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  1. MNtransplant

    Something new

    Headed down to Taneycomo this morning to try the ole shad bite. Saw 8 or 9 floodgates open when i got there so i tied on a small XPS crankbait in a bone color...3 casts later whack! About a 16" rainbow...thought I was on go something but that was the only bite I had so I tried to my go to...a husky jerk in emerald ghost..with not many places to flick a cast from the bank, I headed down to the main outlet nearest to the parking lot. Saw a bunch of really nice sized fish that looked like they were midging near the surface...tried twitching the husky jerk thru several times with no takers...so then I got creative.... I tossed the bait right up near the fast water, kept the rod tip high, and skated it just a few inches below the surface..Boom! Saw the jaw of a huge Brown (probably 5 or 6 pounds) blow up on it sending the bait a couple feet into the air...missed em! Tried a few more like that and had two other rainbows blow up and miss...kind of cool and now I see why guys fish dries!
  2. MNtransplant


    Anyone know what blunks looks like right now, is it fishable from the bank?
  3. MNtransplant

    Thursday and Friday

    Nice report baller. Confirms what I was thinking, that the fish are still staging at the mouths and not fully moved into the river in numbers yet. Glad you found them...i know Ive heard a ton of guys say it and Ive even experienced it myself but when you find the seams or slack water near moving water you'll find the fish. I looked hard for some of those areas around Orleans on Sunday but with the water so high it was tough to find anything that looked fishy close to the shore. Would probably be a little easier in a boat too I imagine. I'm still trying to convince my wife that we need a little 14 foot flat bottom instead of the fish and ski that she's been eyin' 😁 I may try up around Taylor in a couple weeks since that skinnier water might be good for wading with the flyrod.
  4. MNtransplant

    Waiting game...

    Got the green light from the wifey to fish for a couple hours this afternoon so I headed up to the steel bridge in search of some whites..zero bites..tried a white maribou jig, a chartreuse kip tail on the Fly rod, a beetle spin with an orange and chartreuse hair jig, and after that didn't work, tried a 5" white fluke on a 1/4 oz head to see if any walleye were hanging around...no dice... I still think we got a few more weeks before it gets good. And actually looking back at my notes last year, I didn't start having my best luck up there last year until the end of April...probably just wishful thinking to start catching them early... I'd like to pass the time chasing some walleye or smallies down along the James...I have some areas in mind but any advice on favorite lures or techniques from the James veterans out there? Tight Lines guys...Waiting for prime time spring fishing to kick in like a kid at Christmas 😁
  5. MNtransplant

    Let it rain!

    To most folks rain in the forecast is a bummer but when I woke up this morning to thunder cracking, I looked at my phone and saw rain in the forecast for 4 of the next 5 days and I got super pumped. Let's get those creeks warmed up and flowin'! Who's ready to get after it this spring?
  6. MNtransplant

    Quail hunters

    Cool pics! Whitetail, and Turkeys...you plant a garden and throw in a weekly fishing trip and you could live off the land while doing your hobbies...sounds like you're on to something
  7. MNtransplant

    Water flowing?

    Anyone know if the water is running or if it will be in the am? thinking of trying out this place tomorrow
  8. MNtransplant


    Anyone around Springfield that could tie me some clousers in some custom colors for a decent price? If you are someone that can, please post some pics of your work 😁
  9. What a beauty of a morning! I snuck out for a few minutes to scout an area along the LS where I thought I might find some early walleye action. No such luck but glad I decided to check it out. There's something awesome about being the only guy out there walking the banks of an icy creek while the Turkeys squawk to life in the background. Again, no fish caught or seen but it was cool to see the different contours through the clear water and take some mental notes of where there is some gravel and rock transition for later this spring when the whites start a runnin' Lots of ice along the bank and when I crossed the bridge at Aldrich there was a thin ice cover as far as you could see. Maybe we're still a few weeks away from the walleyes moving into the creeks or maybe I was just on the wrong creek Has anyone else been as crazy as me to start exploring yet? Tight Lines
  10. MNtransplant

    Icy guides

    Yessir, I was. Might have to bring the spinning gear with next time
  11. MNtransplant

    Quail hunters

    @Ketchup congrats on the new place! Sounds like a dream setup for an outdoorsman. If you ever need a quail hunting buddy gimme a shout. I've been itching to find some quail spots. I grew up hunting ruffed grouse in Minnesota and I'm pretty handy with the old over under .20 gauge. Feathers might make some good fly tying material as well! I've also got an almost brand new Tikka T3 .30-06 that's been collecting dust if you need help thinning out the does or controlling the varmint population.
  12. MNtransplant

    Icy guides

    Got out for an hour this morning and managed 5 smaller rainbows...saw lots of boats with guys throwing jigs and stickbaits seemed like everyone was catching. The ticket for me was the ruby zebra midge. Hope to get back down there soon!
  13. MNtransplant


    @MOPanfisher when is this magic time? Sounds fun!
  14. MNtransplant

    4/20 walleye

    @zarraspook were creeping around towards February. Could you message me about what part of the dam you're talking about? I'd love to get after some eyes here in a few weeks
  15. MNtransplant

    OK.... it's official. Table Rock has turned over

    Hey Phil, would you mind explaining your comments...when Table Rock turns over you're saying that the D.O. goes up in the water coming through the darn, and that typically makes the fish more active and hungry?

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