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  1. Are you catching more little ones than normal? I guess dinks are a good sign.
  2. The upper big is the same as its ever been. I think you "secret creek" guys are in for major disappointment in the future as there will only be more people using it and more often. I guess living in saint louis and fishing in sewer drains and around massive crowds has conditioned me to be pretty used to it by now.
  3. Suffice to say, my mind is not blown. That is only 900 possible options. There are nearly 20,000 cities in the US alone. Not to mention when i do that I get articles from Isreal, Iran, and Australia. Covid has been a problem for 90-120 days. That means there have been opportunities for 2 million news articles just in the US. It would be statistically improbable to find a 3 digit number of new cases that DIDN'T have a news article written about it. It would also be pretty rare for me to be dealt a royal flush in a game of poker, but if you deal me 2 million hands im likely to get 3 of them. Statistics is fun that way.
  4. Fished Saturday. River was low and dingy. Maybe 2 ft of visibility. Took out at TDL. Caught about 20 or so with a few that were 15 inches, the rest dinks. Most were on a whopper plopper. Only caught a few on jerkbait, and a few on a worm. I think the low visibility ruined the jerkbait bite. Didn't see another person except at put in and take out. That was nice.
  5. In Japan they just wrap people up in big plastic bags and carry them off like a giant sack of taters.
  6. This pretty much sums up the entire republican platform for the last several years.
  7. Clearly your mind is already made up, but let me explain why that's absurd. If someone wants to remove one of these statues, why do you think that is? The logical answer is because they believe these statues represent terrible people/ideologies. If that is the case, it would behoove them to reference literature that substantiates their claims. So you're incorrect. Nobody will be getting rid of books. Before you reply about how text books are somehow flawed/liberal/fake, i suggest you read some of the writings directly attributed to Columbus.
  8. A few flaws with this logic. 1.) Statues are not how we record history. They are how we celebrate someone or something. Should we have a statue of every person in the history books, just to preserve history? I don't think you would make that argument. 2.) Christopher Columbus, much like the old confederate stuff, is just not worth celebrating. Yes, its history, nobody is trying to erase that, but it sure doesn't make sense to celebrate undeserving people.
  9. Eh that's ok, you probably wouldn't find it very funny. Honestly i probably shouldn't either. The rapid mental and physical decline, as shown by his wild rantings and weird posture, of a senile overweight old moron isn't very funny.
  10. Any republican who ran on a platform on bringing back the tax rates of the 50s and 60s, I would vote for in a heartbeat. In fact, I would strongly consider any republican that didn't just have a blanket "taxes and government are bad" approach. They all just constantly run on platforms of lowering income taxes and cutting spending, and at the same time are yearning about the good old days. "MAGA" is a great example of that. Well, back when America was great again, we had pretty high tax rates that modern day republicans dont like to discuss. In some instances cutting taxes, and eliminating some spending may be fine, but like it or not, progressive tax rates and government spending from 1920-1980 are why we all have the standard of living we currently do.
  11. Politics aside, that video of trump unsuccessfully trying to drink a glass of water was hilarious. Anyone can make a quick sip of water look easy, but it takes someone truly special to make it look hard.
  12. Id probably drift a 6 or 8 inch live gizzard shad, or hand sized live bluegill around deep brush piles on whatever the arm of the lake that produces the most big largemouth.
  13. Don't even consider crappie, or for that matter walleye. Your guide question has already been answered. It depends where on the lake you'll be staying, but in mid July spotted and smallmouth bass are fairly easy to target on main lake points with live nightcrawlers 20-30 feet down depending on where the thermocline sets up. Look for long gravel points where it slopes gently out to about 25 feet, then drops off sharply to over 100. Any point like that will have fish on that break. You'll probably catch a few bluegills and catfish doing that as well, possibly even a walleye. If you've got a graph that will help tremendously. Keep a small spoon handy in case you see schooling fish come up, especially early in the morning. Those will be bass and white bass chasing threadfin shad. Trolling crankbaits that get down at least 20 feet is another great way to find fish. Its the only way Ive ever caught walleye there. If you catch a few fish trolling cranks over the same place, go back over that spot with worms and spoons.
  14. You're not lying about the kayak hatch. Holy cow I've never seen so many floaters. Danged sun dolphins are so cheap everyone has to get one!
  15. Im not down there til late july or august, but i find them on main lake flat gravel points. Usually 20 to 30 feet down just off the bottom. Split shot, or Drop shot with crickets, or a 2 inch chunk of crawler, but crickets work better.
  16. Wow, I dont know that I've ever agreed with you before lol, but in this case I think you're 100% correct.
  17. Its been done before, and things didnt go straight to chaos. Although it's probably not a political winner.
  18. I bet that big slow pool is a good spot for catfish, but I'd think about cutting those bluegills up in chunks to catch normal sized cats. Actually now that I'm thinking about it, I'd just eat the bluegills.
  19. If you shoot a guy for messing with your limb line, you are the definition of a violent person.
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