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  1. Guess This Fish's Weight

    1 dollar bob
  2. Pan Fish

    Is this regarding table rock panfish? Or panfish in general? On table rock fish for them from late may through the fall. They will be on long runnout gravel points (like everything else). Idle around watching our graph from 20-30feet. Sometimes shallower or deeper but thats a good starting point. They will show up right on the bottom as a long squiggly line. Use a med light or light power spinning rod, 4lb line, and a small chunk of crawler, or a cricket (small plastics also work) with a split shot about a foot above.
  3. Rabbit Jigs

    They work great for me! I personally like fox squirrel tails. I also use rabbit strips. They work extremely well for me during clear water situations. Warm or cold water doesnt matter for me, just needs to be clear. They work well at table rock and stockton for me, as well as on the lower meremac ( when its clear) and upper big.
  4. How tough are you?

    Id take a day in the teens or twenties over a 95+ degree summer day anytime. Especially if you can coax a few into biting.
  5. Personal Best Spot

    Yes. Weird.
  6. Freshwater Table Fare

    On little crappies and bluegills i like to leave the tail on one of the fillets. Its a crispy little treat.
  7. Rivers are low...

    Fishing on the lower meremac is good right now around valley park, castlewood, and emmennegar (sp?) Park under 44.. I like when its so low cuz i can scurry around the banks and catch them with some luck. Ive been catching black bass, white bass, and drum using jerkbaits, swimmin minnows and jig worms.
  8. Meanwhile back at the ranch

    Holy cow, nice eye.
  9. Tackle HD New Product

    Wow those are some sweet looking little lures.
  10. Ive done alright with grey squirrel tail. It has a nice baitfish color to it, never as consistent success as a plastic swimmin minnow though. Fox squirrel tails are great crawfish mimics as well with bands of orange and black Couldnt tell ya how the sink rate compares to polar bear hair, that is some serious specifics.
  11. Gigging is great!

    Its also a bit concerning that folks advocate violence at the thought of keeping a bass to eat lol.
  12. Gigging is great!

    How did missouri streams used to be like? I am pretty sure that missouri streams have NEVER been free of giggers. Even before Europeans colonized them, the native americans gigged before they angled. Republicans are a WAY bigger threat to Missouri streams than giggers.
  13. Gigging is great!

    Get over it.
  14. Portable Sonar

    Humminbird has suction cup transducer mounts which work well for me. Get a battery and a suction cup transducer and whatever unit you want. Works really well for me.

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