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  1. CarpSlayer

    Trolling for walleye?

    Do i need to use snap weights for trolling for walleye. What's the best to use crankbaits or bottom bouncers. Taking my daughter down this weekend and looking to keep her entertained with catching fish. Thanks
  2. CarpSlayer

    Striper Fishing

    How deep are they running this time of year
  3. CarpSlayer

    Striper Fishing

    Going striper fishing for the forst timetomorrow night around the darn. Any tips would be appreciated. Like what to throw
  4. I'm looking to buy a lowrance transducer 83/200 broken or not. 417-988-7689 or where I might find one for less than $100
  5. Im Looking to buy lowrance transducers 83/200 broken or not. 417-988-7689 if you have one laying around lemme know thanks
  6. CarpSlayer

    Beaver Sat

    We fished down there and did pretty good Saturday. Started about 8am til 130. Couldn't keep the bass off of our hook either
  7. CarpSlayer

    Found a Few Crappie.

    Decided to go to bullshoals today and glad we did.
  8. CarpSlayer

    Found a Few Crappie.

    You shouldn't have took a pic showing the back ground. I'll have to try that spot tomorrow.lol
  9. Went down Saturday fishing for whites and crappie. Caught 11 crappie 4 whites. They were far and few between. Fought around the snaggers. Anyone else having any luck?
  10. CarpSlayer

    Beaver creek was hot this afternoon

    What was the secret lure
  11. Went to beaver today and caught crappie walleye and whites. Had a boat full of fish. Had a blast will be back tomorrow
  12. CarpSlayer

    Bridge port area

    Yea a couple of guys had a cooler full
  13. CarpSlayer

    Bridge port area

    Went out today from about 10 to 2. Fished points transition banks chunk rock 52° water clarity was a lil chocolate not bad as I figured it would be though. Threw a dark spinnerbait, red wiggle wart,bandit 200, swimming minnow, and jig. Caught short fish on the wiggle wart and bandit and had a couple of hits on the jig. Couple of boats were have luck catching slabs though.
  14. CarpSlayer


    I went today and there wasn't much of a bite tried A rig and crappie fishing. Wind was bad and lots of trash in the water. Put in at kick. Last year today we caught 2 limits of crappie.😭
  15. CarpSlayer

    How's the water clarity

    And what is walleye biting on this time of year

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