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  1. oghfm

    Took a peek

    Went to greenfield access and sons creek about 9 am today, Still froze solid. I am betting friday.
  2. oghfm

    Took a peek

    Must have been day dreaming. My Master Naturalist wife introduced the fact that hypothermia can begin when the water temp and outside air temp added equal 120 or below (she's also a kayaker). Today it would have been around 45. But I have done 3 tours in Korea, and today would have been jacket weather compared to winter on the ImJin.
  3. of the lake today. Crossed Sons Creek on hwy 39 and it was froze solid as far as you could see. Went to the cabin and then down to 3 Hills ramp and it was wide open, just a little ice on the trees, and they are dropping the lake level. Took a little swim but only about half way across, didn't want to miss baseball practice. Just saying.
  4. oghfm

    Wife just

    No, but this cold snap isn't over yet!
  5. oghfm

    Wife just

    told me I "NEED" to go to shooting range. Must have got on her last nerve, imagine that!
  6. oghfm

    No Waiting

    At our age and this kind of weather, you would think someone would at least net the mail for us.
  7. oghfm

    No Waiting

    at the ramps. You can SLIDE your boat trailer and truck into the water at any of them.
  8. Anytime. BTW your lawns are great looking.
  9. Done lawn care since 93 when I retired from US Army. No commercial properties, they'll go for the low bidder and are looking for bids every year. Keep it simple, mow-trim-blow and go. Been stiffed 5 times in 27 years, all single ladies. Bigger is not better, a 60 inch deck cannot get thru a 48 inch gate, and won't save any time in an average lawn. Windshield time pays nothing, cluster your lawns for fewer stops, offer finders fee (a free mowing) for referrals nearby. Avoid biweekly. Get a quality mower and learn to maintain it yourself, I run a Walker MB 23i w/ 2 48 inch decks, o
  10. oghfm

    Mud Line

    I've run agm batteries since the late 90's , the only advantage I see in the lithium is weight. Ran lawn mower size agm's on my trolling motors, and have a 18 ah agm running my livescope, both the gls 10 and the 73 cv, should run it 16-18 hrs before recharge, but usually recharge after about 8 as I have a 4 hr butt. The agm's I have had lasted 8-10 years on average. I modeled my live scope bundle after the Fle Fly guy, except the pole is attached to a RAM mount. Zero issues so far.
  11. oghfm

    Mud Line

    Still liking it and learning, using mostly downscope which gives me 24 ft width in 20 fow, the fore and aft view is about 8 ft so sometimes a little difficult to keep the jigs in that rectangular cone. Good clarity on the jigs even as they fall, its absolutely nuts to watch the fish come over to investigate it, sometimes they're in the mood and sometimes not. On the breaks you can actually see the slope on your screen. I need to master the fwd look, believe if trolling w/ a roadrunner or crankbait that is weighted in front and directing the livescope behind the boat you should be able
  12. oghfm

    Mud Line

    down Sons creek past Greaser creek. Put in a little after 11 am, marked fish in 22-24 fow just like usual, dropped double jig set, moved it, strolled it, lifted and dropped it, even yelled at it a coupla times, Notta. Wasted about 90 minutes trying to coax a bite out of them. Swung down to greaser, much less mud on south bank just past the first corp brush pile. 22 fow, short walleye. Then a 12 inch crappie, coupla shorties, another 12 ,3 more shorties, an 11 incher then another short eye. Gave the 3 crappie to the neighbors. Had to turn the gain down quite a bit for all the clu
  13. Hope that works well for you Dutch. Sometimes progress in technology is good. Still using a flip phone though. Wife seen me throw my new smart phone and took it back. Don't miss it. Just saying
  14. just by watching is an old Yogi Berra ism, and it applies to the livescope. I learned a couple of things this week, such as don't use chrome split shot above your chrome jigs, the white bass go up to them and even hit them. Explains a lot of pecks. And I watched the crappie positioning under the jig as it was passing about 10 foot deep headed for 22, actually caught it on the drop. The Royals could use some outfielders with those instincts. Just saying.
  15. oghfm


    day Wednesday, some gusts reported at 24mph. Fought it from 11 to 4, caught a ton of short crappie, finally one 14 incher, one 15 inch walleye, and while I was trying to get the bow back into the wind, a 24 inch walleye, 25 fow on the break, minnow tipped jigs. Thursday the whites were hitting on the bottom in 22-24 fow, did manage 4 nice crappie, wind maybe 4 mph, boat management easy, nice day, probably 25 decent whites.
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