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  1. Unfortunately scientists are not 1 all controlling dictatorial entity. Admittedly the world would be a better place if it were. Also in the scientific community nobody is bickering back and forth. They figured it out before you were born. The back and forth bickering occurs on rural Missouri fishing forums.
  2. mechanics discussing science. 🤣
  3. Not to be a grammar Nazi, but I read this sentence like you were reading the article to Jeff, and not reading the article in addition to Jeff. Admittedly the former is pretty hilarious to me.
  4. Most of mine are predator blank knockoffs. They work great at 3 bucks if you're willing to paint them. Mcksticks and rc stx are also good ones for a cheaper price.
  5. Thanks. I will experiment and see what I like best. If I happen to find myself going through any whitewater, im certain that the seat position will be the least of my worries lol!
  6. You clearly seem to know more than any of the fat cat, fancy truck driving, highly paid conservation biologists. Ok, I will.
  7. I often use jerkbaits on the upper big river. They are my second most effective numbers lure. I love a size 8 or 10 xrap. Even a 110 megabass will work well for lots of dinks. I throw the little jerkbaits on a 5.5 foot dock shooting crappie rod, med light moderate fast. Full size jerkers get a 5.5 casting rod, med power moderate fast. I also pull the split ring off the nose and use a duolock snap. I have, however, had snaps fail.
  8. The raw data from the world famous reputable scientific journal iceagenow.info? Do you know what primary peer reviewed literature is? and how it differs from what some guy said on the internet?
  9. I doubt it, it seems fairly sturdy. I was just looking for things that might be a problem down the line. It is a pretty small little piece and looks very replaceable even if it were to break. You can adjust the seat backwards and forwards, along with the foot pedals. For those who kayak often, what are the advantages/disadvantages to having the seat in a more forward or back position? Is it just a personal preference?
  10. In the words of the late Christopher Hitchens, "You seem like the type of person who has never read any of the rebuttals to your arguments." I think you have hit just about everyone of the right wing talking points. Every one of these arguments was identified and refuted 50 years ago in the scientific community, as per usual the rest of the world is woefully behind. Although your pretend knowledge of scientific principles is nauseating, and may even be worse than fishinwrench, I do find it entertaining to say the least
  11. Another thing I like is that it seems nice and wide and stable. I have crappy balance so stability is a major plus for me. A strap comes with it which really helps when standing up, at least on the concrete garage floor.
  12. Yeah I really like the open floor plan as well. Initially I was sold on the pescador pro because it has open front and back wells, but this one is even better. I think ill be able to get the dog in there, and ill certainly be able to store all the camping and fishing gear I want. The seat seems alright, you slide in the back bar to the runners, then just snap the front bar into a holder, which you can loosen and re-tighten to adjust it horizontally. One concern i have is that those little holders will break, but oh well. What i did like about the pescador pro is that the seat can be adjusted vertically to a higher or lower position. The bite only has one position unfortunately. It still seems like a good boat, especially for only 800 bucks.
  13. Hes probably at home. Global warming is still here. Folks who live in the arctic circle are finding it's been about 30 degrees above normal all winter. The coldest air in the northern hemisphere is right over the upper midwest currently.
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