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  1. It's unfortunate because Lew's used to make very affordable rods with great balance..now almost all their rods have a foam EVA butt section that is way lighter than the old style which makes em very tip heavy and clunky...the base Mach 1's used to be what I would consider a premium rod and you could catch em on sale for $40-50...now to get the microwave guides with a balanced feel you are looking at a tp1 or tp1 black for $100 to $130. I've been looking for a new medium light or light action setup for light jigs and im consoderong the new Abu Garcia veritas (great reviews) or forking out the e
  2. So far everyone I've met thru this forum has been an A+ fishing buddy so let's setup a future trip!
  3. Nothing big for me, caught a 17.5" a 16", and a 14.999999"
  4. I went back and forth on how much to share but as a few folks have pointed out, no matter what I share or don't..there will still be gobs of people fishing this stretch of river...also when I first moved to Missouri, I had no idea about where to fish or what baits to try and I have learned a ton on this forum so here it goes... Friday was my first 215 to Taylor float ...also the first time I've had the new kayak in any current..what a great way to experience that stretch of river! @trythisonemv has a lot of knowledge and experience on this stretch and I almost felt like I was paying for a
  5. I think there's only one logical conclusion here...i wait a couple years then order a lews rod online, it gets dropped on my doorstep the next day by a drone and i get a notification on my phone haha!
  6. Does anyone know what the gameplan is for Lews? They closed their awesome store here in Springfield and now they are sorda selling their stuff half heartedly through a bunch of online retailers and bass pro but they dont keep anything in stock... I contacted their customer support team a while back and they said they plan on moving to direct sales on their website..anyone know if this is true or when the change might happen?
  7. Sure...pick on the guy that put on the quarantine 20 this year 😆...i hope to only need the fly rod but ill use whatever they bite on...there's nothing like fighting a pissed off white in the current on the 6 weight.....just thinking about watching my fly line jump upstream is givin me the shakes..
  8. You said it dude...these past couple of days have been creeeeeping by. I might trip and fall while im sprinting to the river Friday morning. Cant wait to get out there!
  9. That's awesome!! Grew up watching his show for years..cool to see him in the Ozarks!
  10. The other guy in the boat looks like Ron Shara from Minnesota bound ha!
  11. What kind of minnows does baitmasters carry? Thinking about trying live bait for the first time in forever..
  12. If I want to mount a trolling motor on my kayak does that mean i need to register it in Missouri? Or does the change per body of water? Does a trolling motor bring any other rules into play about lighting needed? Boaters/captains license? Thanks!
  13. Well I couldn't stand not trying it with the weather being so nice...headed out to Taylor to join the crowd...only managed one really nice female white about a half mile hike upstream from where i parked....water was stained but not chocolate milk....caught the fish on an all white 1/16th ounce maribou jig i tied....i probably spent 80% of my time trying to find a spot with enough space to cast..that was sort of annoying...it was also annoying trying to lift that extra 20 pounds of quarantine weight up over trees and brush....next time im bringing the kayak and not crashing thru the woods...im
  14. Do any of my OAF folks have an extra baitcast reel that they'd be willing to part with for around $50? I'm looking for either a bass pro formula reel or something lews. Right hand retrieve, dont care too much on the gear ratio Thanks!
  15. I have an older lews mach 2 spinning rod that is 6'-9" medium light power fast action with the microwave guides that i absolutely love. Looking for another one like it or similar. Thanks!
  16. Thats awesome buddy! Was going to ask how you did...time to get the kayak ready I guess!.
  17. I will try to keep it unused until then 😊
  18. If any one has a used 6 foot version in good shape, id be willing to trade my 6'-6" rod. I like to use a 25 sized reel and i think the shorter rod would pair better...im in Springfield if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  19. The fish i caught last night were mostly females. Some larger males and only 2-3 little dinks.
  20. Yesterday was one of those days that made me wonder why I spent such a chunk of money on Simms waders and a new kayak this offseason..haha! Im sure they will both get plenty of use but something to be said for stalking from the bank too.
  21. Well folks, I crushed em! I fished from 4 to 6:30 and put 11 on the stringer and threw back probably another 8 or 9. Had one stretch where i probably had 10 in 15 casts. Caught them on a small floating rapala which was a total blast. I dont want to be specific on where I found them because it was a tip from an anonymous source 😊. I will say they are not up the creeks yet and I was in more of a main lake area.
  22. Well gang, im going to get out and try it this evening for a couple hours. Not enough time to load up the kayak so im going to head out on foot. Let me know if anyone wants to join and send me a PM. Im thinking Ill try around Orleans unless someone tells me different 😊 ill try to report the water conditions if nothing else.
  23. @Flysmallie an overnight would be really cool. Would love to float with you sometime this Spring.
  24. @Jhoff are you a john boater or a kayaker?
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