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      Masters Trout Tournament   01/16/2018

      Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina, Lake Taneycomo, will hold it's annual trout tournament this Saturday, January 20th.  It is a 2-man team event.  $75 entry.  This is an artificial only, catch and release contest.  Cash prizes for 1st through 4th place.  Start time 8 a.m.  --  Weight in time 4 p.m.  A meal will follow the weigh in for contestants and spectators.  Call 417-334-6380 for more information.  Register at Lilleys' office up until 7:55 a.m. on Saturday.  http://www.ozarkanglers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Masters-Elfrink-Entry-Form-2018.pdf

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  1. A Hobby Lobby Find ...

    Glad you liked it enough to hang it on your wall!
  2. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    It's always a gamble whether or not the river will wash away the buffer zone between the excavations and the channel with every flood. If the buffer zone stays intact and the river doesn't decide to take over the excavation, the impacts to the actual river are fairly small. But nevertheless there are possible bad things that can happen. The river needs an intact connection to an intact flood plain to be at its healthiest. I've seen these types of excavations where they built a dirt levee to keep the river out of the big hole they were digging, and that cuts off the river from its flood plain, not to mention totally messing up the floodplain itself. Most of the ones I'm familiar with, eventually they actually have a narrow channel connecting the river to the excavation. If they are still working at that point, it means a lot of silt coming into the river, not to mention the motor oil and other chemicals incidental to mining. But seems to me the biggest problem is the impact on people living in the area. I don't blame everybody for being so against this when they'll have to put up with what is basically an industrial complex in their back yard and the tremendous impacts on infrastructure in the area. I suppose this is better than simply digging in the river channel and widening it the way things used to be done. Yes, it made for some nice wintering pools, but it wiped out a LOT of summertime habitat (gamefish don't like big, dead, deep pools in the summer...not enough food), and it had a tremendous impact on the river far upstream and downstream from the actual digging. Upstream, headcutting often caused a lot of erosion of the banks, and downstream, there was a lot of siltation from the operations and a lot warmer water in the summer from those wide, dead pools exposed to the sun.
  3. I've never blown into the device, so I have no idea what my blood alcohol is after two beers. But from what I've heard, it should be a little under the current limit. All I know is that as near as I can tell, two beers in about an hour doesn't impair me, but one more in that hour does, so I never drink more than two before driving, and I almost always stop after two and give it an hour or so before actually getting behind the wheel. I assume that, if this goes into effect, the two beers will be a thing of the past. I'm not a big beer drinker anyway, so it wouldn't particularly bother me, but I do think it's getting a little ridiculous. Taking a cab or Uber sounds good, but it ain't happening in most rural areas.
  4. OAF on the Meramec

    If it's in April I won't be there...I'll be in Montana. March or May I'd be there for sure.
  5. Mizzou/Arkansas hoops

    Bad ending to the game for Mizzou. That's the second down to the wire game they've lost. People want to blame it on Geist and the lack of a point guard, but neither game was Geist's fault if you take the time to watch replays. The Florida game, the last play was designed to get Robertson open, and it worked to perfection. His man was 10 feet away from him when Geist made the pass. But Chiozza took a huge gamble, coming off Barnett, who had been shooting lights out, and covering 15 feet to get to the ball. That was at least 90% just a fantastic defensive play. Then today...the play was supposed to be Barnett setting a screen, then either rolling or popping out to take the pass from Geist. But the guy guarding Geist on the screen took out Barnett's legs and dumped him on the floor. Meanwhile Robertson was supposed to be coming to the ball in case Geist couldn't pass to Barnett, but he was being held the whole way. No call on either of those things. Left Geist to shoot a contested three because he had no other option. And it almost went in. Hate to blame it on the refs. You can expect them to swallow their whistles in the last seconds of a tight game. But once again, way too many ticky tack fouls called on Mizzou's big men throughout the game. The last charging call on Porter, the Arkie guy flopped when he wasn't even touched. Took away two points (Porter made the shot), a foul that should have been called on the other guy guarding Porter, so it should have been a 3 point play, and Porter was called for his fourth foul. And the screen that Tilmon set near the end that he was whistled for an illegal screen, replay showed it was a perfect screen, but the Arkie kid bounced off Tilmon and the refs called it. Announcer thought it was an okay call until he saw the replay, then tried to say that Tilmon dropped his shoulder. Bull. Tilmon got penalized for being a big man when the little guy runs into you. That was after the Florida game, when both Porter and Tilmon somehow fouled out with a total of maybe five fouls between them. There were horrible calls in that game, this game wasn't quite so bad.
  6. Floated a new river last year

