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  1. So in other words, the entry fee is the cheap part of this equation
  2. Go get em! We had to pull out at noon to head back to *#@!. 2 small k's this morning is all but we had a blast. Weighed in a couple yesterday right at 3 lbs but got shut out by a couple ounces each time . Nothing better than spending a weekend on the water with my son! Good luck! I'd love to see that new boat at wanahoo.
  3. Your not alone buddy, son and I are struggling. Hitting it hard again today. Good Luck!
  4. Unfortunately the only place they weigh in is at Long Creek. At least the weather looks to be fairly warm so the long boat ride won't be so bad as long as the rain holds off. There was a lot of talk about this last year after the tourney, and the BB guy's just said that's the way they were sticking with.
  5. Be careful with the Jerk Baits.
  6. That's a good idea on the cat 5 home run line to the modem, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the info Skeeter!
  7. Good luck. Unfortunately that is all we have been able to find also, and yes your right, very slow and unreliable. I would hope with all the high dollar condos being built at little Indian they would maybe think of bringing in fiber but I'm not holding my breath. Were still waiting for water from mo ark. 🤣
  8. I think It's March 23rd Daryk. I will be down that way a couple times before the 1 bass, if need be, i can sure pick it up and bring it with me on the 23rd for you.
  9. It doesnt get any better either, you just have to buy more cheaters. One for the boat, the truck, the garage, your office etc etc. Menards sells them in 6 packs.
  10. Just curious. Why do you cut the bait holder off?
  11. Sounds like a plan. See you guy's on 3/23
  12. Best of luck to you stinger, hang in there buddy and stay strong!
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