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  1. Thanks everyone, it should be a lot of fun. Last week some 4 and 5 lbers were caught, they are bedding now at Havasu. Pictures are up on Crappie.com in the panfish section there if you want a look. Probably won't fish Havasu but hoping for a 12 inch coppernose gill from Perris. One that size can break 2 lbs. Maybe I'll get lucky.
  2. After not fishing out west for a few years I'm heading out to California on Monday to give it another go. Mainly fish Lake Perris for bluegill, redear and crappie, friends have been catching bluegill up to 12+ inches with lots of 10-11 inchers. Lot's of fun on ultralight. Would like another crack at Havasu but temps there in April are supposed to break 100 so maybe not going to happen this year. Hopefully lot's of pics when I get back.
  3. These are 1/4 and 3/8 oz. and are 4-5" long. The craft hair really dances on these. I think it hunt's more with the split ring too, but believe it can be a weak link. Need small but strong rings.
  4. I pour my own heads and can't attach the blades to the hook until I'm finished. It's definitely better for them to be attached directly without a split ring. Even make them with football and ballheads.
  5. Watching it snow when I made these chatter style baits with an Arky style head on 4/0 Trokar hooks.These are 1/4 and 3/8 oz. Maybe something will hit them.
  6. Went for awhile today and didn't get a bite. Only thing to show for it is some muddy boots and numb hands.The earliest I've caught them in past years has been March 21st so it's still early. Only know how to fish from the bank or wade fish, but would like some company when I get stuck in the mud so you can pull me out.
  7. Great price, how's the selection? Probably have more than I need now but I certainly am interested.
  8. I fish the lower Meramec usually where small creeks feed into it. I've caught them out of several different spots which are open to the public fishing from the bank. I use hair jigs first, then the blade baits and then topwaters once it gets warm enough.
  9. I plan on throwing these in the Meramec once it warms up a little for hybrid stripers, love how hard they pull. I lost several of them last year when the hooks pulled out so I made these with 4/0 Trokar jig hooks using craft hair, saddle hackle and a little flash.
  10. We got to get together sometime, nice fish.
  11. I fish the jigs under a small weighted float when I need distance and for shorter casts I take it off. Most important is the small size of the jig, I try to keep them around an inch long or less but vary the jig weight. Usually pour these from 1/24 to 1/80 and use size 8, 10 and 12 hooks with a #10 probably my favorite for Redear and gills but they will catch bigger fish as well. Lot's of little bluegill, crayfish and snails in these lakes for these fish to eat as well as insect nymphs so I try to make baits look like the forage they eat. I like reels with bigger shallow spools and use 2 lb. test which makes a huge difference when the water is clear.
  12. Harvesting panfish is fine on larger lakes but taking buckets full of them from a 2 acre lake during the spawn when they are so vulnerable isn't good for the fishery. I try to educate and release as many as I can before the spawn.
  13. Water has cleared up and you can see the bottom in water over 3 foot deep making it hard to fish right now. I've been fishing this lake for over 50 years and the panfish keep getting bigger. I caught my first ever bluegill that hit the 10 inch mark a couple weeks ago. I saw it cruising a couple feet down and watched it eat my jig, thought it was a redear but no red on the gill flap. Seems like these fish grow about an inch per year so hope to get a 14 incher next year. A fish this size might break 2 lbs. I release them all but I really hate the spawn when they move into the shallows and the meat hunters fill their cooler. They are extremely vulnerable then.
  14. I got out the past two days fishing local park lakes using my new favorite jig I call the green one and caught my PB crappie for this small lake that I've fished for over 50 years, right at 15 inches and fat and lost an even bigger one that would have been a 17-18 incher. Had it whipped but hook popped out while it was on top shaking it's head. Went to another lake yesterday and caught some 9-10 inchers on the same jig. Fry are everywhere, literally thousands of bluegill fry under an inch long so fish will have plenty to eat for awhile.
  15. I learned to swim at a public swimming pool back in the 60's. The pool was Marquette Park and they gave free swimming lessons which was great because if it wasn't I wouldn't have been able to get them. I walked the six blocks almost every day during the summer. Great idea with the crosses until the next high water arrives and washes them away.
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