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  1. Nice one! I can’t believe it only took you 10 mins to bring it in, especially with all the trees in that place
  2. I fished from 9:15 till 4:15 Saturday and it was brutal. I had 2 bass, 1 that was maybe a keeper and a keeper crappie, buddy had 2 or 3 small bass and 2 small crappie all on bass lures. My buddy was up there for a day the weekend before and had a decent amount of keepers. We fished his best area from the previous weekend very thoroughly(couple hours), and only 2 bites no fish, and he easily had a limit with 2 nice ones last weekend. So our thoughts were: water falling, full moon, big storm early in the AM, we suck, all contributed to the bite change(not ranked in order of importance aside from
  3. 12lb on Sunday? That was a really tough day, just getting a keeper is a big accomplishment in my book. Did your nephew get to weigh in something and get that experience?
  4. Wrench, is that pic from this year? I thought the lipless bite didn't start till temps were at least over 45. How far off am I?
  5. Wow, those are some good weights. I would always be happy with 18 pounds, good job! Let's us know when the other night tournaments are, sounds fun, even if u have to be a machine to cash a check, doesn't mean you can give it a try and have some fun!
  6. How was the turn out for the night tourney? Also, how often do you run a night tourney? I would think the weights would've been big. Can you provide any report?
  7. Wow I didn't know it is as common for some folks to catch trout from the lake. But it does make a lot of sense what has been said about the rivers and streams flooding and pushing them into the lake. It's funny to me all the different baits that have been mentioned too.
  8. I've asked around and no one I've talked to has ever caught a trout out of TR. I did on Saturday around noon, around kimberling area, on a 3/8oz, double willow spinnerbait. I was shocked! Anyone else ever catch one out of the lake?
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