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    Was able to get to Montauk on Saturday 5/13. Fishing was fantastic inside the park. Catch and release was especially productive, caught several large fish and a father and son pair were totally busting it up next to us on white maribou jigs. Lots of small escapees made fishing with most fly gear sort of annoying after the initial novelty wore off. I'd chosen to use a new Tenkara rod which made for some fun when I hooked on to some larger fish. Was downstream near Van Tat for a bit. River looked good but was only able to spend 30 mins there. The parking lot is closed. Campgrounds were full and the areas nearest the river looked like beach volleyball might be in order - sand everywhere. Park looked good.
  2. OrbitFish

    Hwy PP bridge above Dawt Mill

    Back in March we floated the river, fished, and stayed in one of the Dawt Mill cabins that is now gone. Had dinner in the now mud-filled Mill restaurant. This is truly a sad sight to see.
  3. OrbitFish

    Anyone been lately?

    The current was also moving faster than that photo indicates. We'd fished Blue Springs Creek a few weeks ago and I'd figured this was going to be similar but not so much after all the rain. Regardless of the day's fishing, it sure was a pretty creek. Made our way then down to Roaring River and camped and did a little fishing. Beautiful part of Missouri.
  4. OrbitFish

    Anyone been lately?

    Was there on Saturday for the first time ever. Clear evidence of flooding. Water was up, current was strong. Not much luck but will try again later when conditions are better.

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