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    Anybody ?

    Hey Dutch, Good for you.. Deer season ended for me yesterday and today I prepare for bass fishing "2020". Agreed. I dropped spoons on them for years. Damiki...Check out the "Ledgehead". Below 30' it maintains a level suspended baitfish presentation and not following the rod tip at 45 degree "up" non real fishy fishy angle I actually have an under spin tied on year round. Yo Yo retrieve simply gets the attention of the SM as it drops on the face of bluffs on Stockton. I am off to south Florida soon in my Chinook RV towing the kayak. Trap guns, golf clubs and recumbent tricycle are my co-pilots. I intend to catch my PB in Florida this year and then off to Bass University in South Carolina last week of January, the Bass Master Classic first week of March before returning home to hug spousal unit and spring honey dos. Then quickly deploying for my annual extended stay at Stockton State Park late March to June-ish.. I do zip home to Fort Scott Lake every weekend for quality time with family, church and bass fishin'.. Not like I abandon them. LOL Now if the market drops I may be beggin' for gas money! Heck..Best of luck next week. ff
  2. freefallin

    Anybody ?

    Happy New Year folks, While I am still on the water pretty much every week but now down to a day or two max. Most days do not venture out till 10ish and back on the lift by 3 PM. Fishing productivity and pressure has fallen off dramatically. Quick observance from my notes I most often get bit between 12 and 3 PM. Maybe 3-5 small LM/SM bites are the norm now that temps are in low 40s. When you locate the Kentucky's you can catch several in the 12/13 inch range. Have not located any larger fish since early December with maybe only a keeper or two each week. And occasionally the skunk never leaves the boat. This week probably caught more drum and walleye than bass. Wind has been tough, tough, tough.. Now I really love cranking a windy main lake point, but no way in this weather we have had recently. December had a pretty good (+1 or +2) jerk bait pattern going. Not happening for me now. Fishing bluffs and points (big and little) dam area 45' to 55', water temps 41 to 44 with a 3/8 or 1/2 ounce blade bait or 1/2 or 3/4 ounce hair jig down to about 30' to 35'. I am seeing bait and fish at 30' to 40' depths on electronics. For me the gold blade has out-fished the silver blade bait and the black with red (Punisher) hair jig are most productive. Using 8# as it gets the bait down quickly when "free falling" bluffs. No real pun intended just how I fish. Have to take it easy on the coffee with most bites coming when the lure is sitting nearly still. All the best and a safe, happy and healthy 2020.. ff
  3. "Top" you were probably better off without a rod in hand at least at Stockton. Fished Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and numbers were well down from previous weeks. Tough as a boot really. Only saw two or three boats all week. Four to six bites all day with no keepers Tuesday and Wednesday with Thursday finally giving up a couple of keepers but numbers were significantly way down. I covered a lot of water in 3 days trying to find them but failed miserably. Fished Main lake and Little Sac as the wind was whipping a pretty rough chop most of the time and the trolling batteries down pretty low all days.. But there is always next week......
