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  1. Well, as promised, here's how we did this weekend plus Thursday and Friday. Thursday was a beautiful day but the fish were hard to find. Went halfway down the little Sac arm and hit a few spots that included standing timber, looking mainly for crappie. Also fished bridge rip rap. No good except for a couple of smallies and rock bass in a cove across from State Park Marina. The cheeseburger at the marina sure was good. The big arm not much better. Fished flats for walleye, 12 to 25 feet. Nada. Picked up a couple of small Kentucky bass around Hawker Point. At the east end of the dam about 4:00 to 6:00 got 3 walleye, only one legal, about 4 small smallmouth and a couple of kentuckys. Finished the day drifting in Umberland Cove and caught zero. I moved around too much probably but it's been a long time and I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the lake. Late start on Friday due to thunder and rain. On the water at 10:30 and caught 2 nice crappie right off the bat right near Umber Heights ramp in 20 fow then nothing so we moved. Spent most of our time at the dam because that's where we had the best results. Got 1 17 inch walleye, 4 nice white bass and some smallies and more Kentucky bass. Saturday was a complete loss as I'm sure everyone knows so we headed back to Oklahoma and Kansas that morning. Boy did it rain! Had to pull off the road 3 times until the heaviest stuff went by. The drive took 7.5 hours that normally takes just under 6. It was great to be back and I hope to get back one more time this year.
  2. New to the forum but not new to Stockton. I haven't been to the area on a regular basis for 10+ years. Will be back for a long weekend 4/26-4/30 with my son in law and 2 nephews. The areas I usually fish include Hawker point and south of there. Looks like south of Hawker is the best bet after reading rhe posts. Many great memories fishing here. The bug I drive is a Skeeter MX 2025, red with black and silver. Come say hello if you see me floating around. I will post successes, and fails. Thanks for all of the information here. It's a great forum. Pic of the boat included and a pic of me with a giant Texoma crappie so you know I'm legit. Ha.
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