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  1. Old dog 417

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    Good looking rig. The swivel attached at the hook to improve spin (twist) is a great innovation! Thanks for sharing. It made me "smile". OD
  2. Old dog 417

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    Great play on words! OD
  3. Old dog 417

    Older Map Card

    I'm wanting to purchase an older mapping card for my Hummingbird 788ci HD. It's my understanding that due to the age (7-8 years old) of this unit that it has some issues running current mapping cards. The included maps just don't show enough as the contour lines are at about 10' spacing. I realize this is a long-shot but I'm in hopes someone may still have a card in a nonworking unit or leftover from one that's been sold. Looking for coverage primarily in the Midwest and of course,..I don't want to spend much on this occasional use unit. I'm in Springfield. Tight lines and close shots, OD
  4. Old dog 417

    Avery blind

    Good job! And, good hunting. Keep us posted as to how the hunt out of it went. OD
  5. Old dog 417

    Avery blind

    dnj21, I'm not sure of it's age. I bought a used 2008 War Eagle 754 LDV, 50 HP Merc, and trailer with the Avery blind included in the package. I assumed, but never asked, that the blind was about the same age. It came with the wind blockers and the camo netting but the netting was in rough shape so I decided to replace it. When the previous owner had attached the blind to the boat, he bolted the brackets to the rear pods and front deck making it narrower and shorter than I liked so that's why I did the modification. I purchased 4, T-rail blind mounting brackets and bolted the new blind brackets to them. This created two immediate benefits. Much improved inside head clearance and the blockers and netting were no longer sitting in the water when the blind was in the up position. I originally wanted to purchase just the sliding clasp from Avery since I thought it would fit my existing lift brackets but that wasn't possible. That's why I ended up with 4 new lift brackets as I'm in full agreement with you regarding how cumbersome the old ones were. The new ones turned out to be of a little thicker tubing (sidewall, OD was the same) and were a little pricey but slipping the clasp down over the tube end is so much easier with one hand than inserting a pin that I felt I got my money's worth! With the wind blockers, camo netting, and Raffia grass attached to the netting it's a little heavy to hold while trying to insert a pin. It's still not super easy but it's much better! I seem to recall the CSR at Avery saying the clasp style brackets had been in use about 4-5 years. I did a little research today and found that yours and my blind must be the 17'-19' model. The only other model offered is for 14'-16' boats. That info tells me that your proposed shortening could be as simple as moving the frame in closer and drilling new bolt holes. Let me know how it goes but I think you will be fine. BTW, my 754 LDV is a tiller model, 17' 7" long with a 54" bottom width and a 72" beam so it's probably very similar to your Grizzly. Sorry for my long winded response... Hope some of this helps, OD
  6. Old dog 417

    Avery blind

    This probably won't be of much help but I thought I'd share this... I extended and updated an Avery Quick-set blind last year. While doing some research I found that the support bracket latches on my older blind had been improved on newer models. The new models had a sliding clasp that was obviously easier than the old pins that inserted in the holes in the arms so I ordered new arms. In regards to the extending...my neighbor found 10 ft lengths of the square aluminum tubing at a local metal supply and I used those. Basically, I reused the factory corner tubing and replaced the side tubes with longer lengths and then gave them a coat or two of RustO'leum camo paint. The new latches made it easier to raise and secure the blind when alone and by extending a couple of feet I gained additional room inside. By the way, I had plenty of fabric to allow the extension which is something that needs to be checked first. I found everything except the tubing available through Avery including new camo netting. Based on my project, I can't think of any reason why cutting one down would not be possible. I wouldn't cut the corner tubes down unless absolutely necessary however. If the fabric overlaps on the ends seem too excessive a canvas shop should be able to cut and re-hem those. Good luck and good hunting, OD
  7. Old dog 417

    Big and Small We Like 'Em All!

    Hey Mr Giggles, Looks like your refurb project is coming along very well and that's good but... none of the other pics on this post have a fine 2 cylinder specimen in the background. So,..is that a 730 diesel wide front with a cultivator mounting plate on it? Nice! Plus, it looks like it's still in it's working clothes and pretty clean at that! Thanks for slipping that in the pic. I don't want to hijack this thread but if there's a story that goes with the JD I'd like to hear it. You could PM me. OD
  8. Old dog 417

    Fish n trip

    X 2 OD
  9. Old dog 417

    Weekend walleye excursion

    Thanks for sharing your pics and report. Well done! od
  10. Old dog 417


    Well done again! With 17 shorts the future of catch'n looks pretty bright! OD
  11. Old dog 417

    Upper bull 7-28/29

    Sounds like fun and you did very well! Were you trolling? OD
  12. Old dog 417

    7/14 Walleye

    Way to go! Thanks for the report. od
  13. Old dog 417

    7/6 Walleye

    Very good report. Well done and thanks for sharing. od
  14. Old dog 417

    Stockton Crankbait trip

    Nice set up with the stern mounted rod holders. It's obvious you've got the handle on long line trolling for...I was going to say crappie but your set up works for a wide variety of fish as shown in the video. I typically use 3 rods and have all I can handle with tangles etc so, watching you guys was an educational experience. Evidently, my 9' rods need to grow to 12'. Also, I've never tried snap weights. Do you have a recommendation for brand, style, to start out with? Lots of things to think about now. Thanks for sharing, od
  15. Old dog 417

    7/1 Walleye

    Very well done! Those are 2 fine wallys...and you refer to 40 fish with 17 keepers as a "pretty good" day? I think many of us would call it great! lol. od

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