  4. Just happened to see this. I have had an unusually high numbers at least for me (complete pure novice) fall success rate. Been fishing Stockton for 49 years now and love it more every trip. I fish out of State Park 2-4 days a week both Big and Little Sacs. Kind of got in a rut the last few years fishing the same locations over and over while catching higher numbers on Big and more keepers on Little. This year has been extremely good for secondary and main lake points as even during high water it gave the fish "like" structure to relate to just deeper..A few weeks ago they were in the creeks on timber(spinner baits, lipless and wobble headed jigs) but now have moved back to main lake and structure. (Jerk baits, drop shots and NED. I force myself to spend half my days off shore and after a few faltering steps have gained confidence and more often than not my best fish of the day. I am not getting on the water till 9ish most mornings, by noon move offshore and definitely off the water before evening. FWIW Kind of sleeper baits the last few weeks has been a blade bait (silver with gold) and underspin (white with white or silver trailer) fish primarily offshore. Easy to control when jigging for suspended fish or casting through brush piles. I remove the trebles for single hook and use 8 pound flouro to reach depth quicker especially on the bluffs. Catching more LM and SM on points and bluffs and 5 to 1 Kentucky's offshore. Fishing has slowed a lot the last three weeks for sure. You never know what you will catch with a blade bait as it catches drum, bass, crappie, walleye catfish etc. Quick side note. When I was at the Bass Masters Classic in Knoxville this year they were giving away baits at every booth. Because I had half a dozen free packages of the 4" Bio Spawn Plasma tails I have been throwing them all year on a NED head, Carolina and and drop shot. On Stockton I would rate the 4" black with blue tail plasma tail an = to the wiggle wart or tandem spinnerbait with red colorado blade. Hope this helps and best of luck and a big bag! FF
  5. Spent the last 8 days camped at State Park and fished 6-8 hours each day with the exception of Sunday. Caught a limit each day on a variety of baits. Carolina rig, lipless, shakey head with 4" black blue worm), bone colored spook, spinner bait, jig and creature with the most robust bite by far was on a spinner bait (War Eagle willow with red colorado in white or chartreuse skirt). Mostly tributaries , channel swings with boat in 20' FOW and fish 5' to 7' Never left Maze on 3 separate outings and have to say that will be the first place I hit wen I return tomorrow. Fish have definitely moved towards the bank as offshore offering only produced with limited success.I actually did not catch any big fish but numbers were consistent and respectable. Overall the lake is fishing about as good as it gets (at least for this novice) and what a great time to get on the water..
  6. FWIW Personally I do not think you will see much change as they are following food. Fish are pretty shallow and the food is mostly going shallower. So just follow the food. All the best.
  7. "I wonder if the bigger fish are suspended." Dutch in an effort to get away from 8" bank fish the last couple of days I have located several schools of LM only in 12' to 18' FOW suspended on wood "in" channel swings away from the bank in Maze and south Little Sac. Sometimes you fish quite awhile before you catch a few back to back. You could probably replicate and get the same bite over on the Big. I was catching quite a few brown fish on spinnerbait in 3 foot of water over in Hawker Point and RB yesterday but no chunks. Had a pretty good couple days throwing 1 oz lipless and catching suspended fish banging it off the trees maybe 8' to 12' or deep or so over 15' to 20' FOW. SO I agree little and brown fish are scattered, shallow and very catchable right now with LM keepers coming slightly deeper away from the banks. Interesting change from my SM only catches all summer!
  8. Lake fished a bit tougher today and had to put the shakey head down as it was too attractive to 6" LM. Size and numbers today were diminished from yesterday but the fish were co-operating until my trolling motor cable broke which caused the weather to turn nice while I headed off to buy a part. Probably caught 5 to 1 6" bass for every decent LM or SM. Fish are on wood and rock with wind and shallow.
  9. Rather Than start a new thread a quick report. The fish I caught today are the shallowest fish I have caught in 2019. Got bit on every spot I stopped at with good numbers and size. I might mention I had two fish I was boat flipping (with my net at my feet) that I lost at the boat both over four pounds and one a stud that took some wind out of my sails. Smallies and largeies are chunks right now. I probably caught 30 plus with quite a few solid keeps. My phone died about lunch and I forgot charger but the two goodin’s never made it to the photo-op. Drop shot (shad 4’ worm) Spinnerbait (gold willow and chartreuse) Shakey head ( morning dawn 5’”) NED (pbj) Zara Spook (bone)
  10. Nice job Steve and Gary. I have been having the best success since she came down to more normal level recently finding schooling fish well off secondary points heading into major creeks. Big and Little arm. About 90% of my fish are suspended and I snag them with a shakey head adorned with a 4" Robo worm. I am a NED fanboy normally but right now swimming the shakey through these schools is my confidence go to bait with jerk bait a distant second. Again nice catching!!!!
