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  1. I was switching between a flicker shad and square bills yesterday. I caught a lot of bluegill, drum and a walleye. They all came in flicker shad in about 5’ of water. The link is a video of how things went on the water from the kayak. https://youtu.be/V0V5oH8OKxw
  2. I’m feeling good thank you. I do feel like I need to go on another fishing trip though before the lake freezes over.
  3. I was goal oriented till the sun started to set then I couldn’t help but to put down my poles and just sit there and marvel at it. You got some really great sunsets over the lake. Sunrises too
  4. Ya I’m exclusively kayak. I like the excessive and the peacefulness. It gives me the opportunity to watch wildlife up close and sneak up on the fish on the banks without scaring them. I fished the points when I went out, the banks and my usual spots. Most of the places mentioned above. I was marking fish on the fish finder. I drug the lure through the shad, on the bottom and burner soft plastic through the brush and still nothing. None of my methods or lures worked. I might have to toss out the tackle box and start over with a new set up and lures
  5. Thank you for that information. I was fishing that point yesterday, but I couldn’t catch anything. I’ll hsve to try those and other methods next time I go out. Be safe out there and thank you for all the help
  6. Did anyone else see the meteor last night? I know there were a few boats out
  7. I’m feeling really good. Thank you. I started heating rocks to stay warm at night. Might need a couple more tonight with the rain later. I caught one largemouth on the bank on a yellow curly tail. I’ve been figuring they’d be deep and slow with the cold and wind. I gave up today. Too windy for a kayak. Thank you guys.
  8. I tried to make sure I got a good fit on the hat. I have another one at home. Can’t let the government read your thoughts. Everyone should have a tin hat. It’s really scary what the government can do
  9. I’m camping at Ruark bluff campground east and I’ve been fishing the last few days but I haven’t been able to find the fish. I found a couple drum and a largemouth bass. I can’t seem to find anything that works.
  10. I was thinking about the state park but I like to fish around Ruark. The lady st the office said they don’t lock things up till after Halloween but does that mean the state park or all parks. I would think Ruark would be pretty quiet too wouldn’t it?
  11. Ya it’s a thyroid thing which I still can’t make sense of half of what the doc is saying. He said isolation, I hear camping. I don’t want to expose the wife and kinds to any radiation so I’m loading up and heading out.
  12. Thank you. I talked to the rangers and I think I will be staying at the campgrounds. Don’t have much of a choice. Ranger was saying they already have too many people camping illegally and leaving trash, burn piles, feces, and all kinds of stuff. I have created a team with streamteams and I plan on going out and picking up behind people once I feel better and maybe we can make Stockton clean and get to where it’s not so hard and more acceptable to allow people to camp outside of camp areas. “Leave no Trace”.
  13. The pill becomes radioactive once it’s consumed. Then the radiation is released. So it will be already in my system by the time I get to the campsite
  14. They won’t let me wait to take it till I’m at my destination and all set up. Seems like they’d want me to wait but I don’t know, I don’t have the degree so I guess I don’t have a say in the matter
  15. that's a no go. Anyone own land close to the lake that wants to make a buck and loan me a weekend in the woods?I got a few good ideas that do allow off the grid camping
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