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  1. Carl W

    and, here comes the wind again

    Did you catch them all from one spot Bo?
  2. Carl W

    Hickory Creek Marina destroyed.

  3. Carl W

    fish on the move

    I do not look enough for sure but I have very little confidence that even if I found them especially that deep, that I could catch them. Great job Bo! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Carl W

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    Very Nice Sore Thumbs!
  5. Carl W

    Eagle Rock 10-7-18

    Awesome! Nice fish. I bet that was fun!
  6. Carl W

    double trivecta

    Good post Bo. Thanks for sharing and the advice.
  7. Carl W

    The Hard Way on the Upper End

    I had a buddy that caught a snake and a turtle in the same trip. The snake was interesting because I was like don’t bring that thing in the boat. Haha.
  8. Carl W

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 8-6-18

    Thanks for sharing Bill. I am like Quill. It will be September before I hear back up but it’s nice to live vicariously thru your posts and RPS’s.
  9. Good stuff RPS, thanks for sharing. It gives a guy hope that a one day I can figure them out with time.
  10. Carl W

    linda is" whuppin" me!

    Bo, what is the Big Wobbler?
  11. Carl W

    Indian Creek, August 3

    Those are great stories Quill. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Carl W

    Indian Point Area - 7/21/18

    For sure, it’s one of the saddest things to happen on our beautiful lake system. It’s to not think about right now.
  13. Carl W

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    I struggle this time of the year and I am taking a nephew fishing on August 6th so I have to get out there and figure them out real quick. I normally do not fish Tablerock that much this time of the year because of the heat and rec boats. It’s about an hour drive for me. But since I am taking my nephew from Colorado fishing on August 6th I would rather figure that out than take my chances on Beaver. Beaver is hard for me at least for quantity of fish which is what I will be aiming for that day. Anyways Thanks for the information and reports they always help me.
  14. Carl W

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    Yes Bill that does help. Thanks.

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