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  1. cracklebak

    Trout for Sale - $4 each!

    On one of his "for sale" posts on FB a person asked him what size they were... he said mostly 1-3 pounders with a few 20-24 inches. Ugh...
  2. cracklebak

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Your colors/pattern look very close to these Livetarget trout fry lures
  3. cracklebak

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Those look awesome DD. I have purchased 75% of what I need to start painting plugs and such, but it seems like quite a task that could almost be an obsession so I have put it off really getting started. Hats off to you, those look great, especially for a first run! Do you have to paint blanks only or could you take a megabass plug and strip/repaint? I have a bunch of duplicates...
  4. cracklebak

    White River trip 7/16-7/19

    Did you get a pic of the 28"?
  5. cracklebak

    Lisa Lands a Big Brown

    Adipose fin is clipped
  6. cracklebak

    Best River Jon

    I don't blame ya there! How many ppl can it haul with gear?
  7. cracklebak

    Best River Jon

    Jake what are you running as far as a motor goes?
  8. cracklebak

    Yozuri Stickbaits

    Great variety of colors, hooks are poor. Even the smaller ones come with saltwater style hooks, made of tin, which is a pretty thick wire and makes it tough to get a good hook-set (and tears up the fish pretty bad). Some of the newest line, 3DR have black nickel hooks, but they don't have the action that the older ones do.
  9. cracklebak

    One Cast +

    Thanks. Lots of big boulders down there in some of the deep water if I recall. That's a cool stretch of the river, seems like lots of structure and deep water.
  10. cracklebak

    One Cast +

    Pretty awesome stuff. Wonder if a drone could handle a 15lb Brown?! Speaking of Phil's drone video, does anyone know what the depth is where Phil was headed toward (from Narrows to Lookout)? I have found resources on here with maps, one says 5-9 ft and another says 9-12 ft.
  11. Prob more "low speed" wrecks in Colorado with the recreational marijuana laws in effect
  12. cracklebak

    bull shoals water temps

    Wondering if there's any resources to check bull shoals water temps? heard that when it gets down around 42 the trout all take naps and it's worthless fishing, would like to avoid that.
  13. cracklebak

    28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    Congrats on an awesome fish Phil. Even though I knew you had landed it... I was cringing watching the video, thinking "don't come off don't come off" as you were working that thing in! ha!
  14. cracklebak

    Missing pectoral fins

    Nope the clipped adipose fin is a courtesy to remind anglers that these fish were genetically modified (GMO) and taste TERRIBLE so you ought to throw those nasty ones back.
  15. cracklebak

    Gar Flys

    That is a nomad mid-length net from fishpond- 37" in length. Admittedly no tape long enough, we measured that fish with both the net and tape pieced together- 50" app.

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