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  1. Worst thing is when the current is so strong it washes the trailer off the side of the ramp before you can get the boat on it. Did that once at the Riverview MDC Access ramp on the Meramec.
  2. Yeah, it's kinda tough to take something that has become automatic for me after all these years, and try to break it down in a written description of what I actually do. You're right, in many places you can just get the canoe into the slow current on the other bank, but on my rivers that means you have to make a fairly long, cross-current cast to the good bank. I'd rather keep the canoe close to the good bank and fish more parallel to it, so that my lure is in the good stuff longer. One thing is for sure, low water and little wind makes it all a whole lot easier.
  3. Exactly. Since I don't like to get out and wade much, if I need to fish the slow stuff, I look for spots where I can get the canoe into an eddy, or up against a log or rock, even slide it up onto a water willow weed bed or up against the bank. But most of my warm weather fishing is with the "power" stuff. Wrench explained it well. The rod never leaves my (left) hand, and at the end of a cast, if the canoe position needs to be corrected, I grab the paddle and make the one-handed strokes I need to do so. Usually, I'm looking ahead to figure out the current line where I want to be, and getti
  4. Haven't ever seen any paddlefish in the upper portion of the river. Decent catfishing from Steelville downstream.
  5. Yup...I think calling them white suckers is the best we can do. They just fit that better than anything else.
  6. My grandpa and great uncle once left on a Thursday to go fishing somewhere pretty far away for the time, back in the late 1940s. They told my granny they would be back on Sunday. Sunday came and no sign of them. She was kinda used to that, though, so she didn't think much of it. By Thursday she was beginning to get a little worried, but what was she gonna do? Finally they showed up the next Sunday. When she confronted them, Grandpa said, "Well, I didn't say WHICH Sunday, did I?"
  7. Well, they ain't as cheap as an inner tube, but if want something that's like tube fishing only a heck of a lot better, get a Water Master one person raft. Or one of the other brands that are very similar. This is the ONLY watercraft I've ever used that makes it exceedingly easy to fly fish from the craft by yourself. It's a big, oval-shaped "tube" with a platform on the rear part of the oval hole in the middle that you sit on, so you sit a lot higher, out of the water, but with your feet dangling in the water. You use swim fins to kick yourself around and keep yourself in position to fish
  8. Mitch, those "disastrous effects" are being pushed by people with agendas inimical to conservation in general. As has been pointed out, DDT was never banned across the globe, and is still being used in many tropical countries. It was banned in the U.S. I doubt that there was a single person that died in the U.S. due to DDT being banned. And if you're talking about "disastrous effects" of decisions, there may very well have been truly disastrous effects on human life if DDT HADN'T been banned in the U.S. and curtailed across the world. What would make you think that something that had that
  9. Mary and I loved "My Octopus Teacher". Fascinating.
  10. You are probably right, but that last one still throws me. That's one heck of a big white sucker if that's what it is. Wish I did have my fish ID books available right now, because it really has me curious. The size, shape, and head shape just don't quite fit anything that is found in the Ozarks.
  11. Nope. I've caught plenty of chubsuckers in seines while seining minnows for walleye fishing in the winter. They are shorter, thicker fish, and as you say they max out at 10 inches--I never saw one over 6 inches myself.
  12. Yup. When I'm in Montana, whenever anybody from Missouri visits I know I'm going to be rowing all day. I don't really mind it, and always plan on stopping at a lot of good looking spots and wading, but I can say from experience that it's pretty much impossible to fish and row. But after fishing by myself for 50 years from a canoe, I can do very well fishing while paddling. I may be a world champion one-handed paddler.
  13. Dang, Ham...I'm pretty good at IDing fish, but those kinda have me stumped. I don't think either of the ones you're stumped on are redhorse at all. The first one looks like a really big white sucker, with the scales that get smaller toward the head. And that last one...if you were in Montana I'd call that a mountain sucker. The really long body and really long head look just like the mountain suckers I catch out here in Montana fly fishing. And it for sure doesn't look like any of the redhorse species. It just doesn't match any sucker species that I know of in Missouri. I'm in Montana ri
  14. I fish out of a solo canoe most of the time...don't care for kayaks. But the times I HAVE fished from a kayak, one of the things I did was bring along a short, single blade canoe paddle. I use the double blade for simply getting somewhere in a hurry (I also use a double blade in the canoe if I'm going to be paddling upstream, or paddling through a lot of long, dead pools), but when drifting downriver fishing, the single blade is far more precise in keeping the boat in good fishing position. You can use it one-handed without ever putting down your rod, and make a lot of one-handed draw and
  15. I've always had the idea that some individual fish are genetically more susceptible to being caught. They are more attracted to fishing lures, which to be honest are NOT perfect imitations of natural food. I suspect that other individual fish are genetically NOT programmed to attack most of the lures we use. In other words, there are probably fish that are basically uncatchable, except under extraordinary circumstances. Some of the biggest bass I've seen and caught were seen or caught when they tried to take the lure away from a smaller bass. It's possible that was the only way they'd be
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