomorrow and was wanting to get an insider on the bass fishing there. It will be my second only trip up there in the past 10 years. Are they just now spawning or are they done and moved back out?
  11. likinmo

    BIG Creek area question

    Thanks.....I heard its slow about everywhere......scattered fish ......
  12. likinmo

    BIG Creek area question

    Has anyone been fishing in the big creek area up the white river arm. Is it worth a run up there from Kimberling right now? Thanks G
  13. likinmo

    Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    It was fun and I hope we keep doing it!
  14. likinmo

    Lake View?

    I want one!!

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