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  1. Dang that's a huge crappie! I have never caught one bigger than 14 inches. Were you crappie fishing, or did it eat a bass lure?
  2. Im probably going to be floating this river for the first time late next week. For those who frequent this river....What should I expect? How deep are the holes? Is it super clear? Is it all trout and smallmouth? Will stripers be there? I think were putting in at Blair Bridge and going to the end, gonna camp a night or two along the way depending on how fast were moving (I move slow). Im going with a fly fishing trout guy, but IDK how to do that, so Ill be throwing jerkbaits mostly.
  3. Ill be floating/camping that stretch in about 2 weeks. Ive never been on this river before, looking forward to it!
  4. what defines jerkbait season? Cold water? I tend to throw a jerkbait anytime and anywhere provided i can see 2 feet or more. I honestly dont have a preference. Megabass jerkbaits are probably the best looking ones but they dont catch more fish than the others. I use Lucky Craft, Rapala, and megabass baits. They are all good. As someone who enjoys painting up lures, the predator blanks are also good.
  5. We suck! Fished Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning mostly in the mid lake area. Trolling crankbaits and jigging worms. Saturday we caught no keeper walleyes, and 2 shorts, with a handful of white bass/drum/bluegills. Sunday we caught 1 keeper walleye, and another handful of white bass/drum/ and bluegills. I did catch a few bass (only 1 was 15 inches) early sunday morning on a top water. Monday we finally had some better luck around masters trolling cranks in 10-14 FOW and caught 3 keeper walleye, 2 keeper crappie and a bunch of white bass. Saturday and Sunday were probably the slowest
  6. Perfect thanks! I don't have any jigging raps, but based on what you said, I think a jigging spoon, and trolling cranks should work for us.
  7. That is what the vet said, but I didn't see it happen, so I don't know for sure.
  8. My brother and I are headed down this weekend to try and catch a few walleyes. Has anybody been targeting them recently? My guess is that it will be tough? We are giving it a shot no matter what, at least the weather is supposed to be nice.
  9. I fish small jerkbaits about as much as anything else. Here is what I have found. I land almost all of my fish using 4# Mono (S.O.S line from Leland lures is my fave) and a medium power, moderate fast to fast spinning rod. That seems to give me the right amount of twitch on the bait to generate strikes, while still giving enough cushion to keep the fish from pulling off. I prefer the stiffer rod with mono with all jerkbaits, because with too soft of a rod, you will not generate the action required to get lots of bites. You have to be able to work that jerkbait effectively, and that works
  10. Thanks. She is doing OK. The leg will probably heal up just fine. She's bummed out wearing the lampshade collar of shame. 🤣
  11. My poor dog got bit by a snake down at the river! Her front leg is mangled pretty bad. She is finally starting to put weight on it though, and the swelling has gone down significantly. The vet said to keep an eye on the bruising to make sure it doesnt spread. Ill try to upload a few pics. It is mostly my fault for allowing her to run through the thickets and such on the river banks.
  12. Being so close to your house, just go fishing there all the time and change your tactics if it doesn't seem to be working. You will eventually figure it out, and there are plenty of fish there. If you wanna built your confidence up, bring a crappie rig. Either a tiny jig under a float, or just casting a twitching a small crappie jig.
  13. I may be wrong, but I think all that mine tailings were below leadwood. I don't think the upper big is really on anyone's radar, and probably for good reason. Those fish in smalliebigs pics are not the type that you catch on this stretch.
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