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  1. Thanks for the report. Went to the river today and conditions are exactly the same... very little surface activity very slow current through the watts area. Did ok on midges and sowbugs.
  2. Looking for a new reel for my Winston Boron III 5wt for trout. What would be your suggestions? I'm not necessarily looking for the latest generation, most technologically advanced whiz-bang hyped option. I'm looking for a solid, dependable (wont dent/bend if I drop it) good looking (perhaps more traditional in appearance) reel that is made in the US and fun to fish. One thing of note is that the reel seat of the rod is silver.
  3. Just wanted to give a quick report on the water conditions and fishing on Sunday, 9/4/2016. The water conditions were much better than I anticipated after reading about the "chocolate milk" in some of the more recent forum posts. It seems that the water is clearing up quite a bit, though it does still have a little bit of stain/discoloration. While we were there they did not generate, but the flow seemed higher than what low flow normally is. I talked to a couple guys that fish there a lot and they mentioned the flow was a little bit higher than low flow normally had been. As for t
  4. Captain, I was just wondering the same thing. I was planning on making the trip myself on Sunday. Hopefully, it will be a good weekend.
  5. Hi All, new to the forums and have been searching for information about the state of fly fishing on the lower illinois. I fished it several years agao, but with the flooding and conditions being what they have been over the past couple of years, I've generally avoided the lower illinois and driven over further to Beaver. Has anybody fished the river recently? Are things any better now (late Aug 2016) than they were in 2015? Is it worth the 2.5 hour drive to fish?
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