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  1. Purples, whites, reds, blacks, olives, it didn't seem to matter with the big stuff. If you're fishing zonkers pick your color based on how bright the sky is and how clear the water is.
  2. I fished through the night twice last week. The second night I threw really big stuff (sex dungeons, nut butters, cheech Leeches, and double d's) and ended up with 15 nice fish. Don't be afraid to go big but if you want number fish a zonker or mini leech.
  3. This is a a report for my last couple of trips. Been hitting the creek as much as possible these last few weeks. Went last Friday before the rain came. The lower section has changed very significantly. Lots of debris and logs have been flushed downstream, along with a few new downed trees and new gravel shelves. Didn't expect to catch a thing, but was pleasantly surprised with one of my best days on Crane.I euronymphed with various jig flies. They were all sz 12 and all had orange or purple hotspots. I stuck with 4x all day and ended up with 21. Later that day I went back. This time to a private stretch on some land that belongs to a family friend. Fished for about an hour and caught 5, making the total 26 for the day. Went back down this morning to the lower section. Water is still high but has cleared up really well. Was even able to sight fish to so couple of nice fish. The sun was out and made fishing tough, but I still managed 18 (I had to work for them). If the fly wasnt on the bottom, they weren't going to eat it. Again, fished 12-14 jig nymphs. Overall, it's been great fishing when the creek isn't blown. Even starting to see some fish taking terrestrials. If anyone wants to fish, I'll be at the creek every weekend from now till November.
  4. Bryan1717

    4/15 Trip

    Fished the lower access today all the way from the slow water near the end of the blue ribbon area to the bridge at the parking lot. The creek has changed a little thanks to the rain we've gotten this month. Had my best day on the creek so far euro-nymphing various combos of eggs and hot spot nymph patterns (pm me if you really want specifics). Saw some fish rising but stuck to the nymphs all day. Overall it was a great day on Crane!
  5. Ill be down tonight around 4. I'm coming prepared to fish in the weather, and I'm up for night fishing as long as the water stays off!
  6. I'd love to bring my grandpa down for this!
  7. Took the kayak out last Saturday. Arrived around 6 and had some success with a pair of zebra midges dropped 12 inches off a stimulator (indicator was spooking them.) After dark it remained partly cloudy, although there was no wind and no fog. Caught 20 in the span of few hours, olive was the choice color with most fish coming on the bugger and a few more on the belly scratcher (both sz6.) It felt like the bigger fish were hanging out near the boat ramp as that's where both of my browns and the bigger rainbows came from. Ended the night throwing big ugly streamers to no avail. I'm having trouble uploading photos so I'll try to get those up later today!
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to fishing crane and have a few questions. First, how do you access the trestle bridge in the middle part of the creek? Second, I have been almost exclusively nymph fishing in the lower section with 5x and 6x leaders under a very small indicator without any luck, I'm I doing something wrong?
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