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  1. I have two (2) Abu Garcia MGXtreme Spinning SP30 reels to sell. One is unused NIB, the other is used once in like new condition with box. They each have the extra spools for lighter line applications as well as manual, warranty card (unregistered), hard storage case and original box. Everything you get with the new purchase is included. Feel free to check it out at http://www.abugarcia.com/abugarcia-reels-spinning-reels/abu-garcia-revo-mgxtreme-spinning/1402490.html#start=7 for complete details. Asking $300 each, shipped. If you'd like both, would do $575 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for looking.
  2. Congratulations, awesome fish. Guess I'll be fishing harder when a cloud passes over now 😂
  3. Is there a thread I missed in another forum on this? Figured there'd be more info/posts here on the story behind the catch
  4. This was several years ago, I thought I recalled a post/thread that talked about this, involving the water quality down lake.... maybe it was temp or o2... something didn't jive with a brown's preference/suitability with the water once you got so far down lake from TR dam. Anyone remember or know if there's truth to that?
  5. My bladder thanks my Orvis ultralight convertible waders. Quicker than your mother can unbutton her overalls.
  6. Did you have the opportunity to use the I-Pilot in any rivers? Curious how the route trace feature would work in that scenario. I think they call it I-Track
  7. Here is a couple more pics Jesters, the bow's head was pretty much digested
  8. Lucky to not have a first fish, but fishes, if you count the deceased rainbow in the picture. Caught Jan. 1
  9. @ruthead I expect BIG things from you this trip! Make sure you pay respect to the outlet number 2 fraternity so as not to disturb their sacred methods of fly fishing 😆
  10. @Phil Lilley I couldn't help but notice your comment that you didn't have a ruler. But wasn't there a ruler on your net that I saw in the video?
  11. That was my first thought on the length... but the more I looked at the still frames with some reference points.... I thought it was definitely closer to 30 inches than 20.
  12. There is an outfit that does just that... I thought it was a great idea. If I remember correctly, the cost was significantly less than a mount, and they looked pretty good. I checked out their website but it was months ago, so I don't recall the name of the company.
  13. We have a few quality used 4 blades that are collecting dust, shoot me a PM if you are interested in purchasing one or want more details.
  14. @netboy it looks like they shorted you a few spots! Lol I suppose that would be tedious work.
  15. Just two weekends ago I experienced an outbarb hook right through the meat of my middle fingerprint. It was on an older Megabass. And no, it was not fun prying it out... I don't know of a good way to deal with those besides avoiding them or smashing the barbs. They sure are sticky though!
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