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  1. Table is a great lake to fish out of a pontoon. They are great for vertical fishing over deep cover.....which is what table rock does best. My whole life I have fished from my uncles 18ft 1980 something bass buggy. He has a little graph on the front, and a stout trolling motor up front which will move it just fine in all but the worst winds. We hang crawlers, use drop shots, and jig spoons over deep drop offs, points, and submerged trees. I actually prefer the pontoon to my little aluminum bass boat for that type of fishing. Obviously youll have a rough time running way up a creek and playing shallow bass games, but for jiggin a spoon over a school of bass its hard to beat. Also crankbait trolling is a great option for the toon.
  2. top_dollar

    Table rock walleye

    That one walleye is a real giant.
  3. top_dollar

    Table rock walleye

    Interesting about the planar boards...ive never tried those before. Longline trolling cranks, jigged spoons, and live crawler rigs work for me very well during the summer on walleye, bass, and whites. Were the planar boards running shallower? I, sometimes, find walleye very shallow (8-12fow) in the summer, even in the middle of the day.
  4. top_dollar

    Booya Toad Runner

    The toad runner is not the same material, nor does it have same hooks as the original pad crasher or the sprinker frog. The hooks have a smaller gap, and the material is stiffer. They also weigh a ton and hit the water like a depth charge. IMO a regular buzz frog is better than the sprinker/toad runner type things, as the plopper tail gets all gummed up with grass and moss, whereas a plastic buzz toad just gargles on top of that suff. In thick lilly pads the tail doesnt even have much of a chance to get moving. Ive tried both the sprinker and the toad runner, and much prefer to use either a texas rigged keitech noisy flapper or a regular pad crasher. They also dont "plop" at the slow retrieve speed that a whopper plopper does. They kinda seem like gimmick lures to me...but they worked on me cuz i bought 2 of each lol.
  5. top_dollar

    Fishing Etiquette

    I've found (being sufficiently overweight) that fishing in a speedo keeps people at a minimum of 100 yards. Or, when in doubt crank up some death metal.
  6. top_dollar

    Perch Spawn?

    Probably a bit early for this, but with this heat it might be soon....find a good long main lake gravel point, that stays fairly shallow (15-30ft) way out into the lake. Idle around there looking at your graph for little squiggly lines (technical term) just off the bottom. Those are bluegill. Use a split shot with a worm or cricket (tiny jigs and spoons also work). Once you find them they are super easy to catch. Those same types of points are pretty much where to fish all summer long. Bass, whites, walleye, catfish, and bluegill all hang out on those points during the summer.
  7. top_dollar

    Cape Fair - 5/2

    That keitech skinny, 2, 2.5, and 3 as well as the 2.8 fat are the best crappie baits ive ever used. I love those things.
  8. top_dollar

    Hair jig bassing

    How do you fish your hair jigs? Do you tip them with a plastic at all?
  9. top_dollar

    Guess This Fish's Weight

    1 dollar bob
  10. top_dollar

    Pan Fish

    Is this regarding table rock panfish? Or panfish in general? On table rock fish for them from late may through the fall. They will be on long runnout gravel points (like everything else). Idle around watching our graph from 20-30feet. Sometimes shallower or deeper but thats a good starting point. They will show up right on the bottom as a long squiggly line. Use a med light or light power spinning rod, 4lb line, and a small chunk of crawler, or a cricket (small plastics also work) with a split shot about a foot above.
  11. top_dollar

    Rabbit Jigs

    They work great for me! I personally like fox squirrel tails. I also use rabbit strips. They work extremely well for me during clear water situations. Warm or cold water doesnt matter for me, just needs to be clear. They work well at table rock and stockton for me, as well as on the lower meremac ( when its clear) and upper big.
  12. top_dollar

    How tough are you?

    Id take a day in the teens or twenties over a 95+ degree summer day anytime. Especially if you can coax a few into biting.
  13. top_dollar

    Personal Best Spot

    Yes. Weird.
  14. top_dollar

    Freshwater Table Fare

    On little crappies and bluegills i like to leave the tail on one of the fillets. Its a crispy little treat.
  15. top_dollar

    Rivers are low...

    Fishing on the lower meremac is good right now around valley park, castlewood, and emmennegar (sp?) Park under 44.. I like when its so low cuz i can scurry around the banks and catch them with some luck. Ive been catching black bass, white bass, and drum using jerkbaits, swimmin minnows and jig worms.

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