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  1. Good reports and Way to go, both you guys! Good to see the high water gone and fishing improving. od
  2. Well done! Good report with good pics! od
  3. Good job and good pics Dan. Great mixed bag! Been a while since I used a Erie Dearie so thanks for reminding me to try one again. MrGiggles, Congrats on getting that motor going again and getting back on the water. Hopefully the COE will get all the courtesy docks reinstalled soon and spread out some of the ramp traffic. od
  4. Good job! You've certainly got them dialed in as you just seem to keep "bouncing em" to the boat. I'm more like WM...except I seem to catch drum and cats pretty good on bouncers. lol. od
  5. Well done!! A tip of my cap for the release of those fish too. od
  6. Good news for sure since 10' above seems so much better than the 18' when it was at 885+. Considering Stockton's outflow...I think it's impressive that Truman has managed to drop 4 FT! od
  7. Add on to the above post... Toilet is no longer under water but was locked up. The user fee box is high and dry now also. od
  8. This is how Ruark Boat Ramp area looked today, Wednesday 7/17. I was able to launch and not have to get my feet wet (yay!!) and even though the courtesy dock was higher than I would have liked it was tolerable. If they would push the dock out so the metal walk ramp was at water's edge it would reduce the height a bunch. I don't know when or how often they move it but perhaps a call to the COE office would help. Not a lot of traffic at the ramp today or on the lake but I did have the pleasure of meeting Liphunter who was also going to take current pics for Dutch and this thread. Typical of this forum...just ask and someone, or two, or more will respond. Today's results: 2- 16" walleyes and 2 bluegill. All were released. Bottom bouncers/crawlers, silver smile blade, 20' channel point. WT: 84 Wind SW at 10 mph Sunny and hot. 90 degrees at 11 AM. Tight lines, od
  9. What? No pics? 😉 od
  10. Squeez Inn, Stockton, MO. Everyone should experience the Squeez burger with it's "cheese skirt" at least once. It's safe to say there's none other like it. Somewhat limited hours so research it online before making the trip. I also second the motion on Ken's in Arcola. (breakfast, lunch, and dinners) od
  11. Good job MrGiggles! Tough tough year on Stockton but you're making things work. Some of us haven't put together even one 3 "Wally" day yet this year so color me impressed! od
  12. EXACTLY!! And that's a major reason why many of us visit this site regularly. Kudos to you. As we said in the 60's...if it feels good do it! lol. OD
  13. In another somewhat related KY3 story this morning announced the resurfacing of 28 miles of Hwy 160 between the intersection of Hwy 123 and 160 N.W. of Willard and ending at Hwy H on the East side of Greenfield. Although 160 won't be closed, flagmen and Escort Cars will most likely create traffic delays and that's not to mention the risk of oil splatter on vehicles and/or boats. It's not the only route to Stockton Lake but other routes may see increased traffic as many drivers search for alternate routes. Completion is estimated to be sometime in November. I don't recall the exact start date but it was relatively soon. OD
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