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    June 28

    Brazilian drum are extremely rare at Stockton!
  2. I'm also in st louis. I've learned that if I wanna fish a few times a week I had to figure out the ponds and creeks around here. I have an 18ft deep v that I use for stockton and table rock, but that's only a few times a year. I still like to fish at least 2 or 3 times a week, so I do a lot of bank fishing, creek wading, and floating. That's your best bet around here.
  3. Did you get a length on that crappie? That's a real slab.
  4. You were doing the right thing. They will be on the gravel run outs soon, but it may need to get hotter. They are all spread out right now still. Once they all finish their spawn they'll move out to where you were in bigger numbers. Do you use a split shot rig with a cricket or chunk of worm? In my experience bugs work better than worms.
  5. I was just looking at the sweet cheeks. That looks awesome!
  6. Yeah I'm pretty uncoordinated and I found it very easy to maneuver. I was even comfortable enough to try standing up and it was pretty easy. Fishing out of it is a breeze. I had all my rods played out nicely in front of me, tackle and tools were easily accessible without any crazy contortions. It was fairly light as well. I was easily able to load and unload off the top of my outback. I'm really glad I bought it!
  7. Its not the best. If you tighten the straps across the middle of the back as tight as you can get them it helps tremendously. I will probably end up adding some padding for a multi day float. Cool boat though. Hopefully they will make an upgrade for the seat.
  8. Floated 8 to leadwood yesterday. River was not too high but it was really flying. Typically that's an 8 or 10 hour float for me...this time was less than 5. I was not able to fish effectively and only caught 4 small bass 2 on a keitech and 2 on a worm. Man that was humbling.
  9. From now till fall what works best for me is split shot rigs/live crawlers and jigging spoons. Trolling crankbaits is also effective. Main lake gravel points. I generally start at 20 or 25 feet and idle around until I see fish on the graph. Sometimes you'll see them suspended over 100+ fow. You'll catch bass, bluegill, white bass and catfish. Occasionally a walleye too. If you see squiggly lines just off the bottom those are blue gills and you'll wanna pinch your crawler in half.
  10. I'm surprised Bps doesn't have anything you like in one of their store brands. It's about all they carry, but they do have a great selection of their stuff. You almost need to go online for specific brands/models unless you get lucky. Also....a sub 6ft light power casting rod is a really uncommon rod....I've run into similar issues looking for specific sizes/actions and tapers. Most stores carry a million 7ft med and med heavy rods but pickings are slim for specific stuff. 🤬
  11. https://wjla.com/news/offbeat/wisconsin-fisherman-catches-giant-goldfish
  12. Yikes...I just sold my 1998 mariner 40hp for 600 bucks. Ran like a champ...now I'm thinking I could have got more lol.
  13. I bring up crankbaits because, a few years back you mentioned you catch them on shad raps. Since that time, I have caught a few walleyes down below valley park. I caught 1 on a jerkbait, and the other 4 have all been tossing a flicker shad. Most often I use a jig worm, jerkbait, or a keitech on a jig head, but oddly enough have not caught walleye on them (save the jerkbait fish), but they seem to eat a flicker shad ok. Mine have all been less than 20 inches long, but i saw a guy fishing minnows under a bobber once, and in his bucket he had 5 or 6 small sunfish, and 1 walleye that was at least 25 inches, probably bigger. Biggest eye ive ever seen in real life, looked to me like 8 or 10 lbs. There are some giants swimming around there.
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