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  1. cracklebak

    October 10-14 Report with pics

    @ruthead I expect BIG things from you this trip! Make sure you pay respect to the outlet number 2 fraternity so as not to disturb their sacred methods of fly fishing 😆
  2. @Phil Lilley I couldn't help but notice your comment that you didn't have a ruler. But wasn't there a ruler on your net that I saw in the video?
  3. cracklebak

    Nice Brown Phil!

    That was my first thought on the length... but the more I looked at the still frames with some reference points.... I thought it was definitely closer to 30 inches than 20.
  4. cracklebak

    Replica Suggestions?

    There is an outfit that does just that... I thought it was a great idea. If I remember correctly, the cost was significantly less than a mount, and they looked pretty good. I checked out their website but it was months ago, so I don't recall the name of the company.
  5. cracklebak

    Prop shop???

    We have a few quality used 4 blades that are collecting dust, shoot me a PM if you are interested in purchasing one or want more details.
  6. cracklebak

    Replica Suggestions?

    @netboy it looks like they shorted you a few spots! Lol I suppose that would be tedious work.
  7. Just two weekends ago I experienced an outbarb hook right through the meat of my middle fingerprint. It was on an older Megabass. And no, it was not fun prying it out... I don't know of a good way to deal with those besides avoiding them or smashing the barbs. They sure are sticky though!
  8. cracklebak

    Replica Suggestions?

    Another celebrated taxidermist, Cole Cruickshank, does excellent work. His business is called Timberland Taxidermy, you can check his website for background and prices. Also I'd suggest giving him a call to give him the details of your catch, he can do some really cool creative stuff.
  9. cracklebak

    Lilley's Winter Tournament Schedule 2019

    Of course... I just had to ask though! I talked my 74 year old grandfather in to fishing the Elfrink with me for the first time last year, and his trolling motor brushes wore out on us pre-fishing Friday so we didn't fish it last year. Totally forgot there was a big one caught last year.
  10. cracklebak

    Lilley's Winter Tournament Schedule 2019

    Type-O on the big brown for the Elfrink tourney or has it rolled over all these years?
  11. cracklebak

    Trout for Sale - $4 each!

    On one of his "for sale" posts on FB a person asked him what size they were... he said mostly 1-3 pounders with a few 20-24 inches. Ugh...
  12. cracklebak

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Your colors/pattern look very close to these Livetarget trout fry lures
  13. cracklebak

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Those look awesome DD. I have purchased 75% of what I need to start painting plugs and such, but it seems like quite a task that could almost be an obsession so I have put it off really getting started. Hats off to you, those look great, especially for a first run! Do you have to paint blanks only or could you take a megabass plug and strip/repaint? I have a bunch of duplicates...
  14. cracklebak

    White River trip 7/16-7/19

    Did you get a pic of the 28"?
  15. cracklebak

    Lisa Lands a Big Brown

    Adipose fin is clipped

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