    Yeah, that stretch gets enough jet boat fishermen that, like nearly all the jetboatable stretches, the fish get a little sophisticated. I've had a few good days and a few mediocre ones on it. Haven't fished it all that much. I like to wait until the Piney is low enough that most of the jet guys won't run up it.
  7. Floated a new river last year

    Harps, you're getting your Boiling Springs mixed up. I think he's talking about the one on the Gasconade a couple miles below the mouth of the Piney, not the one a long way up the Piney.
  8. Floated a new river last year

    Spawn can start in early April, and can go on until early June. Mostly depends upon water conditions...seems they will spawn as soon as they can, so if the water is warm enough in early April to get them going they will. If it stays too cool, as it does sometimes in cold spring weather, they still feel the pressure to spawn, and if it hasn't warmed up enough by early May they'll go ahead and spawn anyway. But they don't all spawn at the same time, and if there is a lot of high water making spawning difficult, seems like some keep trying up into June. I've seen spawning activity by the first or second week of April, and seen them still spawning in June. So I wouldn't call May "pre-spawn". On the rivers I fish, pre-spawn is late March/early April.
  9. Going Down The Rabbit Hole

    Okay, I'm gonna say this one more time...carp are fun to fish for and fight very well. I have absolutely NO problem with people fishing for them. The more people fishing for them the better...as long as the agencies don't start managing them to the detriment of other fish, especially native fish, because so many people are fishing for them. And I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. Right now, most places they simply AREN'T managed, either for the good of carp or to the detriment of carp, and they are doing just fine. If I wanted to, I could catch a pile of them on the Ozark streams I fish, and if you really want to catch carp until you're tired of catching them, Wappapello Lake is chock full of them. Or you can go to the lower sections of every creek running directly into the Mississippi south of St. Louis and wear yourself out on them. I highly doubt if many people are gigging, spearing, or shooting them in most of those places. I haven't been to Bismarck Lake in a while, but the last time I was there the carp were spawning in the shallows and there were huge ones everywhere. Heck, there's a lake less than an hour from where our house is in Montana that is about 20 acres, surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery, and has so many carp they keep the lake muddy. There is no shortage of good carp fishing places. So have at it.
  10. Roll Tide!

    Great story, but the scuttlebutt is that the kid was head and shoulders better than Hurts even back in the spring game, as well as all through practice in the fall, but Saban was still loyal to the upperclassman. Probably will be a different story next year.
  11. First of 2018

    The spring creeks are cheap this time of year...$40. $125 a day in the summer. I don't fish them in the summer! If you have a family that wants to get into winter sports, a winter vacation in Montana will get you plenty of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling...and you can sneak off and fish the spring creeks.
  12. Everything is frozen and I am bored

    I'm at a loss. Seems he wanted and expected everybody here to give everybody else on here the exact spots where they catch fish, I guess. And then nitpicked my vocabulary. I don't remember peeing in his Wheaties, but maybe I did at some point. I too would like to hear why there are apparently people who think the so-called St. Louis clique (and I think that's the way it's spelled, not "click") are such bassholes. I know Chief likes to stir the pot about us hating on illegal gigging, but other than that and that Whitesnoop character ragging on me for not carrying a bump board, I haven't seen too many complaints. Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. First of 2018

    The forecast for the day for livingston Montana wasn't great. It was going to be windy. So what else is new. Livingston is known for wind, though also for warmer winter weather than you'd think for Montana. But there had been a lot of subzero temps, and now it had finally moderated, and this would be my only chance to go fishing while we were out here. The river still had shelf ice, but the snow was melting and DePuys Spring Creek had rods open. And maybe it wouldn't be so windy up in the valley. So I drove the 15 minutes from the house to the spring creek, and there wasn't much wind. Just a cloudy day. That's streamer weather! I tied on one of my rabbit hair streamers and walked up to a slack pool that I knew held fish that would eat a streamer. It didn't take long: That was the first fish of 2018 for me. I hooked several more, both rainbows and browns, and in the next three hours I caught 8 or 9. None were huge but all were nice fish, 14-17 inchers. Then the sun came out: That was pretty much the end of the streamer fishing. I walked back to the truck, which was parked next to one of the little huts with wood stoves that the owners thoughtfully provide for cold anglers. I wasn't cold, but the wind had come up and was blowing about 25 mph, and it was nice to get out of it while I ate a late lunch. Afterwards, I tried nymphing a couple runs, but got nothing. Seemed the fishing was done for the day, so I gave it up and headed for home. Not bad for Montana in January.
  14. Everything is frozen and I am bored

