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  1. Wow I saw the story last night and this morning on KY3...I hadnt heard about it till then...I was like hey that guy is on the fishing forum that I belong to lol! Amazing catch and yes you are the one that deserves this record I hope it stands for years unless I get back down to taney and out do ya with a big fat nightcrawler! LOL! Ive often said that I think the next state record largemouth bass would come out of Taneycomo....but dont tell anyone!
  2. Nice ones for sure! Congrats
  3. Well how we do it is the non boater and boater both make sure the other one is measuring their fish correctly and then you write it down on a card. The boater and non boater are competing against each other just like in the old flw format . So that keeps each person honest really. You could do it with a scale and picture as well. At the end of the day each person has to sign the other persons card that it’s an accurate card. So in big tourney you could hold each person in the boat accountable for the accuracy of the results.
  4. Our club measures the fish and puts them right back. Last weekend while we were in our club tourney I caught a locked on 14 3/4 incher I measured it and I put it back and before we left it ....it was right back locked on that bed...it was kinda cool to know that you can actually catch one and put it right back on its bed! I love that format.....
  5. theres none...the two that were down by duke got flooded and not re opened and boiling springs resort is under new owners and not any action there right now....thats all we have
  6. likinmo


    They have definitely bought into Craig Beurubes coaching style I think! And having a goalie right now with a 1.69 GAA doesnt hurt either! That Ryan Oreily deserves alot of credit as well hes a heck of a hockey player . He wins ALOT of faceoffs for the blues!
  7. conservation lake at indian trails is loaded with chain pickerel
  8. Daniel Boone forest has timber rattlers but how many and where they are in there I dont know and dont really want to know
  9. Hey this picking my guys from a hat has been working ..since i started doing that two tourneys ago Im climbing up the ladder and in a respectable 21st place over all!! LMAO!!!
  10. At this point does it really matter! I mean whoever i pick wont make the top 50 anyways....One week i picked the AOY leader and he finished like way down in the bottom! LOL!! From now on im just picking guys from a hat and going with that! I couldnt do any worse!! LMAO! But Im just in it for the Beer!
  11. Ive been down there all season its not to bad and the people are friendly!!
  12. Wade on down here in the deep end the waters fine lol!!
  13. I knew KVD would suck this tourney......cause I picked him!!! Im a Rally killer for sure!..I couldnt pick a winner if there was only one horse in the race! And dont even look at the pundits picks they suck too ! LOL!
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