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    Hair jig bassing

    Both lakes are easy to get to, fish were caught a couple minutes from my truck. Started fishing in the afternoon more this year during cold water period and it seems to be working.

    Hair jig bassing

    I don't fish plastics with the craft hair, no need for it. Was casting it out, letting it settle to the bottom and a couple slow turns on the handle and let it settle to the bottom again.

    Nice Redears

    What happened to spring? Seems we jumped right into summer. This little lake had bass, crappie, redear and bluegill spawning at the same time. Only bedding fish now are bluegill. Quite a few of the bedding redear were caught and kept, evidence being their heads floating around the lake. Didn't like seeing that but more food now for the survivors to get bigger. Weeds like coontail are growing like crazy now so fish are going to be hard to catch now.

    5/1 Lake 35

    Still one more than I've ever caught, congrats.

    Panfish Party

    Sounds like the fishing and variety was fantastic, just love days like that. When I was a child we had a city park here that had little pumpkinseeds in it but they aren't there anymore. Little guys certainly are colorful.

    5/1 Lake 35

    Some lakes at Busch seem to always be windy and that's one of them. Add about 5-10 mph to whatever the weather forecast is and that's how it will be there, at least whenever I go.

    Nice Redears

    Got after them again this afternoon with the little jigs and slammed them again. Mostly bass, some bluegill and over a dozen redear from 8-11 inches. Even had a big carp on that broke me off at the bank. Amazing how stupid these fish seem to be over these tiny jigs with a #12 hook. I lost some but these hooks hold the majority of the time. Interesting part was in one corner were several big goldfish, maybe koi that were rooting around along the bottom. Started casting behind them and started popping some nice redear. Think the Koi were stirring up some crayfish and other edibles and it seems the redear like to hang out with them. Another good day. I think spring is finally here.

    Nice Redears

    Some of the small lakes in the STL area have decent populations of redear in them so did a little scouting Saturday. Spotted a few cruising but couldn't get them to bite but did find a few bass and bluegill that were more willing so had some fun catching those. Went out yesterday afternoon in the rain and had a great couple of hours fishing with a tiny jig less than an inch long. Bass, bluegill and redear were all over this little jig. A blast on ultralight tackle and 2lb test. Fish like this need to be released and they were.I hope others will release them as well.

    A little after dinner action!

    Really nice looking smallie, thinking the river is starting to come around. Lower river has been dropping fast.
  10. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Weed guards

    Not being able to fish due to bad weather has been driving me crazy and so I modified a few of my molds to take a weed guard. Not a fan of the bristle guards so have been on the single wire kick. I do want to go to a double wire guard but the pre made wire guards are expensive, especially if using two per jig.. Looking to start making my own but was looking for some ideas about wire diameter, type of wire, etc. before I start. Anyone have some ideas that they are willing to share with me? Here are a few of the jigs that I made in the last couple days. 1/8 and 3/16 teardrop and tip up head.
  11. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Early March Crappie

    Really nice crappie, you got a honey hole there.
  12. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    This is the time to get something, while the weather is crappy. I'll call you, have your number if it hasn't changed.
  13. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

  14. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Met a new friend and tough conditions 3/3/18

    Nice fish, even the drum. I'm sure just about anyone who fishes rivers at one time or another has hooked what we thought was a monster bass and then up pops a drum. It certainly gets your blood pumping though. How is the river looking now ???
  15. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    I've been selling jigs on ebay for almost 14 years now and try to keep over 50 listings on there with a variety for freshwater fish, not just bass even though I'm in bass mode right now. If you look at custom jigs or float n fly you should find some of my ties there and you can look at my other baits by clicking on seller's other items. I do custom orders and actually prefer that since ebay gets in my opinion to good of a percentage when they do sell. Have a look and if you see something you like I will make it for you. Send me a pm or something. I'm retired and check here frequently when not fishing or filling orders. I didn't join this site to sell jigs but felt that I found a site where I can directly relate to since we fish the same areas. I did get back out last Saturday and fished the same area without a bite, but moved around and found some shad and a few bass up to 15 inches, no big fish that day. Black hair jigs are still catching fish like they have been for the past year since I started fishing them regularly instead of a dozen casts and switch to something else. If the weather would cooperate I'd do more testing, maybe get a few guys here to test some for me. I don't have a site or page and don't want one either. Afraid I'd spend too much time tying and it would take away from my fishing days, not going to happen.

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