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    Spending time with my family at TR, Fishing & Hunting with my boy's, My Wife

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  1. Indian Point 3/31/18

    And maybe use an A Rig
  2. Big Bass Lure In The KVD Tournament?

    Will you trade for a 2005 red skeeter with one live well working and a cold blooded 150 Yamaha? Slightly used? Congrats Buddy!
  3. Big Bass Lure In The KVD Tournament?

    Yes definitely Congrats to the winner, he did seem like a great guy. My son and I met him at the weigh in as he was bringing that hog in, and again as we pulled into the dock for the final weigh in on sunday. He was definitely pacing back and forth on the deck of his boat, and i don't blame him, I would be too! He was more than happy to show everyone there what he used, we didn't even ask him and he said "here is what i caught it on". That is a once in a lifetime deal for most people, and he seemed like the kind of guy that you would be happy that won it. We threw mostly Under spins, spinners and rock crawlers all weekend with an occasional A Rig, and only boated 3 fish, but one of them my son caught was enough to get a first place check with a rock crawler so we are very happy with the overall results of the weekend. Not only that, but i got to spend a great 2 days fishing with my son! We had a blast, and they do run a very class act tournament! Will definitely be back next year.
  4. OA One Bass Tourney - who's coming list

    Drive safe c4f, it's a long haul but well worth it! See you at TR!
  5. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Will definitely continue praying for a full and speedy recovery! Hang in there buddy, hopefully the worst is over.
  6. Sad News

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you Fishrman.
  7. OA One bass who is bringing what list

    I'll bring a couple coolers with pop and water for everyone.
  8. No smoking near Baxter Boat Dock

    Exactly, I know i sure appreciate the upgrades that are going on at the marina. These guy's are taking old infrastructure and trying to upgrade it the best they can. It all takes time and money, and i for one thank you for the effort!
  9. Prayer request

    Exactly.. It will be in my prayers as well.
  10. OA One Bass tournament March 10, 2018 Eagle Rock

    Count me in QB. It was a good time last year!
  11. Table rock

    Good Luck Champ! I hope its warmer down there. It's 15 here in Nebraska. Were walking on our lakes now!
  12. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  13. Got a new boat.

    Yep, It'showing up now! Nice!
  14. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    All i can say is it looks like you guy's had a great time, and I'm bummed i missed it. Sounds like a great bunch of guys cutting loose ( and maybe cutting a couple other things:) Hopefully i can make it next year. Looking forward to it already!

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