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  1. Browntrout

    Streamer Swap

    Alright sounds good i was starting to wonder if it was still on
  2. Browntrout

    Bass Pro Shops buying Cabela's...

    White river flyshop at BPS is pretty bad, clerks just leave you unattended in there and very lacking in knowledge. Something BPS and Cabelas share.
  3. Browntrout

    Bass Pro Shops buying Cabela's...

    Thats good to hear,admittedly im at BP more than Cabelas. I will say though my experience with the sales 'kids' has been less than satisfying there. My last experience was i asked the kid running the fly shop if they had a 6-7 of the reel i wanted available. He had no clue what i was talking about, so i explained to him what that meant. He then said if its not on the shelf we dont have it. He said he would check the website which after a lengthy pause he said 'hmmm......yeah well i guess they dont make those'. So i left. When i got home i decided to check the website myself. It was the third item down, i selected 6-7 and i still use that reel today.
  4. Browntrout

    Bass Pro Shops buying Cabela's...

    So am i the only one who has never seen any sort of management on the floor at Cabelas or BPS? i always get the feeling of the blind leading the blind there.
  5. Browntrout

    Bass Pro Shops buying Cabela's...

    I completly agree with champ. Walmart grade products with Basspro price tags. Im very upset about this deal because Cabelas was my awnser to find better products.
  6. Browntrout

    Bass Pro Shops buying Cabela's...

    I find terrible customer service and utterly clueless employees every time i go to either store. Makes sense somehow. Why the hell cant Tims flyshop be closer?
  7. Browntrout

    Paw Paws

    I've never got to try these. Hopefully i'll find some this year
  8. Browntrout

    TR 9-24

    Nice man, my favorite flies to fling. Really envy your opportunity to get so much time on the water.
  9. Browntrout

    TR 9-24

    Ollie they do have trip 3 day licenses, that are much more affordable at $16 or you can get a week for $25. . Im thinking the same thing you are on the distance though im in goodman. Tram do you fish streamers at all? i notice you use alot of nymphs.
  10. In reality it all comes down to talent/skill. If you enter a pro tournament you are in a sense saying 'im on this level, i belong here.'. Then you try to prove it. In the old days guys did complain about long rods and they were banned, but a long rod doesnt catch fish. The person using it does. As humbly as i can boast this im going to say that i would be hard pressed to be outfished by someone targeting my choice of species on my home water using a cane pole. Doesnt mean the equipment is what gives me the advantage, its the technique. Its the hours of fiddling around, testing weights, finding fish, and putting in the blood sweat and tears to know that method like the back of my hand. This is what the non finess, pro bass guys do to, hours of chucking plugs jigs and worms; learning fish and water, and thats why they enter the tournaments to say ' This is who i am, now watch me beat you with my best'. And those who still do this and lose and have the nerve to say somebody else won because they had an unfair advantage using a technique that the loser didnt bother to learn is simply a poor sportsman. And its a dam shame they dont permit fly fishing.
  11. What unfair disadvantage? These guys have the money to buy any rod they want and spend more time on the water than we spend working and with our families. They have opportunity to develop any technique they want.
  12. Browntrout

    The sculpin strikes again.

    Pic of the fly? Great fish btw
  13. Browntrout

    TR 9-24

    Nice man, we really need to fish together sometime.
  14. Browntrout

    Bass video

    Great video man
  15. Browntrout

    gotta get back down there !

    Wow amazing, those trout out of that triclkle? Maybe there are some deep holes i havent found yet.

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