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  1. Sons creek was clear at noon today, and over run with white pelicans
  2. was cooperating with us this weekend. Boated 18 on jugs set in 4 fow. Set 6 jugs about 3 pm Thurs and had 3 within 2 hours. Set the remaining 12 and had 8 more Fri morning. 1.5 to 7 lbs. Had a family fish fry on Sat and told them they were walleye. Some of the family aren't the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree. OGHFM
  3. open yesterday (Friday)
  4. Got to the cabin about 2 pm Friday, mowed and trimmed the lawn, fixed a couple of jug lines then hit the lake about 5. Trolled flicker shad and the birdwatcher (my wife) caught a 19 inch walleye in about 5 ft of water. Put out juglines while disguising my pouting. Got them out by 6 and started dragging FS again. She boated another eye in 6 ft of water while watching the flock of pelicans. darn. Finally limped the boat toward the ramp and she caught another keeper while watching some cloud formations. Went back to cabin and cleaned her darned fish while pouting. Got up at dark thirty and asked her if she wanted to go. Nope. Heres my chance me said. One short walleye. Did get 5 channel cat, but got finned twice, plus the remote for my trolling motor quit. Got it kinda operating enough to rebait the jugs Sat evening but HER walleye bite had ended. 2 more channel though. Sunday morning another NOPE, only 2 channel cat before the rain started. Came home and she made me watch the Chiefs lose. Still pouting. OGHFM
  5. Nice drum Dan. Ha The smallies a toad.
  6. I'm originally from Eldo, which probably explains my dain bramage. Don't drink the iron infused spring water, it'll turn your hair white.
  7. Ken's is 3 miles from THE CABIN and we have a late breakfast there frequently, always good biscuits and gravy.
  8. to eat going to or from the lake. Criteria- gotta be consistently good- has to have been in business over 10 years-under $10 including beverage (yes, I am cheap). Breakfast- White grill in Nevada. Love their mess (yes, its called Lou's mess) Booths and stools, in business before WW2. Lunch- Reds Drive-In in Greenfield. Best pork tenderloin around, and old fashioned burgers and malts. Anytime- Cookies in Golden City- true Americana- whole ham slices- great fried chicken- open faced beef sandwich, burgers, good pork tenders, and heavenly pies just staring at you. I believe it was established in 1942. Honorable Mention- Only because they haven't reached ten years yet- Tractor Bar B Q in Lamar. Breakfast lunch or dinner. Great service and food. What's yours? OGHFM
  9. I think we've gone from non-venting fuel caps to just plain venting. LOL Just saying
  10. these federal agencies that police us but no one polices them. Hear my story. Sold a 6 hp Tohatsu to a fine young fellow who happens to play football for OSU. He picked it up Friday, got back to Stillwater and took it out fishing. Ran fine. Got ready to come in, wouldn't start. Choked it(mistake). Still wouldn't start. Texted me at 1 am. Texted back to prime it. It started. Got a text that morning that it had randomly quit running several times while traveling just 2 miles back to ramp. Next morning I called Kim at Joplin Marine and he said don't choke a warm engine (true) but the reason it wouldn't restart was the EPA MANDATED vent on top of the filler cap has to be just right or it won't feed fuel, and if you screw it out too far it seals off again. They loosened the fuel cap a little and its still running. Just saying.
  11. oghfm

    kinda cranky

    fPicked up the 12 yo grandson Friday morning and headed to Neosho MDC range, he shot some nice groups. Met a couple of OSU football jocks at the house and they bought my Tohatsu 4 stroke. Headed to Stockton, pattern had changed, only 2 crappie on flickers in 2 hours. Back on lake about 7 this morning, 5 drum and 2 green carp by 9, breakfast at cabin, back on lake about 11, 5 more drum and one more green carp, got tired of seeing all the shad just off bottom, put on 3 way w/ one ounce dropper ahead of flicker, 12 inch crappie, coulda shouda changed earlier, got hot, went to air conditioned big chair, woke up, weedeated lawn, still scratching chiggers but have had worse trips. OGHFM
  12. Steve, I'm not really a cove fisherman. I would call these flats, but where on a normal year these would be too shallow , they are now 20-25 fow. Deeper water is near and some stumps near also. Not a brush pile fisherman either, although Stockton is a brushpile lake. There are a lot of fry near the banks, in the trees right now, but I did see shad just off the bottom in 20-23 fow. That 1.5 mph is probably the key. Did make a run around deeper trees in 40 or so fow but no luck, didn't even see anything interesting. The graph on that boat isn't high tech, a Lowrance dsi4, purely down imaging black and white, w/ gps, and crappie show up on it as dots. Those small shad piles might be interesting to drag your bottom bouncer thru. Stockton is known for a NOON bite. Hope you find some, OGHFM
  13. I use number 7, and the Pro model worked better than the original today
  14. today cause I left the Super Guide in the garage and took ye olde Arkansas Traveler, it'll float in a ditch. Same pattern except they refused all colors but firetiger. 8 caught, 7 keepers, avg 23 fow and 1.7 mph. Seen a lot of shad just off the bottom in 20-23 fow. Me thinks the eyes are hanging out in the trees (shade) during the day and easing out for those shad as the sun sets, but I'm wrong more often than right. 14 fillets will be released to the grease at a later date.
  15. oghfm

    Waded Water

    To launch the boat today. Only fished bout 2 and a half hours w/ grandson and his buddy. Boated 7 crappie, 6 were keepers. Flicker shad in firetiger and purple, 23-6 fow, 1.5 mph, lunch at Reds, home by 2. Nice day w/ the boys.
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