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  1. Walleye13

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Dandy bass there Mike. Night bite was good then around the full moon. Got a few over 4 but no 5’s like yours.
  2. Walleye13

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Looks like you had a good evening out there last night Mike! Those are nice fish. I haven’t seen a bass over 4lbs in a couple of weeks.
  3. Walleye13

    Crappie picking up

    Shrapnel, not too bad considering the conditions. Couple more like those 3 you got would've been nice! I see Jamie Enyard won it. Not sure where he was but I know he likes to fish the Gravois. I'm glad to hear they are not dumping all those fish at PB 2. I'm with Wrench though, wish they could bring some back to the Gravois.
  4. Walleye13


    Conorsixtakc and Nomolites are right on.....x2!
  5. Walleye13

    8 lber caught yesterday

    That's a real impressive limit for sure. Especially so if that was caught on the upper end in dirtier & colder water. I believe that's the 2nd 8lb er weighed in a tourney this winter...
  6. Walleye13

    LOZ Water Temps ANYWHERE???

    Dandy fish BQ1970 and Wrench! Other bait options coming into play with warming water. Looks like Wrench has his favorite bait tied on!
  7. Walleye13

    LOZ Water Temps ANYWHERE???

    BQ1970......got that fish on a 3/8 finesse jig, channel swing bank WeekendWarrior.....I've seen you around in that boat before. Beautiful rig!
  8. Walleye13

    LOZ Water Temps ANYWHERE???

    Yes..... white ProV Bass XS with 250 Merc Opti. How bout you?
  9. Walleye13

    LOZ Water Temps ANYWHERE???

    I was out today. Fished from Gravois to 2mm. Water a bit stained in all creek arms, especially as you get farther back. Some debris in main channel. Water temp 43-45. Bite not great, but did luck into one big one.....6lb 3oz. Will try to post pic later.
  10. Walleye13

    Bass Tournament- Cold Water Challenge

    Glad to hear that Wrench. Where are the results posted?
  11. Walleye13

    Lake of the Ozarks Fast Lane to Great Fishing

    Good point Shrapnel. Two of those recent events were out of Alhonna (there was an 8.16lb er taken in Saturdays event). Nice to hear your observations from the '90's. I have only been fishing it hard for the past 5 years so I don't have that perspective to compare to. To MoCarps point, I've not been able to find any studies on tourney or relocation impacts on LOZ (and why if not needed??). From what I can gather, LOZ head biologist Greg Stoner stays on top of things pretty well. Certainly seems like the population continues to maintain and thrive as you noted. Good luck up there in the Glaize. Hope you get one of those 10 lbers this spring!
  12. Walleye13

    Lake of the Ozarks Fast Lane to Great Fishing

    Shrapnel, I respect your opinion and knowledge of the tournament circuit. But...hard for me to believe that the winning limits didn't come from the lower end (dam to the 6mm). Especially since I saw and talked to Rob & Ben who won two of them (sorry if that wasn't what you meant). That's not the issue though, year round relocation really is. Aside from the normal tournaments, how about the timing of the Big Bass Bash last April? Lots of fish solidly on beds that weekend. The number of females displaced and relocated by 2400 boats probably over shadows the effects of all the other tournaments....
  13. Walleye13

    Lake of the Ozarks Fast Lane to Great Fishing

    Interesting take on the big boat effect by Mr Neporadny (thank you John). I think that is certainly accurate to some degree. I think Nomolites & Wrench hit on a couple of key factors as well. This is certainly a fertile fishery, as evidenced by the incredible shad population. Coupled with the infinite number of boat docks, these probably do more to preserve the fishery than anything. The big question for me, as Wrench mentioned, remains the re-location issue due to the increased tournament pressure on the lower end in recent years.
  14. Walleye13

    Flies for whites?

    Great explanation Wrench....and beautiful pics! Interesting similarity between speed stripping with the fly, and the jerkbait I was catching em on. The ones I caught this week were on wind blown, rocky, secondary points. They were only in 6-8ft of water.

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