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  1. All of my jigs are tied and poured by me. I have about ten or so custom one of a kind jig molds that I designed and had made. Cost a small fortune but it's paid off over the years.
  2. Duck feather jig strikes again. Been fishing these since I started tying over 25 years ago and I'm still catching nice fish with them.
  3. About 30 -40 yards from the water cannon is a drain so any excess water runs out so the lake can only hold so much water. Someone simply turned it on and then forgot to turn it off for weeks and by then it was too late. Someone simply just f**ked up !!
  4. Carondelet's Horseshoe lake was wiped out two years ago when duck weed got so bad the lake looked like a putting green and the fish suffocated. I had caught two 13" Redear from that lake and I believe a state record would have been caught from there if it wasn't for the fish kill. I called several times warning them about the duck weed but they did nothing. Only thing in there now are thousands of small sunfish and some catfish. No predators yet to keep the sunfish in check yet. As soon as it gets warmer those dead fish at Willmore will start to float and you will smell it from a mile away.
  5. My last crappie from Willmore. This lake had some really nice fish but not anymore.
  6. I tried a lake that I hadn't fished in many years and caught this crappie. Most of the lake had skim ice on it so was only able to fish a small area. Only had one bite but made it count.
  7. Willmore Park's fish population is wiped out. I had heard they had had died but had to see for myself so I checked it out a few days ago. Water is tap water clear and walking along the bank I could see lot's of dead fish lying on the bottom. Even the carp were dead so if they couldn't make it then nothing will. I fished there on a regular basis since it's close to home and noticed a few weeks ago that they turned the water on full blast to fill it since it was low. The next week it was still blasting out in the lake and I noticed that small bluegill were dying. I guess someone turned the water
  8. I'm so jealous of the day you had. Only caught a few hybrids this year but at least I know they are still in the river. I need to fish the rivers more and maybe I'll get lucky and find a few. My shoulder hurts just thinking about them.
  9. Those are some big gills, I fish for them but don't think I even caught one 9 inches this year. Once they get that size they have little to fear. Super fun on ultralight gear. Deep water gills love small jigs tipped with a cricket or waxworm.
  10. They do have water, electric sites and two decent restrooms with showers at one of them. I camp at one of the primitive camp sites almost every year for the past 20 years or so.
  11. It's a lot more fun when you see them take your jig. Is camping allowed at the park now? I like camping there at one of the primitive sites for a day or two during the week.
  12. I guess someone must have dumped their shiners after fishing there. I catch one occasionally but never three or more in a day. I love fishing for redear , once they hit 9 inches they are a ton of fun on ultralight tackle. Not catching as many like past couple of years probably due to more people fishing and keeping them due to Covid. You're catching some fun size ones. One of those c&r lakes at Busch has some nice crappie up to 15 inches but haven't fished it in a few years.
  13. For Longear I would pick any public access on the Meramec or Big River. Micro jigs will catch you some. Not very big but they are colorful. I think the state record was caught recently and weighed 4 oz., so a state record is possible.
  14. I don't fish Table Rock but have had my best luck for big bass while night fishing. Of the six bass over 8 lbs. that I've caught in my life four were caught at night between 10-11 pm. They were caught on soft plastics dragged really slow on the bottom. Never had much luck with topwaters at night but think a Whopper Plopper or Jitterbug would certainly be worth trying and I really want to try a chatterbait at night as well. Lakes I fish get a lot of pressure and I think the bigger bass might let their guard down at night.
  15. I think some fish species like the green sunfish eggs survive at a much higher rate. One city park lake that I've fished for over 50 years suffered two fish kills and wiped out the entire fish population. The conservation department only stocked it with redear sunfish in the fall and nothing since due to Covid 19. I fished it once this year and their are thousands of green sunfish and some bluegill in it even though they weren't stocked. The lake needs some predators like bass or catfish in it to start eating some or the lake will be full of them. Great lake for catfish bait right now.
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