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  1. Hey Lance quick question for you. How do you take pictures like this or someone taking them for you? I know in the past you have taken so really good pictures and it seems you out alone on the water. Just curious.
  2. Carl W


    Thanks! I might go up on Thursday or try Beaver not sure which.
  3. Carl W


    Does anyone know if Big M is open?
  4. Carl W

    Striper guide

    Look up Xieng Chanthavong on Facebook. He guides for Stripers most everyday you can see his pics etc. He is very good.
  5. Carl W

    Spawning Coves

    Thanks. That makes sense. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Carl W

    Spawning Coves

    What about down the River toward the arms? Where do bass spawn there?
  7. Happy Thanksgiving All! Thankful for all that has been shared on here. It helps me to enjoy and love this sport we all love!
  8. Champ, How do you attach that top hook on your spoons? Also wonder how many you catch on that hook? Carl
  9. I am guessing it is the 1 oz spin jig?
  10. Bo, how much do you fish versus scanning? Also can you show a picture even from your website on the Big Wobbler? Carl
  11. Carl W


    Thanks Bo. I appreciate it. Carl
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