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  1. Open bass tournament Oct. 21st

    I'm not involved with the organization of this tournament, just saw this flyer and figured I'd pass it along on here in case anybody is interested
  2. Current water condition?

    I'm heading up Sunday and was wondering if anybody had an update on water temp and clarity. I'm planning on spending most of the day in the big pomme arm
  3. Aba tournaments on Stockton?

    I'm not familiar with the ABA but I know Anglers in Action puts on a great series of tournaments on Stockton begging in march I believe. You might also check out the Show Me State Team Series. They have divisions on Stockton, Truman, Bull Shoals/Norfork, and Smithville. Both series are run by great people and have websites you can get all the info you'll need.
  4. Srockton.... Trout?

    That's funny! I came across your post on the Stockton Facebook page and just had to share it here. I scratched my head for 2 days over this lol
  5. Srockton.... Trout?

    What's everyone's thoughts on this? Im assuming this is either a joke or somebody is just full of it. But I guess nothing's impossible..
  6. Is anyone bass fishing

    What I've noticed is that the bass are suspending on shad right now, what I thought were schools of white bass surfacing have actually been largemouthand spots. I've caught several quality fishjust keeping the trolling motor on high, a spook or fluke rigged, and watch for surface action then cast into the middle of it. The problem is, there's no way to pattern that as the bass are running the schools of shad all over the place. I've seen this in 40 fow then turn around and they'll be up in 4-5 fow. The most consistent bite I've found is to ignore the schoolers and drag a 10-12" ribbon tail worm across long flat points. I'm sure all of this is common knowledge, just haven't seen anyone posting about the surfacing bass yet
  7. cooler weather

    Bass bite started out good this morning, had 3 keepers in the first 30 minutes but it completely shut off after that. Tried trolling flicker shads and jigging a spoon for awhile with no luck. Either way it was great to be on the boat without sweating through my shirt! I figure somebody tore em up today.
  8. Stockton July 6,7,8

    Good info, looks like I was way too deep all weekend. Congrats on a successful trip!
  9. Drotto Latch Installed

    Can this be used for any style of boat, or does it work best with deep hull?

    All of these videos are exactly why I will refuse to fish LOZ in the summer. I'd much rather be on Stockton with a 30 mph south wind. When will people learn that boats that big have no place on a lake.
  11. Water Color?

    Was on the lake earlier today, water had real good color between mutton creek and hawker point. South of mutton was mud and north of hawker was too clear for me. Just be careful out there, still a lot of debris floating down the lake.
  12. She is up and still rising.

    Very muddy in the mutton creek/ruark area from what I could tell driving by today.
  13. anyone been bass fishing this week?

    I'm heading out this weekend also, I'm thinking there will probably be some bass up in the bushes but I'd say the majority of the bass will be out deeper, especially any that are still on beds. This time of year when the lake is up I've always fished the "original" shore line, so with the lake being about 10' high I would tend to start on secondary points and spawning pockets 10-15' deep with a c-rigged lizard or brush hog or a crank bait. The shad spawn should be starting up any time as well so keep an eye on the bushes and over hangs for any shad activity.
  14. High water?

    That was kind of my thought, a lot will depend on what happens at LOZ. I'm excited to break out my flippin' rod and see if any fish have found the brush by this weekend.
  15. High water?

    Just checked the USGS site and it's showing the lake level at 874.03. Was wondering how long everybody thinks it will stay up before they draw it back down? I know it didn't take long to get rid of the water after the 2015 flood. But I've also seen the water up in the bushes for 2-3 summers in a row

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