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  1. Only have the wife at home with me. Only complaint from her is how much she wants a fountain soda, just won't stop talking about it. Have a couple granddaughters who would fit right in with the music gig.
  2. I got out yesterday and had a 5 acre county park lake to myself. Fishing was slow, water was murky from the rain but did catch four bass on a suspending jerk bait and a couple gills on jigs. About 11 am a guy with a dog shows up walks up and informs me that he talked to a cop and there is no fishing allowed, only dog walking. I told him he's breaking the rules of social distancing and he's full of s**t since the golf course down the street is open and allowing foursomes. Four people can golf in a group but I'm not allowed to fish by myself. He walked back to his car and left. Didn't see another person the whole time I was there.
  3. Amazing how those little jig heads will stick and hold bigger fish.
  4. The crappie must be hungry to take a bigger bait like that. I noticed you use a chartreuse body jig quite a bit. Looks like Trilobal antron chenille, my favorite color as well and have tied thousands of jigs with it. Got tired of buying a couple packs at a time and purchased a 300 yard spool of the stuff twice. Finished one and started the second, still have about 250 yards of it left. When you need more I have some you can have free.
  5. I was out a Denny Dennis a couple of weeks ago and had a chance to talk to a couple members about hair jigs. Mitch asked if I add rattles to some of my baits and I told him not very often since Glass rattles break if you hit a rock or bridge piling on the cast. While looking for something else I found some rattles that won't break and tied them in at the hook bend to keep them out of the way. Mostly used possum zonkers and crosscut rabbit for these. Like these so it looks like I will be ordering more rattles soon.
  6. We finally got some warmer temps so I decided to give the crappie itch a scratch. Despite the windy conditions the last two days I managed to find some slabs that were fat and hungry for my float n fly's. Most were in the 12-14 inch range but caught some smaller crappie and gills as well.
  7. Great article and instructions are easy to follow. I've been making them since the early 90's using either the craft hair version that you showed with the phat fly or using mallard or gadwall flank feathers and it's my favorite bait. I make them in sizes from 1/64-1/8 and they are deadly on everything. My biggest largemouth, crappie and bluegill were caught using them, but slab crappie can't resist them. I've caught 10's of thousands of fish since I started using them and fish them all 12 months of the year fishing rivers, lakes and ponds around Saint Louis where I live. Most of the places I fish are shallow, seldom over 8 foot deep so I just use a weighted fixed float with the f&f. If I could only use one bait this would be it.
  8. Always like trying different things. Would like to see a picture of one of yours if possible, Doug.
  9. A couple with Awesome possum zonker strips for the tail with silicone rubber strands. These have 6/0 VMC jig hooks. Length from head to tail are 5" +. Come on spring time.
  10. When the weather isn't cooperating and I can't fish I tie to keep from going crazy. I made these yesterday. I hope these colors get their attention. These are 3/8 and 1/2 oz.
  11. I have the Patriarch and would put it at the bottom of my list. It sits on a shelf. Plenty of other really nice reels in the $200 and less range out there. Find one that balances well with your new custom rod.
  12. Big improvement on the jigs in a short time. Tying jigs when the weather conditions are too bad to be fishing keeps me from going crazy. I lay down a thread base first and after the first couple of loose wraps to position the material I crank down on the thread to lock it in place. Here is a few from yesterday. Stand up jigs are possum, badger hackle with a bit of flash and the underspins are possum tails, flash with a bunny body.
  13. I don't tie many flies but have tied many, many jigs in the 25 years since I started. I tie jigs with and without collars, just depends on what I'm tying at the moment. I pour all my own jigs and prefer them painted even though paint will start to chip eventually which is why I no longer cure jigs. I like mixing my own powder paints and add UV blast powder to most colors and it really brightens up the color on them. I think you can cure jigs all day and they would still chip. Most of my bass jigs have collars and if they have a ball and barbed collar I will cut the barbed section off and flatten the ball portion. Most of my trout, pan fish jigs are tied without collars.
  14. DO-IT recently came out with a collarless pillhead jig called a freestyle jig. I got one because it has the in between sizes I like. 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32 and 3/16. The tear drop jigs have a lot of thump to them as well. Here are a few freestyle heads I tied using bear, possum and a bit of flash. 3/32 with a 2/0 hook. I like bear more than bucktail, softer with more action. If interested I can make a custom order for anyone. Checked ebay this morning and I'm the only one tying bear jigs.
  15. The thread collar keeps the bead from moving too much. I like some bead movement, if tied too close to the prop then the prop won't spin properly or not at all. I was using a smaller 1/16 oz. version yesterday at a very clear lake stocked with trout and on the drop the blade spins like crazy,bait has a slow drop speed.. Caught a dozen rainbows in an hour testing the bait. Was able to see a couple trout follow the bait and take it off the bottom when it stopped spinning.
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