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  1. Most people ive ever seen at 215...caught a lone white and only saw one other fish caught...i think i missed another 2-3 really light bites...fish came on a home tied purple and white bucktail jig.
  2. This actually a pretty witty joke 😊 but I cant get on board with laughing about this thing just yet...got two little ones and we're very worried for them. I dont even consider myself an alarmist
  3. Finally got the chance to give it a try this year even if the conditions weren't perfect....first stop was 215 bridge since it was the closest and i was antsy...on my second or 3rd cast I picked up a nice male white and i thought here we go! Unfortunately that was the only bite of the day...threw the whole tackle box at em....bucktail jigs in purple, gray, pink, chartreuse...lipless cranks, some bigger walleye style plastics in white and purple/chartreuse. Tried 1/8th, 1/4th, and 1/16th ounce sizes, didnt seem to matter. Couldnt even get bit on my homemade maribou jigs...the fish came on a 1/16th ounce white head with a purple swimming minnow plastic. Headed up to Taylor after that and saw one guy catch a single dink there, decided to head back to 215 to finish up the afternoon and saw a guy land a decent walleye, 18" or so, on a white grub. Overall very slow but nice to not read about coronavirus. These truly are strange times and fishing felt normal if only for a few hours, best wishes for everyone and their families these next few weeks/months.
  4. Thanks Dutch, ill shoot you a message Friday night to see if you made it out...is 870 a "good" level? Or what is a good level to shoot for if planning a trip....of course O just go when I can
  5. Anyone headed out tomorrow or Friday? I plan on fishing Saturday morning and Im trying to decide between chasing the whites or heading to Taneycomo...if the Little Sac is chocolate milk i may head south amd try the whites another time. Any type of water level/clarity report would be super helpful. Cheers!
  6. Awesome! I finished tying the "last" session of my preseason clousers and i created a new color combo that I think I'll call "skol" as a Vikings fan - purple over chartreuse with rainbow flash. I will be headed out on Saturday weather pending to try my luck.
  7. What colors did you guys have luck with? Im sure that might change after the rain predicted this week
  8. Hey SIO3, I can see where you're coming from...i usually try to fish the white bass run about 5 to 6 times per year if i can...my experience is that i typically hit 1-2 unbelievably good days where i cant keep em off the hook...another few days where i might catch 3 or 4, and at least one or two days where you'd swear the river is empty...i think the run definitely exists but its more hit or miss than its portrayed sometimes. They move around a lot and shore fishers like me have a hard time staying on them. I think the boat guys definitely have a small advantage. I cant wait for the day I can get after em in my own john boat..
  9. Thanks guys, went looking for a deal on a spinning rod and left with one of the mach2 spinning combos...couldnt pass up the 69.99 price when they are normaly 139.99!! Love Lews stuff!! Cant wait to use it
  10. Man you've got a good wife if she's letting you do that 😊. Good luck! I may explore the possibilities of asking permission as well hah!
  11. Has anyone been to the Lews shop in the northeast business park recently or are you going soon? I know they usually have some sort of rod specials going on and i think it was the speed stick tp1's for $40 or $50. Just trying to confirm before heading out there later this week
  12. Anyone gonna try it this weekend...i almost snuck out for an hour on Friday but decided to head home to clean the house top to bottom in preparation for hosting my wife's entire family this weekend....that scored me some huge points and likely got me a couple of longer fishing trips...total veteran move 😎😎. Ill be cashing those chips in in a couple weeks...looks like some very steady warmer weather for the next 10 days or so. Tight lines, and remember keep the wives happy its almost primetime!!
  13. See pictures and details in the link below. Great setup! http://springfield.craigslist.org/spo/d/springfield-offseason-special-complete/7084939504.html
  14. Thanks rps, I loved reading your posts on Ozark walleye tactics, great stuff! Im saving all those notes in my memory bank for the day I finally get myself a boat.
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