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  1. And some more Ozark streams: Black River Current River A little farther downstream on Current River Jacks Fork St. Francis River Castor River
  2. Some from the Meramec river system: Middle Meramec Lower Meramec Upper Bourbeuse Lower Bourbeuse Big River Huzzah Creek Courtois Creek Mineral Fork
  3. Some from Missouri: Osage River Niangua River Gasconade River Big Piney River North Fork Eleven Point
  4. Some pictures from Ozark streams I've floated...these are Arkansas streams: Upper Buffalo, most spectacular stream section in the Ozarks Lower Buffalo, second most spectacular stream section in the Ozarks Kings River Crooked Creek South Fork Spring River Strawberry River
  5. We live right on the Yellowstone River, so I have plenty of pictures of it...the first ones are up in Paradise Valley, a whole 10-30 minutes from the house: And one from up in the park, where you have to hike a couple miles in to fish: And finally, a few from right in front of the house: This one is of the little side channel, which is now not so little, with the log cabin that serves as my art studio up on the bank in the trees:
  6. More pictures, this time from Montana, where we live part of the year. Stillwater River Madison River Missouri River Big Hole River West Boulder River Mill Creek And a couple where I've chased smallmouth instead of trout in Montana... Warm Springs Creek Musselshell River
  7. Some Western trout streams I've fished: South Platte, Colorado Frying Pan, Colorado Maroon Creek, Colorado Shoshone, Wyoming Snake River, Wyoming Hoback River, Wyoming Provo River, Utah
  8. Middle Fork, and main Salmon River, Idaho: Middle Fork, cutthroat trout fishing Main Salmon...trout fishing not good, smallmouth fishing not good, but caught a bunch of squawfish But the Main Salmon sure was beautiful and fun Lower Salmon, smallmouth water And finishing up on the Snake River, also great smallmouth water
  9. A couple of the islands have them, introduced of course. On that river I caught one within sight of the ocean, about 200 yards from the mouth of the river. I don't know anywhere else you can do that. The river also had largemouth and peacock bass, but it was the wrong time of year for peacocks...too cool.
  10. Foreign rivers where I've fished for trout: Klutha River, New Zealand Kawarau River, New Zealand Small trout stream in Australia Scotland
  11. A few Alaska rivers where I've fished for trout and salmon: Kenai River Lake Creek Kisaralik River
  12. So what does it hurt setting the hook hard on bass? If they have the hook in their mouth, you aren't going to jerk it out by setting hard. And there are certainly times when you really need a hard hook set...when they've taken in a soft plastic which may be balled up around the hook, for instance. So I set fairly hard no matter what I'm using.
  13. More rivers where I've chased smallmouth: John Day River, Oregon Mississippi River, Minnesota Potomac River, Virginia/Maryland Delaware River, Pennsylvania/Delaware Verde River, Arizona
  14. Some rivers where I've sought river smallmouth: Kern River, California Waimea River, Kauai, Hawaii Housatonic River, Connecticut Penobscot River, Maine New River, Virginia
  15. For what it's worth, there have been plenty of bad reviews of the newer Simms wading boots. I have a pair and have had no problems, but apparently they fall apart for a lot of people.
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