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  1. Champ, How do you attach that top hook on your spoons? Also wonder how many you catch on that hook? Carl
  2. I am guessing it is the 1 oz spin jig?
  3. Bo, how much do you fish versus scanning? Also can you show a picture even from your website on the Big Wobbler? Carl
  4. Carl W


    Thanks Bo. I appreciate it. Carl
  5. Good report. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Carl W


    Bo, I am planning on fishing Friday night for a few hours after dark. Likely to put in around 6 or 6:30 and fish till midnight out of Eagle Rock. Do you find most of your fish in coves or main lake? Also if it is coves they big ones or would a small pocket also be something you would scan over looking for bait fish? One more question, do you only look for bait fish or do you also look for bass on your sonar? Not sure if that last question makes sense but just wondering if you have to see both or is Bait fish good enough? Thanks for your posts, I slowly very slowly learn to fish deep. Carl
  7. Sorry to hear about this Sharkbait. I am glad you are ok. Thanks for sharing as it’s a reminder for both sides.
  8. That’s sad that someone can’t be mature enough to realize that part of what made America great is that we are all different and we should all be allowed to have our own opinions. What a jerk. BTW, I agree with you about the Unions. All that said, you are right politics just can’t be discussed especially in today’s environment. It’s too emotional with people.
  9. Thanks Bill I fished with it on Friday morning with my Father in Law and I caught a couple of fish on it. I fished it like you described but I have not changed the hooks yet so if I got to going too fast it would of course dive down a few inches so I had to be careful with it. I will have to experiment with it some more. Thanks so much for the info. Carl
  10. I just ordered two Red Fins they should come in today. Can someone (Bill maybe) give me some advice on how to work them? Steady reel? Or work like a spook? Just point me in the right direction perhaps. Thanks for all you guys share. It sure helps a guy who is learning. Carl
  11. Thanks RPS for all your posts. You will be missed. God bless you sir!
  12. Carl W


    Congrats on the Nu Tech!
  13. Carl W

    Small Derby

    We go back in October so maybe it will be better then. Always the optimist.
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