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  1. It might be a Navy P-3 looking for submarines.
  2. It was a rough weekend for me to find the "keeper" bass. I fished a small day and 1/2 bass tournament. WT was between 82 and 85 depending on what part of the lake you were on. Caught about 8 shorts around the dam area on Saturday. It was a hot day. Started off with top water for the first hour and 1/2 with not even a sniff. I switched over to jigs and shakeyheads and started to catch short ones. The guys that caught fish said they ran way down the arms and caught them shallow on jigs and plastics, some on crankbaits. I was told that the bigger fish were under the logs in the back of creeks. The majority of the fish were caught early (before 9). Sunday, I made the run to Copper Cove and caught 4 keepers on jigs. Since we had a strong wind from the east, I catch most of my fish on windy points up and down the cove. 18.4 lbs with 10 fish won the tournament and big bass was 4.45 lbs. Hope this helps you. Good Luck
  3. Thanks, I'll report back and let you know how I did!
  4. I am headed to Pomme this weekend for little bit of bass fishing. Has anyone had any luck? What's the water temp and clarity like? I saw where the last Joe Bass tournament caught some nice bass. Thanks.
  5. My buddy just finished kayaking the entire Missouri river. It took him 3 months to paddle 2500 miles. https://paddlestlouis.com/?fbclid=IwAR1MMfvzAbOggXAySd61u0YcasYurlf7Eas_VTpIoffs0QMgZ64i4PuOqRM
  6. I bought my trailer tires through Amazon and had Walmart install them. It looks like you buy the trailer tires already installed on the wheels. https://www.amazon.com/Trailer-White-Spoke-Mounted-circle/dp/B074374HQC/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=ST175%2F80+R13&qid=1562076489&s=gateway&sr=8-4
  7. I recently updated the software for my Lowrance Gen2 to v6.0. Now I have a banner on the left side of my display for Mercury and Vessel that I do not want or need. It blocks my speed, depth and temperature readouts in the upper left hand corner of my screen. How do I get rid of this banner? I have gone through every menu that I can think of to eliminate it. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. I personally recommend Lazy Lee's Resort in West Branson / Kimberling City area. Ron and Joy have completely remodeled almost all of the cabins and they look great! http://www.lazyleesresort.com/
  9. Some first show kinks need to be worked out but to me, it seems like there was a lot of dead air until an angler started to talk and tell you something about how he was fishing and then the commentators would start talking over what the angler was saying drowning them out with useless BS. I was hoping to hear more from the anglers about their choice of lures and techniques and less from the commentators droning on.
  10. Thank you everyone for your responses. Are there a lot of stumps to watch out for? I will try to fish Wappapelo at least once before our October tournament. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to stay down by the dam?
  11. Hey all! Found out that my fishing club will be going to Wappapelo next October. Just looking for some general information on the lake, where to stay, hazardous areas to avoid while running, etc ... Thanks !!
  12. It looks like there will be more rain next weekend when I will be fishing there.
  13. That's every bass fisherman's nightmare to have a muskie bust on your $15 topwater lure. 😥 I see that there is some rain coming this week and next week hopefully raising the lake.
  14. Hi, I'm planning on coming back to Pomme to go bass fishing in a couple of weeks. I've fished Pomme a couple of times before and like the lake but never really had a lot of luck there. What are the conditions like now? Any ideas? thanks!
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