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  1. Quail hunters

    Cool pics! Whitetail, and Turkeys...you plant a garden and throw in a weekly fishing trip and you could live off the land while doing your hobbies...sounds like you're on to something
  2. Water flowing?

    Anyone know if the water is running or if it will be in the am? thinking of trying out this place tomorrow
  3. Clousers?

    Anyone around Springfield that could tie me some clousers in some custom colors for a decent price? If you are someone that can, please post some pics of your work 😁
  4. What a beauty of a morning! I snuck out for a few minutes to scout an area along the LS where I thought I might find some early walleye action. No such luck but glad I decided to check it out. There's something awesome about being the only guy out there walking the banks of an icy creek while the Turkeys squawk to life in the background. Again, no fish caught or seen but it was cool to see the different contours through the clear water and take some mental notes of where there is some gravel and rock transition for later this spring when the whites start a runnin' Lots of ice along the bank and when I crossed the bridge at Aldrich there was a thin ice cover as far as you could see. Maybe we're still a few weeks away from the walleyes moving into the creeks or maybe I was just on the wrong creek Has anyone else been as crazy as me to start exploring yet? Tight Lines
  5. Icy guides

    Yessir, I was. Might have to bring the spinning gear with next time
  6. Quail hunters

    @Ketchup congrats on the new place! Sounds like a dream setup for an outdoorsman. If you ever need a quail hunting buddy gimme a shout. I've been itching to find some quail spots. I grew up hunting ruffed grouse in Minnesota and I'm pretty handy with the old over under .20 gauge. Feathers might make some good fly tying material as well! I've also got an almost brand new Tikka T3 .30-06 that's been collecting dust if you need help thinning out the does or controlling the varmint population.
  7. Icy guides

    Got out for an hour this morning and managed 5 smaller rainbows...saw lots of boats with guys throwing jigs and stickbaits seemed like everyone was catching. The ticket for me was the ruby zebra midge. Hope to get back down there soon!
  8. Walleye

    @MOPanfisher when is this magic time? Sounds fun!
  9. 4/20 walleye

    @zarraspook were creeping around towards February. Could you message me about what part of the dam you're talking about? I'd love to get after some eyes here in a few weeks
  10. OK.... it's official. Table Rock has turned over

    Hey Phil, would you mind explaining your comments...when Table Rock turns over you're saying that the D.O. goes up in the water coming through the darn, and that typically makes the fish more active and hungry?
  11. Fall patterns

    Hi Guys, Relatively new to this area and didn't get to fish much last fall as we were in the process of having a baby. Wondering what some of the fall patterns are for smallies specifically. I know the trout fishing on Taneycomo is good in the fall and into the winter but wondering about the warm water species. Are there resident smallies that stay in stretches of the James or Sac/Little Sac or do most of them migrate back to the main lakes toward deeper water? All I got is a good pair of waders so I'm really just a stream and river fisherman Also, I'm getting fired up about hitting the walleye spawn, I'm told around February is the best time to hit it but when and where have you guys had the best success for finding spawning walleye? My friends in Minnesota would get geek'd out if I told them I was catching walleye in Missouri..ha!
  12. Fishing report

    Made it down early this morning and fished from 5:30 to about 7:30. 2nd cast had a nice fat white bass nail my husky jerk with about 6 feet of line left..that was fun!! Then about 20 minutes later landed a small smallie right up by the cable. Had another nice white bass about 10 minutes after that and finished out with a very nice rainbow probably 16 to 18 inches. Hooked about 5-6 smaller rainbows and had them slip off. Saw others catching as well and watched a grandpa/grandson land a couple really nice browns after some long battles. Caught all my fish on my new favorite lure a number 7 husky jerk in the new emerald ghost color. Had to look to find areas deep enough to even throw it with the water being so low. Noticed most of the surfacing and most of my strikes came well out from the bank which would follow the pattern for falling lake levels I guess. Beauty of a morning. Love watching the mist rise off upper Taney!
  13. Weekend trip on the NFOW

    Hi guys, I'm planning on getting down to the NFOW on Wednesday morning to try some fly fishing from the bank. I will be headed towards the Taylor Bridge area (don't have exact plans).. Does anyone know which bridges sustained the worst damage down that way or what places might have some good access for shore fishing? Thanks! Last time i was down that way I managed one little baby brown..good to see the natural reproduction tho!!
  14. Free to good home Johnney Morris Rod

    Any crankbaits that you're still trying to get rid of?
  15. South??

    How far south can you go on the Niangua before you get out of fishy areas. Thinking about what area might be the shortest drive from Springfield and still give me a shot at catching a few

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