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  1. Weighted culling tags

    Do these work for bloated fish. I understand thT they keep the fish upright. Will the fish loose the air and swim on its own.
  2. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    I caught mine in 12' out from a dock. 1/4 oz shakey head. About 7:00am. I couldn't get the top water bite to work for me.
  3. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Had this big boy this morning. First time I've been out in 2 weeks they are starting to move. 5.2 lbs
  4. Ozark

    Even the pregnant stripper
  5. Anybody going to fish today

    That's better than anything I've had since early June. Good job
  6. I thought about taking off just to see what the fishing does during the eclipse. If anybody goes out give us a report. I'll be looking through my welding hood as it passes by.
  7. Trolling motor problems...

    If you travel through Wentzville. Tristate Trolling Motor is pretty good to work with normally have you done in less than a week. I don't know of any at the lake.
  8. Still slow?

    We really grinder out every morning this past weekend. With very few keepers. Went all the way to back of Gravios and main lake points and under docks. Water temps in the high 80s. Feels like bath water. Thermocline where we were swimming in buck creek was about 12 feet.
  9. Ozark

    I liked it. Last episode will. BLow you away. They still haven't renewed for season 2 yet. I guess they are waiting to see what the ratings are.
  10. Ozark

    Anybody else watch this? They had a few shots from the strip. And from the air. But other than that nothing looked the same. The Blue Cat Lodge which is supposed to look like Alhonna has nothing in common. They were pumping gas in the middle of the day on July 4th weekend. Water just as calm. Every shot of the lake there were no docks to be seen. They did make the gentlemans quarters look better though. Lol
  11. Gravois Arm this week

    I wish those small jaws would come out on the main lake. Breed up and make us some mean mouths. What a fight.
  12. Gravois Arm this week

    If your there around four seasons. Run point to point. Try around the water fall house both sides of his dock. Just drag something on the bottom.
  13. Niangua

    Thanks guys. We are going to give it a shot. I'll be in a red and white z8. Probably idle a lot.
  14. Niangua

    Going to venture out Friday I'm want to go put in at Ha Ha Tonka. How much more can I run up the niangua from there? Safely. Or do I need to idle from there?
  15. Shriners tourney

    That's a lot of boats for alhonna. I'll probably fish it. Any event I've been involved with the Shriners has always been fun.

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