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  1. "We will visit" Lol, what a weird and ominous post!! Do you also offer kids candy out of your windowless van?
  2. 25+ years of working with them does not equal that 1 mayor that 1 time that you claim was a retired engineer. Anyhow, carry on with your ignorant rants. 🤣
  3. This. I'd probably drop a spoon or worm on that if was already on something, but I wouldn't shut down the big motor until I saw 10x that much stuff.
  4. Step 1. Call the corps and ask them to lower the lake to your desired level. Step 2. In the event step 1 fails, adjust your fishing technique until you learn what will work under the "new" conditions.
  5. From MDC. As the fisheries mgmt. biologist responsible for managing the Horseshoe Lake fishery in Carondelet Park, your note was forwarded to me. A variety of circumstances came together to create the events at Horseshoe Lake this past summer. The fishkills (actually 2 separate events) were due to low-oxygen conditions. The first event happened after nuisance filamentous algae was treated in June. To enhance success, City water inputs were suspended and the treatment was very effective. But without City water inputs, plant decomposition rapidly removed oxygen from the water, killing fish. Blocked and collapsed outlet structures would then not allow lake water to drain. So, the nutrient-flushing flows from City water inputs needed to be suspended. This water also contains chloramines which can inhibit nuisance plant growth. Without flushing flows or chloramines, nutrients were further concentrated and became available for nuisance plant growth. Duckweed and water meal rapidly filled that role to cover ~95% of the lake’s surface, shading out beneficial plants which produce oxygen for fish. Oxygen was again quickly depleted resulting in the second, more serious fishkill. During these events, STL City crews replaced lake outlet structures and installed a second City water input to allow resumption of City water flows and enhance flushing of the entire lake. These improvements immediately helped the situation and should provide flows needed for the future. In October, MDC restocked with redear sunfish. We also stocked grass carp to help control nuisance plant growth. We plan to stock bluegills in spring 2020 and resurvey the lake to determine if any bass stocking is needed. If needed, we would restock with bass later in spring 2020. Regular catfish and hybrid sunfish stockings will resume in April 2020. For long-term health of the lake (and other City park lakes), MDC and City of St. Louis are currently negotiating a plan to improve lake conditions. In Horseshoe Lake’s case, MDC recently surveyed lake depths and determined portions of the lake should be deepened and nutrient-rich soil removed. Additionally, the existing fountain aerator is inadequate suggesting a larger, diffuser system is needed. These improvements will take some time to fund and implement, but would leave Horseshoe Lake with much improved fish habitat and more sustainable fishery.
  6. Dang, those are so big they're almost gross. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to eat a trout, much less a giant mutant one. As of last week they had not put any in at forest park. Ill probably head up today at lunch with a jerkbait and a plopper looking for a bass. Hopefully the banks aren't lined up with fishermen. Its usually not too bad there until the catch and keep season starts.
  7. When your test results come back, be sure to let the oncologist know just how you feel about scientists.
  8. Possibly. I deal with anxiety, but I'm cool with that and can manage it. I am correct though. You werent/arent done, you do love this, and I'll happily give you the last word. You're always good for a snappy comeback.
  9. Because you cant. Its very rare in the scientific world. Retracted papers are exceedingly uncommon. Here comes the condescension. You sir are a boat mechanic. You have never been in a laboratory, have never read a peer reviewed paper, and have never been in a laboratory. Do you know what "impact factor" means in scientific journals? Have you heard of a replication study? Of IF 2.0 or higher journals, how many papers have been retracted in 2019? Can you find one? You know nothing about which you speak, so yes hands in the air is a reasonable reaction. You could not lower yourself any further so there is no need, you're wallowing in the bowels of ignorance.
  10. Yikes, not only do i falsify my data per wrench, but i am lady for a corporate pimp? Ouch, you guys are crushing me today. And Ness said i was outta line! Yes, I do have a certain outcome in mind when i set up an experiment. It would be absolutely absurd not to. That doesn't mean it is going to happen. Mostly it doesn't and its back to the drawing board, that is the process by which discovery happens.
  11. So yes then you are 100% incorrect.
  12. You are correct. What you're referring to as a preconceived notion, is called a hypothesis. I am sure you are aware of the term. As I mentioned, if the hypothesis is incorrect, which it almost has to be, at least initially, then the experiment will fail. That is why, when building a molecule, for instance, it takes 15 or 20 tries before you can isolate pure product. Each time you try, you may get a bit closer, but still fail. Imagine closing your eyes, and trying to work your way through a maze. Eventually you will learn from mistakes what not to do, but you will never get through on your first try.
  13. I'm pretty sure being successful in any occupation means having the money to pay your bills. I don't do what I do for free. Once again, though, you are misunderstanding/misrepresenting the role of the scientist. A mechanics job is to successfully repair a boat motor. My job is not to successfully fix/repair/ or do anything, but to better understand the nature of a very specific set of interactions. Good or bad, i report my results, and i follow it down that rabbit hole. Often it goes nowhere, but that information still has to be learned. I do not falsify information to remain employed, nor do elongate experiments or whatever to secure funding. I may be misunderstanding you, but It seems like you're insinuating that I (or any other scientist) do.
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