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  1. Did anyone make it down to the stream today to see how much MORE its up ?
  2. I fished with john wilson last year and he showed me how to fish 2 flies at a time and i dont remember how he set it up And what flies he used
  3. Could someone tell me How to tie a midge and scud dropper rig.Also can you use a wooley Booger instead of a scud Thanks
  4. Hey brian where is phils fly shop at. I bought a sage launch series. Thanks Joe
  5. I bought my first fly rod and reel.Its a sage rod and ross reel. Now i need your help i need to get some flies i am going to fish the white river beginning of Feb i am going to fish at night also.So hope someone can give me some suggestions on some flies and where to buy them from Thanks Joe
  6. Yes my buddy now is trying to get me into fly fishing do you have any suggestion for rod and reel combo`s Thanks Joe
  7. Thanks Guys I will look at bass pro shop If you have anymore suggestion Please Post
  8. Yes iam thinking about buying a new rod for fishing the white river.I would like to buy something that i can cast far using a spinning reel.I have heard of people using a 6`6 light action rod any suggestions would help Thanks Again for the website
  9. Jim could you e-mail me a picture of 1 please thanks joe
  10. Iam looking to find where to buy White river trout rig with a bell sinker or learn how to make them Thanks joe
  11. Iam looking for Storm thin fins iam looking for only a couple of colors e-mail me at firemedjoe@yahoo.com if you have some for sale
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