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    Morse Bluff Ne./Baxter Mo.
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    Spending time with my family at TR, Fishing & Hunting with my boy's, My Wife

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  1. Lake Lover

    Funny Meme

  2. Lake Lover

    Funny Meme

  3. Lake Lover

    Funny Meme

    Ok, that makes sense J Peg file i'm, assuming. Thanks!
  4. Lake Lover

    Funny Meme

    Fish Pic.pdf Sorry, I'm still trying to figure out how to post a pic and not the link. I'm about as good with computers as i am at fishing Fish Pic.pdf
  5. Lake Lover

    Baxter a.m.

    Saturday morning they were lively as well, early morning plopper brought up a couple, then off the points between Baxter and 19 came up with 6 keepers all on drop shot. It was a good morning for me as I am used to not getting 6 all weekend
  6. Lake Lover

    Upper End Report

    Whew!! And i thought it was just me 🙂
  7. Lake Lover


    Happy 60th Birthday Phil!
  8. Lake Lover

    how busy is shell knob / arrow point area?

    We typically skip that weekend as well for the very same reason.
  9. I haven't heard that yet, but i do know they got rid of the station at Baxter. The last 2 times i have been there, my power was unplugged from the dock to my charger, and the owner told me the corp was thru there a couple times inspecting and they don't allow anything to be plugged in and left, they just say that the outlets by the slip are for convenience only while you are at the dock. Needless to say, it wasn't very convenient for me when i went to get in my boat at 6 am after driving 8 hours to get there and the batteries were dead. 😬
  10. Lake Lover

    Indian Point area - 6/19/18

    Just enjoy all the movement and flexibility you have now cuz it doesn't get any better . 😭
  11. Lake Lover

    new place to live

    You might Try Donna Patrick with Carol Jones. That is a bigger company and they might have a few more options? I will PM you her Cell #
  12. Lake Lover

    My wife

    Sorry for your loss Gary. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  13. Lake Lover

    A Texan on his Annual Pilgrimage

    TX. Looks like your on the move and hopefully catching some fish. I just drove over the kc bridge and saw you towing your rig so just thought I would say hi and good luck. It's gonna be a hot and busy one out there this weekend. Be Safe!
  14. Lake Lover

    Mid lake resorts

    Trace Hollow at the back of Little Indian is a great family friendly, affordable place. We stayed there several times before we purchased a home in that area. That is a great part of the lake (not that there is a bad part) to spend a few days. They have a dock there on site to rent nightly for your boat also as well as a pool. It is busy out in the main part of the cove in the summer with the camp and several resorts in the area, but if your an early riser you can get out and get some fishing in before all %$#@ breaks loose with the wake boats.
  15. Lake Lover

    ranger price

    Sorry to hear that about your wife Gary. I can only imagine what your going thru. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife. When the time comes and you get settled in at Table Rock, if you ever need a fishing partner for an afternoon, just mention it on this forum and if I'm not down there at that time, there are a great bunch of Guy's on this forum, some of which i have met, and I'm sure someone will be there, no doubt in my mind. Take Care Buddy!

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