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  1. Old dog 417

    Weekend walleye excursion

    Thanks for sharing your pics and report. Well done! od
  2. Old dog 417


    Well done again! With 17 shorts the future of catch'n looks pretty bright! OD
  3. Old dog 417

    Upper bull 7-28/29

    Sounds like fun and you did very well! Were you trolling? OD
  4. Old dog 417

    7/14 Walleye

    Way to go! Thanks for the report. od
  5. Old dog 417

    7/6 Walleye

    Very good report. Well done and thanks for sharing. od
  6. Old dog 417

    Stockton Crankbait trip

    Nice set up with the stern mounted rod holders. It's obvious you've got the handle on long line trolling for...I was going to say crappie but your set up works for a wide variety of fish as shown in the video. I typically use 3 rods and have all I can handle with tangles etc so, watching you guys was an educational experience. Evidently, my 9' rods need to grow to 12'. Also, I've never tried snap weights. Do you have a recommendation for brand, style, to start out with? Lots of things to think about now. Thanks for sharing, od
  7. Old dog 417

    7/1 Walleye

    Very well done! Those are 2 fine wallys...and you refer to 40 fish with 17 keepers as a "pretty good" day? I think many of us would call it great! lol. od
  8. Old dog 417

    Good day to be on the lake.

    Thanks for the report. Well done! od
  9. Old dog 417

    Best day trolling

    Mighty fine! Yup,...Mighty fine! I like those rod holders too. Thanks for the report. od
  10. Old dog 417


    Good job and a good report. I haven't run a smile blade in a while...guess I need to! Do you mind sharing which side you fished? Big or Little Sac. Thanks od
  11. Old dog 417

    Sink Hole in a River!

    Evidently these really can happen anywhere.... od http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/11/boater-dies-after-sinkhole-creates-whirlpool-on-arkansas-river.html
  12. Old dog 417

    eventful day

    A fine example of making lemonade out of lemons! Well done. od
  13. Old dog 417

    6/3/2018 walleye

    Well done again!! od
  14. Old dog 417

    memorial day walleye

    Way to go lmt out and mike! Of course the walleye bite would be turning on and the Holiday traffic has now diminished. That's why I've been called to jury duty! My luck is hard...so very hard!!! od
  15. Old dog 417

    Stockton kicking my butt!

    I'll bet that's it. I was thinking possibly clown but I think your answer makes better sense! od

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