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  1. The bite was way off this weekend. Took 14 to win DuPo and 17 to win USA bassin Sunday. We had 4 keepers Saturday lost 2 at the boat that were just holing the end of the worm. Even the blue gill and war mouth weren’t hitting the shakey head at the bank.
  2. It's been dried. I really need a drywall company. I could do the rest if I have too.
  3. Anyone know a good contractor for restoration work I need drywall and trim work. I got flooded the guy above me.
  4. You would have been like Paul Gleason in Trading Places. If that gorilla would have caught you.
  5. The problem with LOZ versus Kentucky Lake or Rayburn is the big tournaments only go out of one ramp. Pb2. Kentucky and Barkley have several tournament ramps. if they don't have a release boat all the fish get dumped in one cove in a creek.
  6. Try ETrailer in Wentzville I don't know if they repair but they can put you on someone who does
  7. It's going to be a good weekend to catch some release fish in workman this weekend. Hope I don't work again.
  8. I did I worked. I make more welding pipe than fishing.
  9. Do these work for bloated fish. I understand thT they keep the fish upright. Will the fish loose the air and swim on its own.
  10. I caught mine in 12' out from a dock. 1/4 oz shakey head. About 7:00am. I couldn't get the top water bite to work for me.
  11. Had this big boy this morning. First time I've been out in 2 weeks they are starting to move. 5.2 lbs
  12. Even the pregnant stripper
  13. That's better than anything I've had since early June. Good job
  14. I thought about taking off just to see what the fishing does during the eclipse. If anybody goes out give us a report. I'll be looking through my welding hood as it passes by.
  15. If you travel through Wentzville. Tristate Trolling Motor is pretty good to work with normally have you done in less than a week. I don't know of any at the lake.
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