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  1. Thanks FlySmallie! I found a smokin deal on a lightly used 12T so once this freeze lets up Im excited to clean it up and start making it mine. Glad to know you have the same boat when I run into questions
  2. Howdy OA family, I am in the market for a newer kayak for fishing and i had a few questions for those yak fisherman out there...I currently have a Ascend A10 sit in kayak that ive fished with a handful of times and it just isn't what Im looking for...when i wear bigger boots for winter fishing my feet barely fit into the nose of the boat and tend to cramp and get uncomfortable. Also with a sit in style, the seat is so low to the water I can't see anything or work a jerkbait or topwater very well. Ive been looking at several different models including the Ascend 10T and 12T as well as the
  3. Ha! I wish i could remember, its right on the finder...i wanna say mid 40's but thats just a guess
  4. Went out to Springfield to tryout my new Garmin fish finder...it worked great and found some fish... most were right off of wood in about 18-20'. Nothin big but still fun to fight em on a light rod and to catch em on jigs you made urself!
  5. Where I'm from in Minnesota, 55 degree days in January don't happen, but since they do in Missouri, I went fishing of course. Didn't slay em but the quality was awesome. 4 casts in I enticed a 19"-er to sample my black 1/8oz Lilley's maribou jig, got a nice picture sorda by accident too. When it started getting a little darker I moved down to outlet one and caught one more 17" fish on a grey scud (it's always the grey scud😊) Tried the signature series jerkbaits after dark until my time ran out and had one small swipe at the 606 sculpin but couldn't connect. Now it's s
  6. Awesome Blake, I was just getting ready to ask you how the night fishing has been...great report!
  7. I got myself a new garmin fish finder for Christmas, whats the best way to mount the transducer? Any cool ideas besides thru the hull with duct seal or pvc arms off the side? Thanks!
  8. What a fish! This is what night fisherman dream about.
  9. Got a chance to do a little longer trip yesterday so I started around 3:00 with the flyrod. What a blast! There was a good group of fish just down from outlet 2 that I got to cooperate after some trial and error...I started with a San Juan and tan beadhead scud but after I saw about 15-20 fish going nuts on midges on top I switched to a black midge about 3 feet under the indicator but couldn't get any takers....finally switched to a small peach egg over a size #12 scud from Chuck's shop and it was game on! I only brought 4-5 to hand but had another 5-6 long battles with fish that made huge run
  10. It's been a while since I've made a post...and even longer since the last time I took out out the old flyrod.. I even left the jerkbait rod at home so i wouldn't be tempted.. I for sure had some rust and lost/missed the first 4-5 hits on the nymph rig but I managed 2 really pretty rainbows. Both took the red San Juan worm and left the grey scud alone... After a slow period I did switch over to the jig rod and tried up towards the cable..only managed one chunky Kentucky but that was a fun fight too..got him on a brown and tan bucktail jig that I tie. I simply couldnt
  11. Hey Mike, I have only been doin the jerkbait thing for a couple years but had a chance to fish once a week for about a 3 month stretch this Spring. My best lures were as follows: 1. Silver Shadow Rap in the 110 size 2. Spro McStick in a purple shad color (donated from @Ryan Miloshewski) 3. Berkley Cutter 110 in tablerock shad color At night tho, you can't beat the signature series jerkbaits that @duckydoty and Blake make at Lilley's...the 706 and 762 models were both killer on my night trips. Best colors were sculpin and french pearl. Good luck!
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