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  1. Anyone know why John Cox and Ryan Butler don't have any points showing?
  2. I use the Krazy glue brand with the brush. It rolls around in the storage compartment and I haven't ever had any problems.
  3. I know this is my first post on this "information hub". I have been checking this site daily for a couple of years. I love reading the information that you fine people provide for all who come here. I graduated from the University of Kansas and my father went to Kansas State.....I wanted my own path. I truly feel for the University of Missouri. This whole situation would do the same to nearly every university in our wonderful country if it happened in their neck of the woods. The answer to these problems is love! Love each other and treat each other well. Our world would be much better place if more people thought that way. By the way, thank you guys/women for helping other fisherman with your helpful information.
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