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    Played around before the snow

    We got to get together sometime, nice fish.

    Fall Redear sunfish

    I fish the jigs under a small weighted float when I need distance and for shorter casts I take it off. Most important is the small size of the jig, I try to keep them around an inch long or less but vary the jig weight. Usually pour these from 1/24 to 1/80 and use size 8, 10 and 12 hooks with a #10 probably my favorite for Redear and gills but they will catch bigger fish as well. Lot's of little bluegill, crayfish and snails in these lakes for these fish to eat as well as insect nymphs so I try to make baits look like the forage they eat. I like reels with bigger shallow spools and use 2 lb. test which makes a huge difference when the water is clear.

    Fall Redear sunfish

    Harvesting panfish is fine on larger lakes but taking buckets full of them from a 2 acre lake during the spawn when they are so vulnerable isn't good for the fishery. I try to educate and release as many as I can before the spawn.

    Fall Redear sunfish

    Water has cleared up and you can see the bottom in water over 3 foot deep making it hard to fish right now. I've been fishing this lake for over 50 years and the panfish keep getting bigger. I caught my first ever bluegill that hit the 10 inch mark a couple weeks ago. I saw it cruising a couple feet down and watched it eat my jig, thought it was a redear but no red on the gill flap. Seems like these fish grow about an inch per year so hope to get a 14 incher next year. A fish this size might break 2 lbs. I release them all but I really hate the spawn when they move into the shallows and the meat hunters fill their cooler. They are extremely vulnerable then.

    Crappie time

    I got out the past two days fishing local park lakes using my new favorite jig I call the green one and caught my PB crappie for this small lake that I've fished for over 50 years, right at 15 inches and fat and lost an even bigger one that would have been a 17-18 incher. Had it whipped but hook popped out while it was on top shaking it's head. Went to another lake yesterday and caught some 9-10 inchers on the same jig. Fry are everywhere, literally thousands of bluegill fry under an inch long so fish will have plenty to eat for awhile.

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    I learned to swim at a public swimming pool back in the 60's. The pool was Marquette Park and they gave free swimming lessons which was great because if it wasn't I wouldn't have been able to get them. I walked the six blocks almost every day during the summer. Great idea with the crosses until the next high water arrives and washes them away.

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    Thought I knew the spot but don't see any graffiti on the wall behind you. Lot's of fun on topwater, something I've not had much luck with this year.

    Fall Redear sunfish

    Since last April I've been having a blast fishing for Redear and other sunfish using small jigs and ultra ultralight tackle. My 7 foot Shimano Soare weighs 2.4 oz matched with a Stella C2000S reel and 2lb test. This year I've caught almost 50 master angler Redear from 10-13 inches as well as bass, bluegill, channel cats and several large crappie using this tackle. It slowed down during the summer but starting to catch them again this fall. Picture is of the first Redear of the fall, right at 11 inches. Really looking forward to the cooler weather, weeds are making it harder on me.

    Anyone familiar with these?

    I remember fishing with a fly rod and automatic reel for bedding gills using a small popper when I was a youngster and had a blast with them.
  10. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Been Awhile

    BH, I used them at the pond and caught a bluegill on the first cast using the 3 wt .Caught a half dozen more before switching to ultralight spinning gear and started catching nice redear so didn't use it anymore. They made the trip to the springs but weren't in the box I started with and forgot about them. I wish I would have tried them now that I think about it. I promise to try one first thing on my next trip out. Maybe let Lucianna try one as well in another color. The 1/32-1/64 were working very well but could have used a split shot to get the lighter ones deeper.
  11. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Been Awhile

    Going to try to get her down there for a couple days before school starts with the weather cooling down. Some little jigs I tied yesterday in 1/32 and 1/64.
  12. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Awesome Topwater Day 7/21

    The hybrid stripers are so much fun on topwater, nice to see you get some. Really exciting when the hit almost at the rod tip. Had a couple do that, had me shaking so bad and had the heart pounding. Had to sit for a few minutes before I could make another cast.
  13. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Been Awhile

    Blast from the past. Picture was taken five years ago today of my granddaughter Luci when she was 10. She caught this smallie below the springs. She loves to fish and wanted to go but couldn't since she had a Sunday afternoon hockey game. They grow up so fast, hard to believe that she is going to be a sophomore in high school this fall.
  14. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Been Awhile

    Pictures are of the jigs I used most of the two days and what I caught almost all of them with. The star of the show was the first one with the bright green head. The float is a 3/4 inch round weighted float that I color up with permanent markers so fish eat my jig instead of the float. I never would consider using a color like this except for a thread by Johnsfolly showing a picture of one with warm water species attached to it. I think he said he purchased the jig at Bennett Springs. I couldn't get a good look at the jig so I made my own version with a peacock herl/gold wire body. I will be tying more like it soon including a 1/32 for a faster drop and so I can fish it faster.
  15. JUNGLE JIM 1

    Been Awhile

    Didn't take a lot of pics. These are from second day and they were biting too good. Hard to take pics while you are fighting them still.Had one run between my legs while trying to take a picture. I think it was the fish in third picture. Pictures of the jigs I used will come later.

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