  11. Update 8-01-19 Put in State Park. long ride way south on Big Sac. Fished hard in rain, clouds and high noon sun. No wind all day nary even a breeze. Approximately 11 and 1/2 hours between drop boat in water and raise boat out of water. Even wore the grandsons out. 44 total bass mostly SMB. 11 solid keeps with 2 LMB keeps 9 SMB keeps.. The "majority" of our catch was 11"-12" SMB. The 15" SMB were fat and dark while the smaller more long than very big around. Every fish we caught was very healthy with great color. I spot, 7 LMB dinks for most of the day before we connected with a couple good schools. One fish 12' water(spinnerbait) off bank 43 fish between 25' and 49' water. Offshore. Most keepers 25'-29'. 1/2 oz drop shot 4' Roboworm silver shad. 3/4 oz wobble head football jig and creature craw PBJ 1 oz silver spoon. Had to fight two 14 year olds from angling back to shallow points. All day. Could have probably caught fifty but the fish were in transition all day. We never stopped moving all day. Coming in tonight mile long bridge piers gave up two keeps. East side channel swing. Lot of bait balls on structure and merely suspended with nothing looking up at them. Best spots were isolated humps that held white bass and bridge piers. Tight lines. Must have marked 30 to 50 waypoints today.
  12. Well I have not seen my boat in nearly three months over at State Park. The rent for the slip and lift came due and I decided to not give up on Stockton while fishing Cape Fair and paid it for another year. Told the grandsons when it dropped 10' we would give her a go. Hopefully all of my batteries are not gone due to lack of trickle. Spent the last 7 weeks in the RV in northern CO fishing amazingly fertile deep sandpits. These were 5 different lakes leased by a friend this being his 25th year. The largest of which was deep and barren of any shore debris be it chunk rock, laydown we are talking shaped like cereal bowl. We would fish from 5AM to 1PM daily and in the afternoon shoot trap, wobble or sporting clays and at least a day a week we would hit the pistol range or rifle distance range. In almost 8 weeks we may have caught 5 fish that were shallower than 15-19 FOW. We decided to use our electronics idle around. What did we find out there offshore...... a road with drainage ditches on either side, three humps made from the mining rock debris an a couple pieces of ming equipment. My friend had named the humps hogback 1 2 and 3 years ago. There were several concrete slabs near the deepest center area that were in 33 FOW that raised up about 3'. The were nicknamed "the factory" and where I caught my largest keeper (5 pounds 12 oz.) All bass held on schooled fish at aprox 25 FOW depending on time of day. Bait balls everywhere due to CO wildlife resource introducing shad about 10 ago as forage and this lake iss strictly a trophy lake catch and release. Interesting mention there was a plaque showing 100 shad being reintroduced into the 70 acre lake by the ramp and now there are millions. We would leave early if each had caught his fifth solid keeper. Fish were in the 2-6 pound range. Primary baits: carolina with 5" Roboworm (grey/silver) !/2 oz football jig with various creatures in a shad pattern (Nothing heavier than 12 pound flouro) Hoping to get down Wednesday with a left over 100 flexible solar panel and a left over 20 amp MPPT charge controller and rig up a way to float the batteries. And Friday early AM load up the boys and see what's out there that's fishable in 30 to 50 foot. Not sure what I actually know about offshore but now I have at least caught some fish offshore and with good success. Additionally over the last few years been finding myself much further off points and ledges after hearing a tew of the boys catching them deep. Can not wait!!! Tight lines.
  13. 😎 I slept since then but I think MO Conservation might have a statute about filling boats at marinas by hand. But what do i know?
  14. Saw this thread thought I would quickly comment! Fishing is tough, tough tough. Holy cow! There is so much new water and cover that the fish have spread out into acres and acres of new areas to fish. What I have found out is there is just to much new brush under water etc. to cover and my best success is definitely not this newly created shoreline cover. By sticking to rocky points, bluffs sans new covered foliage, bridge piers a few boat docks and a couple of offshore hog backs a guy can catch a few. Many of the original channel swings you used to fish are behind you if you try to fish the new banks. I spent a lot of time covering brush only to realize that when there is so much new shore I am better off offshore fishing the old bank for fish that have been less affected by the rising waters. Tight lines.
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