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  1. Lance, do you ever hook a Striper/Wiper that far up river this time of year and mangle up your spider rigs? If they do go that far they are probably looking for a bigger piece of meat than a crappie minnow?
  2. Lance, those are some pretty slabs. How long could you hold that stringer up with one arm?
  3. Dan, that is a great fish. Are you still using gizzards (shad)?
  4. lance, that is a nice stringer. Where you were at was the thermocline 18-20 feet then or were they right on top of it?
  5. Lance, no problem it's family first. I'm enjoying the grandkids this weekend. Won't be any trolling as they are 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 years old but they do like to do some bobber/worm perch jerkin if there is steady action and I have to admit I like it as much if not more than they do. Brings back a lot of good memories. Thanks for the intel, I appreciate it. I feel like I got 8-10 years of fishing experience and trial and error from your post. Thanks
  6. Lance, nice fish. Will this pattern hold thru the summer? Last summer I was able to pick up some along bluff lines that had timber but that was later in July/August maybe.
  7. Lance, if you really like the stuff the Walmart in Springdale has some on clearance back in the northeast corner before going into lawn and garden. Did not look at the price but they had both green and red. That minnow looks like it came out of the cooling pond at Chernobyl. I did see a you tube video of a guy using that stuff and he was at Beaver fishing docks. Those are nice fish. I picked off a few from the bank this morning. One was the blackest crappie I have ever seen.
  8. Last Thursday before all the rain ran down after work to a cove in War Eagle arm and pitched a jig under a cork next to a blow down. Plastic jig in monkey milk color about 2 feet under the cork. All were 10-12" and a couple had some undeveloped eggs so was starting to get close. Not sure what all this rain will do to it. The color pre rain was fairly clear but haven't looked since it started.
  9. Nice stringer!. That 5 gallon bucket has had a ton of fish in it since I have been on this site.
  10. The plan on Sunday was to get the little boat out and catch some of the crappie that Lance has been catching and relocating to lake Crisco. Only had about hour and a 1/2 before dark so decided to go down to a gravel bank and see if could catch any walleye that were moving in to spawn. No walleye but did catch these bass and the one crappie. The one was on a rattletrap and not a jerk bait. The bass almost had no color almost silver. The picture actually gives them more color that you could see with your eyes. The bank has a pretty good slope so these were in 7-8 foot of water. War Eagle arm One posted upside down for some reason.
  11. Lance, is there an advantage to having the sinker in between your baits? My set up has always been to have the sinker on bottom with the two baits above it tied with Palomar knots
  12. Lance, keep them coming please. I'm like you, a lot of what I know about fishing this lake I have learned on this board. There has been plenty of trial and error for me but a lot of places, times, techniques, etc. I've picked up here that would not have tried or thought of like these muddy bottom crappie. Going to try and get the little boat out tomorrow. I don't spider rig but will try a double drop rig with minnow top and plastic jig on bottom with a couple of poles.
  13. Those will make the rockin world go round
  14. How long is that first fish? Looks like a monster
  15. Lance, that is a nice bucket of fish. That thing has had a bunch in it since the time I started lurking on this site. I never equate crappie and mud bottoms though. Wood, rock, gravel, docks, trees, etc. but not mud. Is this just a winter pattern? Thanks
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