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  1. oghfm

    May take up Hang Gliding

    Saw it on the internet so it's gotta be true. Egg sinker bout 12 inches above the jig, over and around brush piles . Looked interesting. Brush Pile Fishing. I brought it up so better not catch any of the rest of ya doing it. If you see me standing on the front of the boat trying to get my jig out of a brush pile, I have switched over to HUNG gliding. Just saying. OGHFM
  2. oghfm

    CC is Over

    Over fished, over rated and over run w/ game wardens. This cold snap has sent what few fish were there back to their winter haunts where they will absorb their eggs and grow into giants for next year. What few fish that remain will be in Crabtree Cove on the North end of the Lake. Just saying april fool. OGHFM
  3. oghfm

    Sons Creek

    Don't fish Son's creek! There are at least a dozen sunken hulls laying in that minefield of hidden stumps. Very dangerous, plus what few fish that manage to get thru the electomosis field under the big power lines are extremely stunted and sick looking, and its full of wild hogs on the banks which everyone knows can be carnivorous. If you absolutely have to come back there you may see one ol super guide boat in there and its an old fellow who has taken it upon himself to warn fisherman off of that area for safetys sake. I have seen him encourage recreational boaters to give it hell thru that area though. If he looks like he's actually fishing, that's just a ruse. Just saying. OGHFM (with cabin on Sons Creek) Go Slooooooow
  4. oghfm

    Sons Creek

  5. oghfm

    Strolled up a few

    Drumcision. Might work.
  6. oghfm

    Strolled up a few

    Eleven 12 inchers and 2 illegals and a token rubber fish. Started at 10 off at 2, big lull between 11:30 and 1 because of dain bramage, should have changed colors sooner. They were liking brown/chartreuse early, ended up preferring bluegrass. Not bashful, good thumps 16-18 fow about 2-3 foot off the bottom. Met a father/son team, Mark and Lance. Nice visit. Also, just thinking out loud, is there any way to neuter drum? OGHFM
  7. oghfm

    26 crappie

    Short of 2 limits.. Not a lot of baitfish, most of the biters just off the bottom, back seater got me down and kept me down until the last hour. Sun popped out and there was a short rodeo on the front that caught me up, plus some nice whites on my end of the trawler. Would tell all about what I was using but it wasn't working. Blame it on east wind and the stupid cows in the field laying down instead of standing up eating. Would like to blame it on the two otter we seen crossing the highway but they were 5 miles from the lake. Refuse to take the blame myself. Notice everyone else on the forum is about as closed mouth about the day as the crappie were. Sad Sac (OGHFM)
  8. oghfm

    Its crappie time

    Going strolling tomorrow, Dan knows the spot, forecast is East winds about 2-3 mph so it will probably howl out the North.
  9. oghfm

    Not On Fire

    Did scratch out a limit but couldn't do the same for my back seater. Nice crappie, mostly 12 inchers, on the flats in 15 fow, 12to13 deep, black and chartreuse Jokers w/ nibble . OTW at 10 off at 2:30. Did show some lines of shad shallower but smaller fish on them. Water temp 48, BP 118/78, pulse 55 bpm, eyesight still 20/20 at distance, not so good for threading eyelets.
  10. oghfm

    Crappie fishing

    Went yesterday too, the bite was OFF. 10 keepers, really light bite, shad back in channel and bottom hugging. Guy in a kayak had picked up 7 illegal bass he said, but they're a non targeted species for me. I think COE is letting it out faster than it comes in, lake still 4 foot low. MONDAY if I can get KP. OGHFM
  11. oghfm

    Kupla Limits

    White 1/8 ounce rockport rattlers on an eleven foot B and M ultra light w/ reel seat at bottom like a flyrod. I hold that in my left hand, although I'm right handed. Ol Todd Huckabee technique, left hand has better reflexes/sensitivity than power hand according to Todd. The other rod is Outlaw 10 foot crappie/walleye rod which is sold/marketed by J R Oldham at the Cabins on Stockton Lake. It's a much stouter rod (more backbone). I believe Everharts also sells them, possibly other places. I have one gold and one chrome jig head on that one, both 1/8 ounce. I tie Huckabee loop knots about 15-18 inches apart, which allows the jig to always lay level because of the loop knot. The second rod is in a bee line rod hold set about a foot over the water, and I attempt to keep my line as vertical as possibly with just a little forward thrust. I avoid brush piles w/ this 2 jig setup, and will use it thru pre spawn. I also use the Outlaw pole for pulling cranks, won't rip it out of a crappie mouth but has enough backbone to set the hook on a walleye. Hope you can envision all this. OGHFM
  12. oghfm

    Kupla Limits

    of crappie and probably a limit of whites (all released). Both species really nice sized, probably only released 10 illegal crappie. Pretty cold and mistly at 9:40 when we started, gusty later. Bluegrass jokers early, black and pink beaver bottoms when sun came out. Found baitfish near channel break, drop to bottom, up 2 cranks, light thump from crappie, inhale from whites. Looking wet next week.
  13. oghfm

    Trolling rod holders

    I haven't seen anyone, don't think there are any blues or whites, but some folks might argue that. There are plenty of flats to troll, with occasional MDC or private brushpile. If theres a bump in the road I'll find it.
  14. oghfm

    Trolling rod holders

    I have 3 of the driftmaster Jr.s that I won't use again. They all 3 have the vertical pole holders with them which make it handy going down the lake, less chance of the little ones getting into them or stepping on the rods. You can install them and try them out if you wish. Just pm me, come to Springfield pretty regular, but my son lives there and could send them w/ him.
  15. oghfm

    Trolling rod holders

    What will you be fishing for? I fish for walleye and crappie and have used driftmasters and bee line. I like being able to adjust the distance my rod tip rides above the water w/ the bee line. I have an attachment on my driftmaster jr. that allows me to stow the rod vertically when travelling down the lake. Couldn't recommend either if you are drifting for big cats, but they meet my needs.

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