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  1. Agreed, either linden to the Ozark park. There are a lot of spots on google maps that look like a spot you can put in/take out, but its not so, or its blocked off and marked as tresspassing if you do. I have driven a few times to places, like i.e Riverdale access.
  2. This is a short version of it. https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/ozarks/2015/03/13/high-water-mark-resolved-lindenlure-controversy/70295854/ I guess there are a few differences. I have a kayak, and do float the James a few times. But i have a couple spots i like just south of the public area. Sucks because i generally pick up a few things on my way out, hate trash and those who leave it.
  3. So, went down this last weekend to fish for an hour or so. I have fished from the ramp on down into the woods for the 3 years I’ve been in MO. Not to mention, I bought a house in Pebble Creek subdivision, less than mile away, last April. Not 100% because of the James, but it did play in. Well, now they have signs both at the west side of parking lot and just east of the ramp stating "End of public access". What the heck? Why and what can we do if anything to find out more? I doubt any reprieve will be applied, but why not try? Isnt the bank public access? I mean thats what they told the residents of lindenlure right? I am so frustrated.
  4. Was thinking of driving up and throwing a line in. No answer at marina, does that mean its iced over?
  5. I will be visiting my brother in the Claremore area in the next few weeks. Its been 25 years since i fished Grand or Oologah. Being boatless, any suggestions?
  6. Thanks... i have to have projects when i'm not fishing. That was my project 2 years ago. Predator 6.5HP 212cc from Harbor Freight. Unfortunately it started out as a CA compliant version because I was in CA when I built it.
  7. Finally figured out what to do with them
  8. while everyone was arguing. I caught 2 muskie yesterday. one mid 30" and the other high 40's. 5 total bites, but 3 came off and 2 missed the lure. Honestly, not really my thing personally. Too much trouble getting unhooked. Prefer bass way more.
  9. So the saga continues between my favorite popper and the Muskies... Yesterday i went and replaced the popper the muskie took from me earlier this week. However, i had a beast of a muskie take the dang same popper from me today. This time when he turned to go away from me the line cut like butter, was short and sweet. The muskie was at least as big as the one above, seemed a good 10 lbs bigger from the size of the tail. Good news is, before he could take my favorite popper, I caught 13 of my 16 total today on it. Here are a few pics of the decent ones. Started day of with this 5.5lb Next one was this guy at 3lb Then this 4.5lbr Then next cast, same spot i caught the best of the day at 6.0lbs Last decent one of the day at 4.2lbs I caught 6 around this 2lb size Then 5 guys under 1.5lbs Again, caught 13 on popper and 3 on a spook. As you can imagine, i went right to the store and got another of my favorite popper, x 3 this time.... Lastly, i did hook up with something on the spook. I thought it was a bass by the bite, but if it was, it was 7-10lbs. Took me in the moss. I slowly pulled in about 300lbs of moss only to find no fish and my new hooks on my spook looking like so:
  10. Oh man, i wish... I did replace it a couple days later though.
  11. So Monday while bass fishing i hooked my first muskie, maybe 30 inches, and it cut my line at the bank. Lost my favorite popper. Then the very next morning i hooked my second ever, and my first to land. 43" Was a blast! Was scared the whole time it would cut my 15lb fluro leader but it worked out.
  12. So I really want to float the Finley tomorrow. Was gonna go Delaware to shelvin but been enjoying my trips to Finley a lot lately. Anyway. I can put in just south of McCracken but where do I get out? Riverdale has no trespassing signs and I only want to go about that far before having wife pick me. Do I just get out and hop fence?
  13. So, as I’ve stated, new to the area. Grew up in Tulsa, but spent last 17 years in CA. I’ve been meaning to take my son of to see my brother in Tulsa for some bow fishing, use to go a lot as a teenager. Last weekend we did just that. We hit up the Arkansas and the Oologah dam for gar. Now my son and have the bug to get our own bow. Before I do though, are there any good spots locally? I hate to buy just for trips to Tulsa every now and then. Banks only, no boat yet.
  14. Awesome thanks. I have a few ned's, but do have plenty of top water, jigs and softbaits. I'll load the backpack. Thanks again...
  15. Wife has crazy rule, house and then a boat.... We're renting since new to area, so that doesnt count she says. So, no boat yet. beating the banks
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