    You know, this really ticks me off. I don't think any of the so-called clique have been all that disrespectful to others in explaining why we don't post exact locations. And even more importantly, I think we have been quite forthcoming about lures and methods. Like I said before, I've given out most, if not all, the stuff I know about lures, methods, locating wintering pools, boat and canoe handling over the years I've been on here. Holy moly, I just spent an hour a few days ago telling much of what I know about Montana trout fishing, including, in general, where to go. So Griz and Trout Addict, sorry if you feel the way you do, but you're wrong in my opinion. And Trout Addict, you're gonna be missing a lot of valuable info in the future by taking your ball and going home. I can also remember Smalliebigs telling people on here EXACTLY where to try fishing the lower Meramec not all that long ago. And here's the thing...among us in the "clique", we fish the Meramec from Maramec Spring to St. Louis County. Some fish one section more than others, but we've probably all caught a lot of fish throughout that entire length of the river, along with a good part of the Gasconade, Big, and Bourbeuse. YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW exactly where somebody caught a big one last month, because chances are the next big one will be caught somewhere completely different. You don't even need to know the 10 mile stretch. Come to the next Smallmouth Alliance meeting in St. Louis. I'm giving a little talk on the lures I use and when, why, and how I use them. I won't tell any exact locations there, either, but I won't purposely keep any secrets about lures and tactics. Of course, good ol' Whitesnoop or whatever his handle is will probably come on here next and say I don't know anything and lie about the size of the fish I catch. So take whatever I say for what it's worth
  15. Everything is frozen and I am bored

    Already explained why we are a little careful about specific spots. But consider this. If your friend showed you his three best winter holes for smallmouth, would you go back there with somebody else a couple days later, and in the meantime tell (face to face) 12 more people exactly where those spots were? Don't you think that MIGHT tick your friend off just a bit? Especially if he told you to keep it quiet, or just thought you KNEW to keep it quiet. What makes this different? (Other than the fact that you're posting it for EVERYBODY to see, including a whole lot of people you don't know at all.) Hog Wally and Mitch have shown me a bunch of excellent spots on the Meramec and Gasconade that I didn't know about, right down to the exact living room size piece of the pool where the fish were most likely to be concentrated. I've probably showed them a few as well. And we all know each other well enough to trust that none of us will spill the beans. It's expected that we might take somebody else to those places and show them those fish, but it's also expected that the somebody will also not broadcast the exact places. I also have to say that I'm just about completely open about the general areas where we fish, and I'm darned sure open, as is Hog Wally and Smalliebigs and Mitch and whoever else is in our "clique", about what we caught fish on and how we fish it. I've even spent quite a few words on here talking about what to look for in a wintering hole. For crying out loud, where is the rule that everybody on the internet has the right to be led by the hand to an exact spot and shown the perfect cast to make to catch a fish at that spot? You can't be so lazy or clueless that you can't spend some time finding your own honey holes. Sure, there's an element of selfishness involved. I don't want to pull up to one of my best wintering pools and find three other boats already fishing it. That might sometimes happen anyway, but it won't be because I or one of my friends pointed it out on the internet. And keep in mind that good wintering holes aren't everywhere on the river. On a ten mile stretch that I fish a lot, I've caught big fish in exactly five pools in the winter. Two of those pools have produced the vast majority of the big fish I've caught in that ten-mile stretch. So on a given winter day, I'm pretty much limited to those five pools, and more than half the day will be spent on the two best ones. And I've spent a lot of time trying other pools and catching the occasional mediocre fish over the years, so it isn't like I'm skipping a lot of water that is likely to hold big ones. So...if five other anglers are fishing the same stretch that day and they've all seen on the internet where I catch my fish, I'm gonna be waiting in line to fish those five spots. Not to mention that the fish in those spots are going to be seeing a lot of pressure. Funny thing is, in that ten-mile stretch, there have only been a couple of times when another angler was on the water and fishing my spots. Guess what? I like it that way.

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