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  1. Thanks for all the info. I will definitely be kayaking the current sometime in the future, but all reports are that it is a disaster, and we would be an imposition to those trying to help, if we were to make it at all. We are going (same dates) to the Buffalo River in northern Arkansas.
  2. DITTO, Agree totally on the cfs being a great help. I would rather wait for better fishing, but in this case, this is a great bunch of guys that just don't happen to be fisherman, so if things calm down and they get opened back up, we'll be there on the 12th. I'm looking forward to catching smallies if possible. I hear they put up a good fight. Thanks to all
  3. I've been busy (and caught 25 largemouth Thursday) and just got back to check this site. Found page 2 and thank you all for the comments. We've gotten 5 inches of rain in the last two weeks (three in the last 3 days)in NE Kansas, so all the comments are helpful. I'm the fishing nut of the group and will be disappointed if fishing is not good, but will go just for the enjoyment of the trip anyway. I will keep the tackle light and minimal. I've never checked gauge levels before. Wow, today above Akers is over 21 feet and 42000 CFM. Check out the pictures on their Facebook page, amazing. https://www.facebook.com/Ozarkriverways/ So, checking the forecast for that area, possible rain next Wednesday, then none through at least May 12th, with high temps mostly 70 to 86. What are the chances it will be down for at least a fun kayak/canoe trip May 12-14? Again, thanks for all the advice. (I'm the old goat fisherman,70, in the group of mostly 40-50 year-olds)
  4. Thanks SO much guys. That is all great info. How about tackle? I have two Omen 7ft rods with Shimano Symetre 1000 reels currently with 12# Nanofil clear line. I'm most comfortable with spinning reels, and have moved to the smaller ones (1000 series). I also have an Abu Garcia 6 1/5 foot rod with the Abu Garcia Silver Max bait caster with Power Pro Hi-Vis yellow 30# line. I have become fairly proficient with the bait caster (vowing never to lose another walleye in the rocky areas around Clinton Lake Ks). I don't fly cast, but since the moderator is going to pin this thread, go ahead and post info for fly casters. Again, thanks, and keep the good info coming. Oh, two more things. Swivels? A friend has me not using swivels for crappie and walleye, to feel the hits better. Whatcha think? And slip bobbers? I've tried them here and like them. Anyone use them on the Current? Lee, taildragger as in airplanes that don't have tricycle gear, but have a tail wheel. I was into radio controlled airplanes for a while.
  5. I'm from out of state, and will be canoing/kayaking from Akers Ferry to Two Rivers fishing with 8-12 guys about the 2nd week of May. I'm used to fishing for crappie and walleye in Kansas.. I understand the predominant fish are trout and smallies. Can someone please tell me what parts of this river have which, and the best bait to use. Just about any practical advice would be helpful. In other words, what do I need to know now that I wish I had known before I went the first time? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I'm a walleye/crappie fisherman from NE Kansas, will be coming to Current River soon, can't wait. Thanks for being there.
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