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  1. Can you give me a list of all of the "trolls"? or your definition of one? Is it just anyone who doesn't agree with you? If someone presents an alternate view point, you quickly label them as trolls and start the name calling. Weird how you don't see the irony.
  2. You wont believe any data anyway, unless it supports your already held conclusions. If there is a spike, you will call it fake, and if there is no spike, you will say "see I was right". Its a win win for you.
  3. Ive been fishing a lot of the lakes in TDL the last month and the crappie haven't really known what to do. Catching some right on the bank in a foot or 2 of water, and catching others back off in 5 or 6 fow, and even been catching a few on points and in the middle of coves in 12+ FOW. Ill be out there sunday, so we will see what they are doing then.
  4. It seems like most manufactures anymore make pretty good equipment. I'm partial to the Fenwick elite tech, and the Fenwick aetos in med light. Especially that elite tech, its got the most comfortable handle I've ever used, and its got a bit softer a tip than the Aetos. My brother has a St. Croix Eyecon (med light exfast) that he really likes, and he has a St. Croix Triumph (med, mod fast) that i like more than the eyecon. Generally i'm using these for swimming small swimbaits and worms through grass but not necessarily a ned rig though. I also have 2 KastKing rods that i bought online for i think 60 or 80 bucks a pop. One is a light power fast action, and the other is a med light mod fast. They both work great for little 1/16th oz jigs. I think if you're using a baitcaster for a ned rig type bait you are really forcing a square peg into a round hole. Spinning gear with 4-6# line is the way to go. 4# trout magnet S.O.S line is strong enough to bend out a #2 owner light wire hook, so thats what i use. That has quickly become my favorite line. Drop to down 2# for crappie fishing, up to 6# when fishing around heavier cover. Id also suggest using a bigger spinning reel than you think you need. I like the 4000 size. Use Pflueger's or Diawa's, other brands are a huge gamble unless your paying 300+ for a spinning reel.
  5. I'm glad you understand and acknowledge that fact.
  6. Good for YouTube for taking a stance on the material that is posted on their platform!
  7. Lol no you wouldn't. Defamation lawsuits are extremely hard to win, and more costly than they are worth. In reality, if someone said you stole tackle from them, you would spend a fortune trying to prove they lied because no lawyer would take that case without a massive retainer fee. Then there would be a very small chance that you could prove he lied and the suit would be thrown out. Trump has famously said he wants to "loosen" libel laws so he can successfully sue news outlets that post negative stories about him. That never happened, and never will.
  8. You made a claim and provided zero evidence yet you claim that's what I did. Amazing you dont see the irony.
  9. You may wanna double check your bill of rights. Only the state has the ability to inhibit free speech. That pesky first amendment can be pretty confusing sometimes I totally understand.
  10. I also happen to have a little experience with writing up papers for publication. I can tell you that #4 and #5 very rarely pass what is called the peer review process. If they do they are quickly retracted, like Judy's garbage.
  11. You mean... " I can tell, but i actually have no idea what im talking about so Ill just leave it at that." 🤣
  12. fortunately not 1 smidge is.
  13. You are way better off. The video should be removed. It will only make you a dumber human being.
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