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  1. Good job! Thanks for the report. od
  2. Old dog 417

    Book ends

    Two 24's in the same week! You're on fire man! Congrats. od
  3. You had a fine afternoon...even with the skier challenges. Well done! od
  4. Thanks for the report.
  5. Yep. X 2. I usually launch at Ruark Bluff and fish that area. What you're saying mimics my experience. I've been lucky enough to catch a couple 14" crappie too which for me are exceptional sized crappie from Stockton. Caught and tossed back a bunch of 6" white bass fishing in the spawning creek channels for crappie this year. A lot more than in prior years for whatever reason. od
  6. Good job! Gobblers are old pros at social distancing.😉 od
  7. The business you're referring to is: Marine Repair Center 1434 N National Ave Spfld, MO 417-833-9191 I'd recommend calling them for info and also to verify they are currently open. Good luck. od
  8. Good job! Thanks for the report. od
  9. My thoughts also! It would be helpful if you would wear a hunter orange cap and vest while tending "your usual spots" since my eyes ain't what they used to be. Pay no attention to the old guy and the boat out on the lake with binoculars... He's just bird watching! 😉 od
  10. All good info above... If you prepare and then share those sponge like delicacies with anyone...they will immediately be your BFF! Fried crappie with morels on the side is hard to beat. And/or mixed in with scrambled eggs can be the start a near perfect day. Good luck, od
  11. curtisce, That's a fine walleye...Congrats! Thanks for your report and including the water temp. od
  12. Oh no! The ground work has been laid... Are the cow jokes about to begin? I'll moooove along out of here and not udder another remark. od
  13. Good information! Thanks, od
  14. Is the River Run ramp accessible at this time? From what I've read Bull is up 10' so.... I'm wondering if I can launch there or need to go down to Beaver Creek. Any upper area info would be appreciated. Thanks, od
  15. Well done....again! od
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