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  1. Do you still have it
  2. Hit the brush piles and you will be successful
  3. I'm hearing one day their hot and the next their not. I hear their 10 to 20ft away from the brush piles
  4. Got out at noon figured it might not be as busy, wow I was wrong. All the ramps were full. Wt was 60° Fished gravel/chunk rock areas. Fish were anywhere from 1ft to 12 ft of water. Caught some nice ones throwing a Rc. Probably 40 fish caught with about 12 keepers a mix between Lm and spots. Even had a surprise catch with this nice flathead on a Rc. I think I almost caught one of every species today. Lol .But Rc,jerk bait and 3.8 keitech all worked well today. Had a fun trip with the daughter.
  5. Baitcasting Medium or medium Heavy. Around 7'
  6. Looking to buy some good bass fishing rods
  7. How long do you run the leader
  8. I've only used mono on my spinning reels but I'm looking into going to the fluorocarbon. Or does braid work better with a fluro leader? Thanks
  9. Looking to buy lowrance 200hz transducer. Used
  10. What's the best jigs to use on table rock. Do you guys buy custom or off the shelf?
  11. Awesome thanks for the info much appreciated. I can use all the help I can get.
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