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  1. No smoking near Baxter Boat Dock

    Exactly, I know i sure appreciate the upgrades that are going on at the marina. These guy's are taking old infrastructure and trying to upgrade it the best they can. It all takes time and money, and i for one thank you for the effort!
  2. Prayer request

    Exactly.. It will be in my prayers as well.
  3. OA One Bass tournament March 10, 2018 Eagle Rock

    Count me in QB. It was a good time last year!
  4. Table rock

    Good Luck Champ! I hope its warmer down there. It's 15 here in Nebraska. Were walking on our lakes now!
  5. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  6. Got a new boat.

    Yep, It'showing up now! Nice!
  7. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    All i can say is it looks like you guy's had a great time, and I'm bummed i missed it. Sounds like a great bunch of guys cutting loose ( and maybe cutting a couple other things:) Hopefully i can make it next year. Looking forward to it already!
  8. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Quill I tried to send this in a pm but it kept coming back as not accepting messages Quill It doesnt look good for me being able to get away this weekend with work commitments unfortunately. If you have saved a spot for us and it doesnt get filled by anyone, let me know what i owe so everyone can keep their bill at the 80.00. I dont want everyone else having to pay more because i couldn't make the timing work out. Heck, i havent even been down to the lake in over a month, It's killin me! Thanks Quill! Todd
  9. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Unfortunately work is getting into my fishing time also. Not looking good for us for this weekend, so just wanted to wish everyone good luck and have a great time! Looking forward to the day of retirement where fishing is priority over work!! If i make it that long!
  10. OzarkAnglers.Com Bumper Stickers

    Thanks Phil! Received Mine yesterday
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck if your one of the lucky ones getting out on the water this weekend!
  12. Skunked

    Sounds like your luck is going about as good as mine. Hang in there SB, it should be getting better soon ! "hopefully"
  13. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Thanks Griz! That sounds great! I think i might just see about a 1/2 day trip with one of Phil's men before then to get set up and familiar with everything.
  14. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Newbie #2 here. It sounds like a great time. Is there anywhere i can get the details as far as where everyone is staying, and if there is anymore room for a couple of Nebraska boy's. Also, new to trout fishing, so have absolutely no clue what i would need as far as gear.
  15. Robo Ned worms

    Looks like a gummy worm

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