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  1. BIG Creek area question

    Thanks.....I heard its slow about everywhere......scattered fish ......
  2. BIG Creek area question

    Has anyone been fishing in the big creek area up the white river arm. Is it worth a run up there from Kimberling right now? Thanks G
  3. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    It was fun and I hope we keep doing it!
  4. Lake View?

    I want one!!
  5. Anyone fished it lately..?

    Had a buddy go down to the rockaway area this last saturday. He said it was tuff... I guess the water being dropped didnt help the bass fishing. He said from daylight till 9am was good but after that it was really slow. He caught most of his fish on a green pumpkin colored jig. Just wondering if its picked up any or maybe he just didnt hit the right area? Thanks G
  6. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    Id like to go back to the "Everyone gets a trophy " rule......LMAO!!
  7. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    Im at 50-84-51-67-104...I never thought I would say this but I think I fish better than I can pick someone to fish for me! GEEZ!
  8. Rod question.

    I do like falcon rods !! but my favorite for a crank bait is my skeet reese...go figure...Im one that has a hodge podge of rod and reels...Im trying to ween myself off of just buying this one or that one and trying to start sticking with just lews reels and falcons....for the money you just cant find a better product in my mind!
  9. Rod question.

    Ive got both the tatulas and lews and for me its more about how the reel feels in my hand for comfort of fishing all day and smoothness.but ive got small hands(keep the jokes to yourself lol)....I will go with LEWS everytime

    What sux is anyone of those things not done could result in a fine...or at the very least harassment from your local GW.....To me thats alittle overkill on the labeling but thats just me.

    Did you know that if you have fish in your possession that you have caught...each person has to put their conservation number on the bag and what kind of fish and how many and the date of said catch...I did not know you had to put you conservation number on the bag....until i over heard a guy at my local cafe telling me he got a ticket for crappie that he didnt have his conservation number on...he had them labelled but not all the way labelled.......????
  12. What a Week I had ...New PB pics

    That stinks!
  13. What a Week I had ...New PB pics

    And all fish were released to fight again.
  14. What a Week I had ...New PB pics

    Heres a couple more I caught that were worthy of a photo LOL!

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