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  1. Unfortunately, normal land is now having a whole pile of people infected AND hospitalized. And what do you do if you don't think you yourself are at risk, but have somebody in your house who is?
  2. Well, let's see...I haven't been in a restaurant or a quick shop since March, as well. Haven't fished with anybody but Mary since then. We came out to Montana in mid-July and have been here ever since, because at least people out here in our town are taking it seriously--every business requires masks and everybody goes along with it. Our county has done well, except for the occasional big wedding or funeral that causes a little spike in cases. We drove out here stopping only for gas, and stayed in our tent at a campground instead of a hotel like we usually do. Then we bought a camping tra
  3. I think there are a lot of factors in whether a pond can grow big crappie. Two biggest ones are predation (no matter if it's bass and catfish or people) and food availability. All other things being equal, the fewer crappie you have for the forage base, the bigger they get. It's a little tough to get a good forage base for crappie going in the typical small pond stocked with bass and bluegill. But they keep reproducing, and probably eating a ton of the little bass and bluegill. I've known ponds that had crappie that every one of them was so small it was almost transparent. And other pond
  4. I agree...one of the best documentaries I've seen in a while.
  5. I guess it is. To be honest, I tried the HD Craw on a jig a few times, never thought it was as good as using it alone. And not any better than any other jig and trailer combination. But heck, 75% of success on any lure is having confidence in it. If folks have confidence that a certain trailer works better on a jig, it probably will, for them. I gotta wonder, though, how many guys who say that so-and-so is their best lure (or lure combination in this case) are having so much success on it because that's what they use most or all the time.
  6. Yeah, I fish it sometimes. But my thoughts are that, like most jig type lures, it doesn't really match the profile of any particular bass food. I was kinda surprised with people started using the HD Craw as a jig trailer, because my opinion is that it negates a lot of what made the HD Craw a unique lure...it changed it from an uber-realistic craw imitation to a fuzzy butted something or another with craw pinchers added. Which, of course, is what all jig and craw lures are. That being the case, I really don't think it makes much difference if you're using a jig and craw or a jig and chunk,
  7. I'd say it's a little above the highest practical put-in. It's three or four miles from there down to Cedar Creek and the river is seldom floatable above Cedar Creek even in the spring. By mid-summer most years, you'll walk every riffle and scrape bottom in some pretty long stretches of it above Cedar Creek, and probably have to figure out how to get through log jams as well. I've never floated from Bootleg--too much trouble. You'll walk the majority of the riffles in the summer even putting in at the mouth of Cedar Creek. It routinely flows less than 15 cfs up there, and you need 75 cfs
  8. Hmm, I have never seen any version but the ones that give Cherokee Landing area as the furthest upstream. That was the highest put-in in Oz Hawksley's original book, "Missouri Ozark Waterways", from which all the info is taken in the Paddler's Guide, and as far as I knew they never changed it. I think Bootleg was the highest access in Chuck Tryon's book, "200 Missouri Smallmouth Adventures".
  9. Thanks for all the kind words. I'm older than dirt, and by now I've learned a whole lot and probably forgotten half of it. As for a book, the problem, I've found, is in actually getting one finished, and then getting it published. I started writing a book on the Meramec river system more than 4 years ago, not long after my wife was diagnosed with cancer and I needed something to take my mind off it all--and I couldn't paint for worrying about it, but I could write. I got the writing of the book about finished within a few months, but since then I've been working in fits and starts on illus
  10. JesterHK's post about fishing near Cabo in the salt got me to thinking. I've done a certain amount of saltwater fishing, from halibut in Alaska to redfish in south Texas to striped bass near Montauk to bonefish, tarpon, and permit in Florida. And I've caught my share of fish big enough and mean enough to take 15-25 minutes to get to hand...And I can say that for me, it just doesn't do it. For one thing, I don't particularly enjoy being out of sight of land. Not that I'm scared, or get seasick, I just find it boring. For another thing, I get tired of the "battle" long before it's over. It'
  11. That stretch of the Meramec puts you in at what is called "The Bluffs", which is about 7 miles up from Onondaga and Ozark Outdoors. They have an alternative which puts you in on the lower Courtois, you float about 1.5 miles of the Courtois, a mile of Huzzah and Courtois combined, and then three miles of the Meramec down to Ozark Outdoors. Of the two, the Bluffs float, entirely on the Meramec, is usually a little better, but the other one is interesting in that you are fishing three very different rivers in one float. But the Bluffs float means you're fishing two different rivers in one floa
  12. Another choice would be to go farther downstream on Current River this time of year. The smallmouth are on the move toward wintering areas, and a lot of them may be leaving Huzzah and Courtois by now. But Current River below Round Spring should be good. Maybe see if you can get a campsite at Two Rivers and have the choice of the lower Jacks Fork or the Current above Two Rivers.
  13. I don't think the facts in that article are exactly right. The easement does NOT say the public CAN'T go onto that land. It basically leaves it to the landowner as to whether they will allow the people to hike, hunt, camp, or whatever; it just bars any development. So since the DNR owns it, they can and would allow the public to use it, probably with hiking trails to the river if nothing else. And I still don't understand what business it was of the landowners who sued. I think the judge's ruling was very flawed.
  14. Never had a problem with any agent, either here or elsewhere. Closest I came was in Montana, when an agent left a ticket on the windshield of my buddy's truck at an access, because the trailer didn't have a license plate. Since I was part owner of the raft and trailer, it was my responsibility as much as his, and we shared the cost of the ticket and getting the license plate. My local Missouri Conservation Agent for Ste. Genevieve County knows me well, and he's a good one. I was once wading one of my favorite sections of creek in Ste. Gen County, had left my vehicle at the bridge. He saw
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