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  1. Bill, You mention the sticker frequently and I always assume it’s a jig. Assuming I am right my question is it sounds like you only fish it when there is some wind. Is that correct?
  2. I just called and they charge $29 per night. Does that sound about right?
  3. My family and I will be coming to Branson for a week in late April. We will be staying at a condo at Emerald Point but, they do not have the ability to charge the boats at least I do not think they do, so I am looking for how you guys would keep your boat charged and stored securely. We will likely fish about half the time maybe a little more while we do other things about half the time so securing my boat is important. So, what do you recommend on how to charge and safety secure the boat. I have never done this before so I am just wondering what is the best route. Thanks.
  4. Was the water clarity better in the first section?
  5. I was on beaver today but could not buy a jerk bait bite. How long would you pause? I was doing between 6 - 10 seconds.
  6. Dumb question for you Bo but I will ask anyways? Haha. Those were jig fish?
  7. I have it marked on my calendar. Hopefully I will be able to make it.
  8. Thanks for sharing. I guess the fish needed cleaner water to eat maybe.
  9. I usually fish from Hickory toward War Eagle and do ok. Maybe 10 pounds ish but I am with you. I can never even think about 20 pounds. I went out Sunday and that water looked too dirty to me so I went and fished from 12 bridge back down and I could only buy one fish. I was fishing the jerk bait too much and I knew it. I am sure the jig would have caught me some but I was focused to much on the jerk bait.
  10. What section is that in? I cannot find that article?
  11. What was the water clarity like?
  12. Great job Dad! The big flat right by Hickory Creek often has a lot of top water action but they can surface almost anyplace so it’s hit or miss.
  13. I believe Matt the Thermocline is around 27 feet at least in the upper part of the lake. Beaver is a tough lake at least to me and I struggle to catch fish off shore but your comments are very text book to me so I look forward to your reports this week. I fish mostly in the upper section and have been catching them shallow (less than10) until about a week or so and that seems to have dried up or certainly slowed. I fished off shore Saturday morning but also spent time throwing at top water fish and top water kept me more busy but I was able to pick up two fish off shore in a few hours. I a
  14. Hey Lance quick question for you. How do you take pictures like this or someone taking them for you? I know in the past you have taken so really good pictures and it seems you out alone on the water. Just curious.
  15. Carl W


    Thanks! I might go up on Thursday or try Beaver not sure which.
  16. Carl W


    Does anyone know if Big M is open?
  17. Look up Xieng Chanthavong on Facebook. He guides for Stripers most everyday you can see his pics etc. He is very good.
  18. Thanks. That makes sense. Thanks for sharing.
  19. What about down the River toward the arms? Where do bass spawn there?
  20. Happy Thanksgiving All! Thankful for all that has been shared on here. It helps me to enjoy and love this sport we all love!
  21. Champ, How do you attach that top hook on your spoons? Also wonder how many you catch on that hook? Carl
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