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  1. I haven't pulled the trigger on any of the jointed flickershads yet. So, you're saying you're seeing an improved bite recently or longer using them over the standard solid bodies? I'd appreciate hearing what your observations have been. (Ouch! I think I feel a pain coming in my back pocket again!) 😉 od
  2. Good job! I imagine the points were rock and roll city the way Friday's winds were blowing. Kudos for giving them a try for ole Walter. od
  3. Embarrassing to admit...I've been remiss on posting reports so hoping to improve on that! Invited a friend that typically only shore fishes for trout to try crappie fishing on Stockton. We launched at Rurak at 8:15 AM and proceeded to troll creeks with #7 Flickershads. The screen was showing good marks suspended at 15'-18' in 35'-40' of water and we hadn't gone 50 yds when we caught the first crappie. After a few snags, a couple of line tangles from too short of turns, and some bait switch-outs attempting to tweak color the 1 o'clock hour arrived and we needed to be going home. Final count, 25 crappie and 1 bonus 19" walleye. (Only 20 crappie in the pic..the other 5 are still in the bucket) No wall hangers were taken and the 4 largest crappie were only 12"-13". Most were around 11". Threw back about 6 shorts. All retained fish were females and full of eggs. Took some quick pics and filleted all in preparation for the weekend fish fry. All in all a great day on the water! We never did hone in a specific color. Pink Cougar, Firetiger, Blue Firetiger, and Uncle Rico all seemed to work equally well. Guess they were just hungry! Most valuable piece of equipment used...SPF 50 sunscreen as the sun was doing it's thing! Conditions observed: WT; 69 Wind; WSW at 15 mph. Water; stained, Clarity 3'-4' Limited amount of trash (few leaves) observed in creeks Trash and floaters in main lake have decreased greatly compared to last week. Tight lines, od
  4. If you would fill me in on that spot I could guard it for you when I'm there so it would be ready for you! You need not bother to to thank me...I'm just trying to help out! 😉 od
  5. Good job! Like many, I have only trolled flickers but that may change very soon. od
  6. Same here! I use 15/4 Power Pro on my trolling rods and carry a pair of leather gloves as I learned the hard way a couple of times that it wasn't going to break or pull free easily. Wrapping around a cleat a few times and kicking the trolling motor on high is by far the fastest and least painful method free a crank-bait after other types of retrieval attempts had failed. All this time I've been curious if I was the only one doing it that way. Good to know. od
  7. Hey Lifes2short.. Your fist pic gave me an idea! I have an ironing board gathering dust in the laundry room and evidently it could be re-purposed as a portable fish cleaning station. Squatting down to fillet fish isn't as easy as it used to be (the ground has gotten farther away the last few years) and that brings the work up to a comfortable level. Besides, filleting a day's catch has to be more enjoyable than ironing useless dress shirts! Congrats on your catching and thanks for the idea. od
  8. And, no matter how many warnings we had or heard we just weren't listening....Had to try it for ourselves! Scary to think about! od
  9. Now there's a logo that sends a message. Well done. od
  10. Ain't that the truth? The irony is...2 years old or 12 years old...things just keep happening and always when I least expect them. I think there are invisible gremlins in the lake water because nothing seems to go wrong with it while it's in the garage! 😉 od
  11. Hey jbooth. I'm thinking of going this week...Any info to share from your trip? Thanks in advance...I appreciate it. od
  12. Regarding service and items in stock at BPS I'm in full agreement with most all of the above comments... For items that I'm familiar with and are "on sale" at BPS I utilize their "Ship to Store" option. No minimum order amount (Yet anyway) no shipping charge, and the order is usually filled from the warehouse in a couple of days. They notify you via Email, then you go to the customer service counter and pick it up. I typically go in the morning shortly after opening and I'm in and out in minutes after providing my ID. Previous experience keeps me away during lunch hours and early evenings but after 8 PM is usually OK. I'm a long ways from being a millennial and I buy nearly everything online from various sources. My two major exceptions are hardware items and groceries. Walmart offers this same service on their website and you can pick up your items at your local neighborhood market at the service counter avoiding their slow checkout lines also. od
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