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  1. Jeff Polys

    Getting Jiggy with it - March Taney Trip

    Seth, have you had luck with any other sort of color worm? I ask because I just bought the natural color , almost reddish. https://www.amazon.com/Berkley-Gulp-Floating-Trout-Worm/dp/B00870WPK8?th=1. Your video at the dam, during high water is awesome! Something I will have to try. Must have been a good day. Thanks everyone for all of your information. I am sure ill bring a arsenal and only use a few things all week, but that is how it goes. I am going to force myself to jig all day one day. I lived in Steelville, Mo for 5 years and jigged rubber tail jigs at meramec springs. Went a few times a week. I learned how to jig, but primarily on sight alone. That is the part I feel like I will struggle with, is feeling the bite and bottom jigging. All I can do is practice and buy plenty of jigs. Thanks for your help and I look forward on watching/reading updates. Happy Friday!
  2. Hello, I have been bait fishing lake taneycomo for the past 10 years. Drifting, watching rod tips and spending all sort of money on power bait. The whole group a guys i fish with use this method. "what colors are they biting on" is a question often asked. We have been doing our trip in either Feb or early March each year and each year I tell myself each year i will start using jigs. I have even bought several olive and white 1/32 jigs, but never had much luck. In full disclosure, I give up quick once i see my buddies catching them on powerbait. So whats the trick? With water moving, do i just throw and sink to the bottom? Jigging my rod each time feel the bottom? With no movement, do i put them on a float around 6 ft deep? We typically float from Fall Creek down in the middle of the channel. We also fish from the powerlines down to the landing. I bought some 2lb test, and have 6 foot 7 st croix light action rod. I just started watching Lileys one cast, which is the best fishing report around. The recent minnow series is great. It looks like I can watch Phil work a jig and get a pretty good idea, but any other tips would be helpful. Looking for bigger fish and more action. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  3. Jeff Polys

    Best place for Sucker fishing - March

    Thanks @Seth We have caught several just down from Lazy valley, but like you mentioned it seems the numbers have went down. The limit is 20 per person, and it would be nothing to catch 25-30 nice ones as a group. I think the last few years we only got 5 or 6 as a group. I believe snagging season starts March 15th, so we might be a little too early to cruise the creeks on high banks. I guess all I can do is try. Thank you for the feed back.
  4. Hello Crew, I am planning an early March fishing trip to Taneycomo. Staying few miles down from the landing. We have had success with suckers fishing on light rigs with worms in the past, but we always went in February, not March. It almost seems the past few years have even gotten slower. Where is the best place to fish for White Suckers in early March on Taneycomo? How does the population of sucker seem to be this year? My best guess is big long channels before creeks, as they are staging for spawn. Thank you in advance.
  5. Jeff Polys

    Jeremy Hunt's trip yesterday

    Is bait fishing productive in Norfork tailwater? I read some articles about worm fishing, but how does Powerbait do? My current plan is ultra light, 4lb fluro and a drift rig with worm. Thoughts?
  6. Jeff Polys

    Boat Fishing Late March

    Thank you for the help. We are staying at Genes Trout resort, so hopefully we can boat a little around that area. We also plan on fishing the Norfork Lake for crappie, walleye and catfish (trot lines). Super excited about our trip. At Lake Taneycomo it seems that the more it rains the more they run the generators. I know its based on energy needs, but doesn't the Lake level make generation more frequent? When I called genes, they mentioned that we would have no problem putting in and running in March. Hoping for high water. Thanks again!
  7. Jeff Polys

    Boat Fishing Late March

    Hello - My family and I take a trip each year to taneycomo, this year we are mixing it up and traveling to Norfork Tailwater. We have 1 jet boat but the rest are props. Hoping on rain, but if it doesn't rain, is this whole stretch accessible by prop? Or are we pretty much limited to generation? Also are you only allowed to keep 1 fish over 14 inches? Thank you in advance.
  8. Jeff Polys

