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  1. Girschwinn

    Greer to Whitten

    Water was great. Cold and movin fast!
  2. Girschwinn

    Greer to Whitten

    Did ok until the crazy storm rolled in. Caught my 2 best rainbows. One on a bumblebee rooster tail, and the other on a bubblegum ned rig!!!
  3. Girschwinn

    Greer to Whitten

    Doing a float from Greer to Whiitten on Friday. Anybody been on the river recently? Just wondering if the fish have been biting, and if so what on??? I know you cant use soft plastics until after Turner Mill. Gonna try a pink Ned rig worm after Turner and hopefully land a decent fish or 2!
  4. Girschwinn

    New to fishing in the Ozarks

    If you're looking to try bass fishing, do some research on the "Ned Rig". I've never been big on plastics, but I have been consistently landing the biggest smallmouth and largemouth of my life since getting the hang of it. Read about it on this forum first. Enjoy all the new things to learn and fishing in the Ozarks!
  5. Girschwinn

    Fishing report 7/1/2017

    Went catfishing on Truman. We were using cut up shad. Only caught one in like 3 hours. Movin around the lake we passed this spot where it went from 14 fow to about 4 fow. Now I had told my buddy I was determined to catch SOMETHING (anything) on a rapala, so I threw out a blue gold Xrap and started bringin it in. Wham wham! Something was hittin it hard. So we stopped. Next cast I had a nice white bass. Literally every cast after that I had a white bass on. What a great fight. Best day of fishing I have ever had. We both caught our limit, but probably could have stayed and caught about a hundred. 👍🏻
  6. Girschwinn

    Moon Valley to Bennett?

    Only caught a couple bass. It was a good time regardless!
  7. Girschwinn

    Moon Valley to Bennett?

    hey thanks wrench!!! that was kinda my thought as well.
  8. Girschwinn

    Moon Valley to Bennett?

    Doing a float camp Friday-Saturday and I was wondering if you guys thought the fishing would be better Moon Valley to Bennett, or Bennett to Barclay. Looking forward to it either way! Hopefully we haven't had so much rain that it ruins the fishing!
  9. Girschwinn

    Bennet Springs Access to Barclay

    Caught a few bass but for the most part the fishing was a bust!!! Beautiful float though!!!
  10. Girschwinn

    Bennet Springs Access to Barclay

    Yeah I have never floated this stretch so I am excited to try and figure out this river a bit!
  11. Girschwinn

    Bennet Springs Access to Barclay

    Gonna float tomorrow morning. Should be a perfect day for fishin in February. Hope to be getting into some trout and smallmouth. I'll report back hopefully with some pictures!!!
  12. Girschwinn

    Successful 2/10 and 2/11

    Wow great fish!!!! I went to the Strip Pits in mid December with some buddies and we all caught our limit of rainbows. The biggest was 1lb 9oz. I really loved fishin out there! What did you catch that monster on!?!?!
  13. Girschwinn

    Looking for good new fishing holes

    Hey thanks @Flysmallie!!! I may be float fishin the Niangua this weekend! I will definitely let everyone know how it goes!!!!
  14. Girschwinn

    Looking for good new fishing holes

    Yeah @Phil Lilley I quickly realized that. Also realized that there was no way to delete a post so I apologize.
  15. Girschwinn

    Looking for good new fishing holes

    I think I may go to Capps Creek at sunrise and see what I can do!!! All I care about is that the Patriots lose!!!!

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