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  1. Dementia can be tough. Nursing someone with dementia can be a lot tougher. Dementia can create disorientation and confusion. Apart from this wandering is the most common side effects of dementia. Here are a couple of home security tips to help people with dementia ( http://protectionplus.ca/blog/home-security-to-help-people-with-dementia/ ): 1) Door Chime: Door chimes are magnetic and make a sound when the door is opened. The sound will remind them that the door is open. Some security systems would even send you a text message when the door chime goes off at certain times. 2) Nightlights: These high-tech systems will help keep wanderers safe. Putting in assistive lighting is a great way to reduce the risk of injury if they go wandering. You could also opt for motion sensitive lighting that turns on when someone enters the room. 3) Locks: Have the locks moved to a higher or lower position on the door. This will help in preventing them from wandering around at night. Before you install any new security system in the home of anyone with dementia always explain to them how it would be beneficial for them.
  2. LOL, well I don't watch movies that often, but here are some of my favorites: Casablanca Good Will Hunting Saving Private Ryan Breakfast at Tiffany's It's a wonderful Life.
  3. Hey guys, I just bought a cctv ( http://cspalarms.ca/cctvsecuritycameras/ ) and installed it right over the front entry door. The problem is whenever I see the video recording I can see white lines all over the screen. The images are blurry and I am not able to identify anything properly on the screen. I have just got these installed and I have spent quite a bit of money on them. What do I do fix this problem? If anybody has ever had this problem before, it would be great if you could share some insight on this.
  4. Elroy

    Skunk Removal

    I used to have a lot of skunks in my backyard. I finally had to call in a1 checkmate http://removethewild.com/ to remove them from my backyard. They are burrowing animals and tend to dig your grass and make a mess. There are some easy ways to get rid of skunk. Skunks hate light. Adding a lot of light to your backyard can keep them away. Decks and under the houses are some of the most common places where you can find skunk nests. Make sure that you don’t leave any of the open places opened for long and seal them as soon as you can. Solid metal flash wire and a quarter inch screening are some of the effective ways to seal the holes. Keep your yard clean all the time. Get rid of pet food and garbage bags as they tend to attract not only skunks but other wildlifes as well. Placing motion activated sprinklers is also a good idea to get rid of skunks.
  5. Elroy

    Our Trip West

    Great pics ness.
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