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  1. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Beauty Conor....that gals been feeding!
  2. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Water clarity on lower end is almost too good. Not winter clear but at least 2-3ft visibility. May be more stained up the Gravois where Wrench is....
  3. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    GPSHunter, I am on the lower end of the lake. I have a condo at Blue Anchor Bay. Water temp was 77-78 today. Like Wrench said, some nicer fish moving shallower but not big numbers yet. Still some fish on main lake points too....
  4. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Solid limit this a. m. with a nice kicker. No wind, all fish on big worm in or near brush...
  5. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Same here.....got mine on big crank bait ticking brush tops in 15'. A few small fish on top water early but no keepers.
  6. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Dandy fish Hydro! I got this 20" er this a.m. but not as heavy as yours. They are definitely in transition. Ahead of schedule with this cooler weather pattern...
  7. Anybody going to fish today

    Couple nice keepers there Warrior. I'm hopin for a better bite today if the cloud cover holds. Guessin Ameren will be pullin water after the the big dump in the Truman watershed...
  8. Anybody going to fish today

    I went for a couple hours early this a.m. Couldn't buy a bite on a jig, worm, or movin bait. Maybe they already had their eclipse glasses on? I got the one in the pic Sat a.m. on a big jig.....21.75"
  9. Where to Fish

    That's good advice on the cross bar pattern. When they move to those, it it is reliable on the shaded side. I've had trouble locating the shad balls on main lake structure lately, but found the mother lode late Monday afternoon after Ameren cranked up the water a bit. I was on a bluff end point and the bait was so thick I was getting a false bottom reading on my Lowrance.. Got this big Flathead on 1st cast and the Walleye on my 3rd cast. Got several bass, a White, and a big Crappie all in a 1hr flurry. Then it stopped abruptly. All fish on a deep crank
  10. LOZ piggies

    I live over here in Blue Anchor. That big MTI just came in a few weeks ago. Quite a boat but probably belongs on the ocean. Guy that owns it also has 3 condos here in building 2. Rumor has it he made his money in the video gaming industry. He also has a bow rider and a pontoon. That Cigarette boat next to his belongs to some else here, but they are friends.
  11. Tan-Tar-A Resort Sold and becoming Margaritaville

    Couldn't agree more. Maybe the new place will decrease the crazy crowd at Coconuts and tame down our Gravois arm a bit...
  12. Find Bass Any Time at Lake of the Ozarks

    Hey Mike, saw you on your favorite point in the Gravois last night. Any luck with the jigging spoon?
  13. Something to ponder

    Thanks for the top water tip Wrench. Haven't been out since they quit pullin water, may have give it a go...
  14. Something to ponder

    Interesting observation Wrench. Ive seen similar mixed results, but all from deeper main lake points (haven't fished shallow). Some lean, rough looking fish and some real healthy feeding up fish. Night and day difference in fish from the same school. I attributed it to the wide variance in spawning times, but that doesn't explain the sores and bad condition of some of these fish. I did note that several of the bad looking fish appeared to have been caught before. Good question for Greg Stoner.....
  15. Been following the Elite tourney in TX. Nice to see them are trying a different format. I would really support scaling it down in some fashion to the amateur level. Some good ideas on here from concerned anglers. Maybe some of the bigger events on LOZ could up the entry fee enough to cover a Polaroid Instamatic and standardized measuring tool for each boat? Include a token like Shrapnel mentioned. Total length rather than weight would be best for fish handling and care.

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