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  1. lobina grande

    Wappapelo Fishing Advise

    Thank you everyone for your responses. Are there a lot of stumps to watch out for? I will try to fish Wappapelo at least once before our October tournament. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to stay down by the dam?
  2. lobina grande

    Wappapelo Fishing Advise

    Hey all! Found out that my fishing club will be going to Wappapelo next October. Just looking for some general information on the lake, where to stay, hazardous areas to avoid while running, etc ... Thanks !!
  3. lobina grande

    September bass fishing

    It looks like there will be more rain next weekend when I will be fishing there.
  4. lobina grande

    September bass fishing

    That's every bass fisherman's nightmare to have a muskie bust on your $15 topwater lure. 😥 I see that there is some rain coming this week and next week hopefully raising the lake.
  5. lobina grande

    September bass fishing

    Hi, I'm planning on coming back to Pomme to go bass fishing in a couple of weeks. I've fished Pomme a couple of times before and like the lake but never really had a lot of luck there. What are the conditions like now? Any ideas? thanks!
  6. lobina grande


    What's up with all of the otters hanging around the docks and stealing everyone's fish? My wife and I were visiting with my sister on the Grand Glaize arm and decided to just fish for crappie and catfish off the docks last weekend. The fishing was slow but we managed to catch a nice mess of crappie with 4 eating size channel cats. When it came time to quit and clean the fish, all of the cats were gone and we only had about 1/2 of the crappies that we should have. I was perplexed and thought that the catfish were able to get out of the bottom of the fish basket. So that night, I sewed up the bottom of the basket with some braid and we when back down on the docks to catch more crappie. No sooner than we caught a channel cat and crappie when we saw the otters (a mother and young pup) trying to get at our fish from the bottom of our basket. No matter what we did, they would not leave our two fish alone. I was even jabbing them with my rod and they would take off only to return. We ended up leaving the dock to go fish off another dock on the other side of the resort. As soon as we put the fish basket in the water there was a big male otter trying to reach into the top of our basket. He was in between the dock and the floats. I managed to chase him off and thought we were safe for the rest of the morning and preceded to caught a couple of nice channel cats. We kept on an eye on the basket and I had a couple of 4 lb cats but when I went to clean them one of the big ones were gone. The Sneaky B@^#$$&#!!! I have never had a problem with them in the past. Are they becoming a problem on other parts of the lake? Something needs to be done. I did see where some people had a fish box that they could lower deeper in the lake and now I know why.
  7. lobina grande

    No running lights on Trailer problem?

    Is your hitch ball rusty? I had a ground problem with my Ranger trailer preventing me from backing up on a hill until I bought a new ball for my hitch.
  8. lobina grande

    boat slip rental

    Thanks, I'll try the Branson Yacht Club. I called Indian Point and they do not have anything available until Sunday.
  9. lobina grande

    boat slip rental

    I forgot about Indian Point and their website says only $20 per night for a covered slip. Thanks,
  10. lobina grande

    boat slip rental

    I'm heading down to Branson next weekend for my daughter's softball tournament. Unfortunately, the hotel where her team is staying (Quality Inn on W 76 Country Blvd) doesn't appear to have enough room to bring my boat. Is there any place that rents covered slips to keep my boat over the weekend? I saw where the State Marina has uncovered slips for $20 a night but would rather have a covered slip. Either a covered slip or hire a guide that weekend to get my fishing fix in. Has anyone heard of Michael Wohl? Thanks
  11. lobina grande

    Places to eat on the lake

    I've eaten there before when I stayed at Still Waters and it is very good.
  12. lobina grande

    Places to eat on the lake

    This is a very good link, thanks!
  13. lobina grande

    Places to eat on the lake

    Looking for some places to eat on the water. I know that Indian Point Marina has a cafe. Also, the State Park Marina but not sure of the days that they are open or their hours. I will be down there next week fishing (not for the FLW) and looking for places to tie up and grab either breakfast or lunch. Thanks!
  14. lobina grande

    It is downright looney out there!

    Nice fish!
  15. lobina grande

    Latest conditions at Pomme

    Thanks, I have been following the forecast and I'm really looking forward to fishing in the snow on Friday and Sunday. Looks like we will go from winter to summer this year. I'm hoping that the weathermen are wrong.

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