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  1. Was it at Hartley? I hunted the managed hunt yesterday at the state park and that lot was surprisingly full. I've never gone down to stockton without a boat and gear before, I wanted to fish so bad!
  2. Suspending stick baits, small keitechs, and crappie jigs work ok for me, although I mostly crappie fish in the winter cuz they bite so well.
  3. I have to admit the consistency with which you catch bass (and walleye) in the winter is fascinating and impressive. Great fish!
  4. darn it. When you're right you're right. Sorry.
  5. College indoctrinated me about chemistry and physics. I took no classes regarding politics. You are mistaken about what my education is in. I formed my political opinions elsewhere. In fact I couldn't tell you the political leanings of any of my professors in college. Most were foreign, couldn't care less, and politics wasn't discussed.
  6. Its nice to know that 33 is considered young, although in reality I think I am a middle-aged punk. 😀 Punk is probably too kind, asshole is probably a bit more accurate.
  7. It is easy to argue that straight white males born in the United States from 1945 to 1970 are the most entitled group of human beings ever to have existed. Straight white males born from 1970-1990 (myself included) can very easily be lumped into that group as well. The most recent generation, which gets derided so much, already have a shorter life expectancy. They will face problems from overpopulation, environmental destruction, and climate change. They also have to deal with an inexplicable rise in non communicable diseases, mental health problems, and probably worse than anything else, the internet and social medial. I firmly believe that my 16 year old nephew is just as smart and hard working as anyone.
  8. Aging white guy in rural Missouri talking about other people being entitled. The irony here is staggering. 🤣
  9. It looks very close to a berkely hit worm. I think they're designed for drop shotting. They work great for me on a 1/16th oz ball head jig and a #2 hook.
  10. top_dollar

    What's Cooking?

    Cool thread. At over 900 pages it must be the longest one. Here are some of my favorite fish recipes. I use mostly crappie/bluegill, and if Im lucky a walleye 1.) Toasted Fish tacos with garden veggies and a mayo/sriracha/lime sauce. 2.) Parm/Panko crusted broiled fish with lemon butter sauce and garden veggies. 3.) Fillet O Fish sandwich. (hamburger bun, American cheese, and tarter sauce with fried fish.)
  11. It's no secret. There arent any in saint louis. He is just good.
  12. I never really try the catfish lakes, good tip. I bet they don't get hit very hard for crappie. I bounce around from lake to lake casting and swimming small jigs and can usually catch a decent mess of good eaters. As the weather gets colder and colder that pattern gets less productive. Since you cant rent boats in the winter I have trouble getting them from the bank on the clearer lakes, which in my experience hold bigger crappie. 33 and a few other lakes stay fairly stained all year and the fish stay on that shallow brush. I am no purist however, and cant resist catching dink after dink especially when my alternative is 1 bite an hour or less this time of year.
  13. 16ft Crestliner Canadian, with a 2002 evinrude 70 prop. What are folks fishing for down there? My brother and I have always discussed looking for walleye below the dams and such on and around the mississippi, but have never pulled the trigger. I have always been intimidated by the Mississippi and Missouri!
  14. Do you fish below that dam from the bank or out of a boat? Ive always wanted to fish the river, but have been too chicken to launch my boat.
  15. I think I may have met you up there once. I moved to affton from valley park 2 years ago, and love the convenience of that lake, and the fact that the bass were so willing to eat a jerkbait. Ive never fished the other lake, but ill give it a shot this winter and spring.
  16. Yeah my car is always covered in white dust from october through may!
  17. Yeah, lake 33 is perpetually stained and has way too many crappie. The vast majority are less than 8 inches long. The sign says please remove all crappie up to your daily limit of 30.
  18. Welp, my guess was wrong....went up sunday afternoon for a few hours and got skunked at 36, and 30. Went to 33 and pretty much had the place to myself which was unusual. Caught 18 but 14 were dinks, and it was kinda slow the whole time. Ate 4 for dinner and composted the rest.
  19. 2 cars and dropped 1 off, there were 3 of us, so we didn't have to leave our rigs unattended.
  20. Sweet walleye, those fish make me jealous!!
  21. "We will visit" Lol, what a weird and ominous post!! Do you also offer kids candy out of your windowless van?
  22. 25+ years of working with them does not equal that 1 mayor that 1 time that you claim was a retired engineer. Anyhow, carry on with your ignorant rants. 🤣
  23. This. I'd probably drop a spoon or worm on that if was already on something, but I wouldn't shut down the big motor until I saw 10x that much stuff.
  24. Step 1. Call the corps and ask them to lower the lake to your desired level. Step 2. In the event step 1 fails, adjust your fishing technique until you learn what will work under the "new" conditions.
  25. From MDC. As the fisheries mgmt. biologist responsible for managing the Horseshoe Lake fishery in Carondelet Park, your note was forwarded to me. A variety of circumstances came together to create the events at Horseshoe Lake this past summer. The fishkills (actually 2 separate events) were due to low-oxygen conditions. The first event happened after nuisance filamentous algae was treated in June. To enhance success, City water inputs were suspended and the treatment was very effective. But without City water inputs, plant decomposition rapidly removed oxygen from the water, killing fish. Blocked and collapsed outlet structures would then not allow lake water to drain. So, the nutrient-flushing flows from City water inputs needed to be suspended. This water also contains chloramines which can inhibit nuisance plant growth. Without flushing flows or chloramines, nutrients were further concentrated and became available for nuisance plant growth. Duckweed and water meal rapidly filled that role to cover ~95% of the lake’s surface, shading out beneficial plants which produce oxygen for fish. Oxygen was again quickly depleted resulting in the second, more serious fishkill. During these events, STL City crews replaced lake outlet structures and installed a second City water input to allow resumption of City water flows and enhance flushing of the entire lake. These improvements immediately helped the situation and should provide flows needed for the future. In October, MDC restocked with redear sunfish. We also stocked grass carp to help control nuisance plant growth. We plan to stock bluegills in spring 2020 and resurvey the lake to determine if any bass stocking is needed. If needed, we would restock with bass later in spring 2020. Regular catfish and hybrid sunfish stockings will resume in April 2020. For long-term health of the lake (and other City park lakes), MDC and City of St. Louis are currently negotiating a plan to improve lake conditions. In Horseshoe Lake’s case, MDC recently surveyed lake depths and determined portions of the lake should be deepened and nutrient-rich soil removed. Additionally, the existing fountain aerator is inadequate suggesting a larger, diffuser system is needed. These improvements will take some time to fund and implement, but would leave Horseshoe Lake with much improved fish habitat and more sustainable fishery.
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