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  1. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Thanks Griz! That sounds great! I think i might just see about a 1/2 day trip with one of Phil's men before then to get set up and familiar with everything.
  2. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Newbie #2 here. It sounds like a great time. Is there anywhere i can get the details as far as where everyone is staying, and if there is anymore room for a couple of Nebraska boy's. Also, new to trout fishing, so have absolutely no clue what i would need as far as gear.
  3. Robo Ned worms

    Looks like a gummy worm
  4. WTF?

    It is definitely not from a lack of trying, but that does seem to be the case right now with everyone i have talked to that has been out lately, and yes, the tournament weights, WOW, that has made me aware that it's not just my inexperience on this lake , that it must be tough all over right now. However trying to convince my 19 year old that it's not just old dad, that is slow all over is a whole different story, but he is hanging in there like a trooper. Thanks guy's, i figured from what i have seen and heard it is awful slow out there, but just didn't know if this was just a norm for the time of year or something that was "hopefully" unusual. Hopefully we can post some better reports soon! Good luck everyone!
  5. WTF?

    Where's The Fish? I was just wondering, since i am fairly new to fishing Table Rock, is this slow time we have been experiencing, or at least I have, for the last several weeks normal? I wasn't sure if this is just a normal cycle, or hopefully something that we don't experience very often. I was hoping some of you gents that have been on the lake for awhile would know what's up? Our day's on the water have been extremely slow. Hope everyone else is doing a little better than us.
  6. BIG Creek area question

    Yes, it has been fairly descent, in comparison to how things have been going lately anywhere else anyway. Not sure its worth coming from kimberling but definitely an easy shot from Baxter.
  7. sunglasses

    Good point! At least i hope it's not worse!
  8. sunglasses

    No Pictures Please!
  9. Lake View?

    We have a great lake view in Baxter , but i don't think my neighbors in the 300 acres behind us would like the cattle in their yard. But hey, ya just never know.
  10. Sad day prayers needed.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill and his family. I have not had the pleasure of meeting him as well, but the short time we have been in the area, it is obvious he was, and still is, definitely a well respected and liked guy.
  11. Not a Table Rock report

    Wow, that's a ton of boats for that lake. Welcome to Nebraska! ☺ Thanks for the info, I will have to give him a try. Have not been to Prairie Queen yet, but have heard young man on 192 dodge is giving a few up. Good luck!
  12. Not a Table Rock report

    C4F. Did you get those at wanahoo? Never thought of using Ned up here. My last outing there was fairly uneventful, but, it was an afternoon on the water. 😎
  13. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Just a thought from some of us that aren't as fluent with our words, and or letters of this type. If someone had the time and was able to draft a template for a letter to be sent, posted it for all to cut and paste and put their own info on it, we might get a lot more guy's to join in and send the above mentioned our thoughts. I know it will look repetitive and at some point maybe a little unprofessional, but sometimes consistency pays, and the easier it is for people to join in on the battle the more of a voice that might be heard from their potential voting public.
  14. OA One bass tourney

    I would like to say thank you to everyone that took the time to set this up as well. It was great to meet some of the folks i see here on the board on a regular basis in person. As i suspected, it was a great bunch of guy's & gal's. We will definitely be back for the next one! Thanks Again! Hopefully I will see some of you guys on the water, if you see a red Skeeter SX19 in the campbell point to Baxter area, stop by and say Hi! Take Care!
  15. Motor issue

    Yes definitely Dan's Marine. He has done a good job for me, and got me in and back out right away. I highly recommend them.

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