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  1. That is a beautiful boat! Wish i was in the market for one..perfect fish and ski for the family..and a Champion to boot!
  2. Is the fun over with? Whats the latest the whites stay in the rivers?
  3. Man those are some beautiful smallies! What a blast...any advice on where to target some from the shore?? No boat..
  4. Decided to take a hike up around the Frisco trail and find a new spot or two. Found a nice little pool and started catching a few whites...and then...it happened. The strike was hard, the fish was big, and staying deep...pulled it up to the surface to find a 24"-26" walleye that appeared to be tired out. I loosened the drag quite a bit and was just about to beach this beast and then two head shakes and she was gone..spit the bucktail jig id just made and that was that. Upon inspection id tied it on an older leadhead and the barb was pretty much worn to nothing...lesson learned A few casts later i lost that bucktail in a tree..it was the only one i had so i went home to tie some more..brown and purple over white with some flash.. Ended up with about 10 whites and the one that got away..
  5. Do the whites typically bite better in the afternoons? Ive had limited luck in the early mornings amd better luck midday..never really had a chance to give it a shot in the afternoon
  6. Hmmm...maybe one of those fly fisherman will be me..
  7. Phew! You were right Bologna...i walked it today and its a hike for sure. Cool area though. Fishes more like trout water with riffles, eddies, and pools. I will definitely have to get back up there with the flyrod next time. When i got up there i got two nice ones back to back but that was it...got em both on my homemade 1/16th oz. white hair jigs..they hit pretty aggressive so i was surprised that i couldnt convince a few more. Tried around Taylor before and after making the hike upriver, but no luck
  8. Btw, im headed out early tomorrow if anyone is gonna be out there say hello. Ill be throwing a bright green lews combo! Try to catch a few before the rain
  9. I keep hearing about these S curves...are they upstream from Taylor? Or the area downstream of the Orleans steel bridge?
  10. Nothing today at Taylor. Had 3 really soft hits and missed em all..then everything shut off..didnt really see anyone catching
  11. Fished at Talyor from about 8:30 until 10 and caught about 20 SOOWWS!! Here are some pics of the best few...all released to fight another day. All caught on a 1/16th ounce pink jig with White Maribou tied sparsely by yours truly! They wanted a slooww retrieve with a snap and fall, always taking it on the fall and hitting lightly.
  12. Well done! Whats the cold snap gonna do to em?
  13. That is an awesome looking box Dutch! Is that material mostly bucktail?
  14. Also, almost all the fish today were hugging the bank. Got bit with 6 feet of line left on all but a couple
  15. Hot dog! Got out to Taylor again this morning and they ate my homemade jigs!! Caught some on the all whites, and some on white/chartreuse. Tried like heck to get bit on the pink and white but couldnt come up with the trifecta...only got 7 or 8 but 2 of them were FAT sows.. I learned two things: There is nothing more satisfying than catching fish on a lure you made. Also, there is nothing more painful than donating that same jig to the river bottom.. Now i need to tie more...
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