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    2 drownings at Castlewood

    I learned to swim at a public swimming pool back in the 60's. The pool was Marquette Park and they gave free swimming lessons which was great because if it wasn't I wouldn't have been able to get them. I walked the six blocks almost every day during the summer. Great idea with the crosses until the next high water arrives and washes them away.

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    Thought I knew the spot but don't see any graffiti on the wall behind you. Lot's of fun on topwater, something I've not had much luck with this year.

    Fall Redear sunfish

    Since last April I've been having a blast fishing for Redear and other sunfish using small jigs and ultra ultralight tackle. My 7 foot Shimano Soare weighs 2.4 oz matched with a Stella C2000S reel and 2lb test. This year I've caught almost 50 master angler Redear from 10-13 inches as well as bass, bluegill, channel cats and several large crappie using this tackle. It slowed down during the summer but starting to catch them again this fall. Picture is of the first Redear of the fall, right at 11 inches. Really looking forward to the cooler weather, weeds are making it harder on me.

    Anyone familiar with these?

    I remember fishing with a fly rod and automatic reel for bedding gills using a small popper when I was a youngster and had a blast with them.

    Been Awhile

    BH, I used them at the pond and caught a bluegill on the first cast using the 3 wt .Caught a half dozen more before switching to ultralight spinning gear and started catching nice redear so didn't use it anymore. They made the trip to the springs but weren't in the box I started with and forgot about them. I wish I would have tried them now that I think about it. I promise to try one first thing on my next trip out. Maybe let Lucianna try one as well in another color. The 1/32-1/64 were working very well but could have used a split shot to get the lighter ones deeper.

    Been Awhile

    Going to try to get her down there for a couple days before school starts with the weather cooling down. Some little jigs I tied yesterday in 1/32 and 1/64.

    Awesome Topwater Day 7/21

    The hybrid stripers are so much fun on topwater, nice to see you get some. Really exciting when the hit almost at the rod tip. Had a couple do that, had me shaking so bad and had the heart pounding. Had to sit for a few minutes before I could make another cast.

    Been Awhile

    Blast from the past. Picture was taken five years ago today of my granddaughter Luci when she was 10. She caught this smallie below the springs. She loves to fish and wanted to go but couldn't since she had a Sunday afternoon hockey game. They grow up so fast, hard to believe that she is going to be a sophomore in high school this fall.

    Been Awhile

    Pictures are of the jigs I used most of the two days and what I caught almost all of them with. The star of the show was the first one with the bright green head. The float is a 3/4 inch round weighted float that I color up with permanent markers so fish eat my jig instead of the float. I never would consider using a color like this except for a thread by Johnsfolly showing a picture of one with warm water species attached to it. I think he said he purchased the jig at Bennett Springs. I couldn't get a good look at the jig so I made my own version with a peacock herl/gold wire body. I will be tying more like it soon including a 1/32 for a faster drop and so I can fish it faster.
  10. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Been Awhile

    Didn't take a lot of pics. These are from second day and they were biting too good. Hard to take pics while you are fighting them still.Had one run between my legs while trying to take a picture. I think it was the fish in third picture. Pictures of the jigs I used will come later.
  11. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Been Awhile

    I got down to the springs Sunday morning and it turned out to be a typical average day catching 1-2 at about every spot I fished and finished with 18 trout with several colors producing fish. Mainly used dark colors but later in the late afternoon I got several on a 1/32 pink and white marabou flasher jig with a #10 sickle hook. Total for the day was 18 trout, all sore lipped and released. Around 6:30 I went to the trophy area and started fishing the warmer water and caught 1 smallie about 9 inches long, 6 rock bass and several longear sunfish fishing the rocks.They could use some rain there, water seems about a foot lower than normal. Didn't sleep very well that night due to a sore back, probably from standing all day and a lot of walking so decided to fish the second hole to start Monday morning. It started out overcast so I started fishing with a 1/64 bright green jig with a peacock herl body, gold wire and olive marabou tail and the trout ate it up, got to see most of them eat it. Caught ten in the first hour before the sun broke through and it slowed down. Fished until 10 am when I caught #20. About 15 were caught on the bright green jig, the rest were caught on assorted colors, couple on the pink and white from the previous evening. Average size was about 10-11 inches but did catch a couple 14 inchers. I did take pictures using a new camera and will post pictures once I figure out how to downsize pictures since I didn't bother to read the manual yet. Will take pics of the jigs I used to catch them as well.
  12. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Three generations fishing at one time

    I'll try and get the bass pics up, didn't use my phone so waiting for daughter to nsend pictures.
  13. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Three generations fishing at one time

    Took my daughter and grandson to local park and did fairly well. Logan started off catching a couple bluegill and then a channel cat that almost pulled in his pole when he set it down. Moved to another spot and he was dabbing a worm along the wall an inch or two below the surface when the bass hit. He had it up and over the wall before I had a chance to coach him. Made my day and his mom is really proud of him. He caught the biggest fish today, I caught some dinks.
  14. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Sunglasses ?

    I went through a lot of cheap sunglasses myself and managed to break every pair. In 2001 I invested in a pair of Ocean Waves with a blue mirror lens and my kids called them my fish eyes since I saw fish that nobody else did. I know where they are at all times and never sat on them like the cheap pairs I used to get. About five years ago the hinge broke off and sent them in to get fixed. They called and offered a replacement pair for $60 and I jumped on it since the lenses were scratched. Bought another pair with an amber lens which I liked but loaned them to my son and never got them back. Needed a spare pair so this year I bought a pair of Costas with a green lens. It's brighter than the Ocean Waves so lately I 've been wearing them more. A good pair of sunglasses really make a difference in seeing what's below the water's surface. They make a huge difference at some of the clearer ponds I fish. I love sight fishing for trout but don't get to do it very often. Glass lenses are much better than plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Never had an issue with purple haze or anything else with them. Something doesn't sound right. I would check on it, maybe a defective pair.
  15. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Been Awhile

    I haven't been down to the Springs for two years but plan on getting down their Sunday morning and camping overnight so will fish two days. Plan on using micro jigs with smallest being a #16 hook. Weather should be perfect, forecast is for mid 80's. Plan on fishing the trophy area in the evening for smallies and trout. Hope to get some pics, new camera should be here by then, hopefully. Going solo. If anyone is going to be down there say hello and I will give up a few of my jigs. I should have a Huk shirt on, wading without waders and hopefully catching and releasing trout. Have a bunch of jigs tied and plan on tying more before I go. Got some 1 lb. Maxima that needs testing, will use 2 on the other rod.

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