    Lake Norfork -End of March fishing Trip - South Lake

    Sounds a little too far on boat. We will be staying for 4 days, so maybe we can make the trip one afternoon. We will likely attempt south lake for crappie and I bought a few worm rigs with lindy weights. Sounds like Big Creek would be our best best. I have never caught a walleye and would like to knock that off the list. This is technically our trout fishing trip, so I am sure we will spend alot of time on Norfork Tailwater. 5 trout a day limit is pretty enticing. Wish us luck!
  9. Jeff Polys

    Lake Norfork -End of March fishing Trip - South Lake

    Thank you. How far a run is it by boat from the South side of the lake to the North? It sounds like if we stay on the southside of the lake, big creek will be our best bet for any fish. Crappie, walleye and Striper. Blue Catfish might also be following shad, so it could be a hot spot. I want to go where the action is. So how far of a boat ride is it from one side of the lake to the other. We have 150hp all the way to 30hp. Plus a few jet boats. Thank you, JP
  10. Jeff Polys

    Lake Norfork -End of March fishing Trip - South Lake

    Thank you! I am hoping spring starts a little earlier in Arkansas than MO. The past few years, the only issue I see is the mix of weather that comes through those parts. I've read extensively on fishing reports and several outfitters tips/techniques. Our plan is to fish trout in norfork tailwater, but norfork striper and walleye make a 1 mile drive seem worth it. We fish alot of crappie and catfish around the St. Louis area and have had some pretty good luck. I plan on vertical jigging brush piles and man made structure. Blue catfish usually feed off of the main channel, if we can find the bait (back of big creek, thank you!) we should be able to locate the catfish. Hoping for good weather and tight lines, thanks again!
  11. Jeff Polys

    Lake Norfork -End of March fishing Trip - South Lake

    94 views and no tips? I plan on locating structure for crappie. Setting lines in big creek off the main channel. Possibly set some lines close to the structure. For Walleye, I have worm rigs, I plan to crappie fish and cast out my worm rigs. Possibly troll the worm rigs with lindy weights. Since the lake is deep and structure is limited, I really plan on using the MDC website to locate man made structure for fish. Hoping to have time to trout fish norfork tailwater in the am and hit norfork lake all day and night. I have been reading past reports from that time and the end of March should be finicky. I guess ill bring the whole fridge, stove and throw everything I have at them. I will be in town for 4 days and will have jet boats and props with pretty decent technology. How does that sound?
  12. My dad and I have a fishing trip planned at the end of March in Salesville Arkansas. We are going to trout fish Lake Norfork Tailwater and also attempt fishing Lake norfork for crappie, walleye, and trot lines for Catfish. Any tips for fishing the South portion of the lake during late March? How far a run is it by boat from Quarry Marina to Calamity beach. I've read that a lot of walleyes will move up lake during spawn. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  13. Jeff Polys

    Lake Taneycomo-Generation Schedule

    Thank you. I guess I have been reading the projected schedule wrong this whole time. Well that stinks they projected to run and did not actually run. Like I said, I have a weekend trip coming up and we fish up lake from the landing. I believe we call the spot the powerlines maybe its called monkey island. The spot it alot hotter for trout when the water is running. Thanks again.
  14. Jeff Polys

    Lake Taneycomo-Generation Schedule

    Thanks for the heads up. My trip is in two weeks, maybe the shad will be moving through the dam by than. I show 35 for every hour on Saturday and Sunday. I look at http://www.swpa.gov/generationschedules.aspx, but would love to get the APP. What is it? Thanks!
  15. Jeff Polys

    Lake Taneycomo-Generation Schedule

    It looks like the generation has been running some each day. 35 all throughout the weekend. I guess this means 1/2 of unit open or around half. Hopefully it keeps up. I have 1/32 and 1/64 jigs. From reading articles it appears that slow jigging and/or float jigging is a very popular way to catch larger trout. Sounds like a safer C/R method vs bait fishing. Has anyone seen shad kill on the lake? I read that I will want to switch to white jigs instead of sculpin (brownish red) jigs. We are still going to be targeting suckers with night crawlers off the bottom. Could also be a good way to get a brown. Bought some size 8 mustad hooks. Super sharp, hopefully I will be sinking it into several white suckers mouths! Have a great Monday everyone!

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