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  1. Matthew Peaslee

    Kiefer Creek in Castlewood Park

    The creek was pretty dirty. Lots of trash... Water clarity was VERY low and water levels were pretty low too. I couldn't tell if there were many pools deeper than ~3' due to clarity, but I had no luck passed a sunfish or two. I fished the pond in the park and caught a handful of largemouth around the 10" range, so not a total wash of an afternoon. I don't plan on returning to fish when I could go 20 minutes to the North and be on the Big Creek.
  2. Matthew Peaslee

    Kiefer Creek in Castlewood Park

    Wow, thanks for the info! Glad I didn't head out there. I am going to try out Peruqe Creek at Quail Ridge Park instead. I will let you know how it goes
  3. Matthew Peaslee

    Kiefer Creek in Castlewood Park

    Has anyone here fished this stream? I am going to give it a go this evening, and wouldn't mind a heads up as to what I will be getting into. I thought the small stream leading into the Meramec might hold treasures! Thanks for any info. Will report back.
  4. Matthew Peaslee

    Mill Creek Report 6/5/17

    I had a chance to spend Sunday out around the Bohigan Conservation area with a buddy and had a great day. The river was not running with crystal clear visibility, but it was not bad at all either. We drove in from St. Louis, so we fished from probably 10am until 5pm. The guy I was with had never fished a small stream like that and was blown away by it; both in challenge and beauty! We had a 20 minute heavy shower that cleared away to hot sun, and the river fogged up heavily with the rain/heat combo and made for an awesome view. We caught around 15-20 Rainbows all around 4-7 inches. Nothing huge. but all in all, I couldn't have asked for a better day. The river looked healthy and the fish were healthy and biting. Had an eye on a few lunkers, so no one got washed away in the storm It didn't look like anyone had walked the Bohigan trail recently from the parking lot to the stream, so that made for quite the adventure. Walked to withing a couple feet of a sleeping fawn. Scared us both half to death!
  5. Matthew Peaslee

    Mother's Day caddis hatch

    Neat, I need to get to a splash soon!
  6. Matthew Peaslee

    Hold on to your hats. or they may float away.

    Did you end up going out/still planning on it? I was going to drive to BSC from St. Louis on Friday, but debating on if it will even be worth it. Looks like we are getting more Wed/Thurs.
  7. Matthew Peaslee

    Mother's Day caddis hatch

    Exciting read! Is that by chance the Missouri Tom that is enjoying the new granddaughter(s)?
  8. Matthew Peaslee

    Stream Fisher in St. Charles County

    Yea it looks like the best portions of Peruque run right along the course. They did add peruque valley park which looks like it provides pretty good access. I might have to check it out!
  9. Matthew Peaslee

    Stream Fisher in St. Charles County

    I will steer clear then. That was my biggest concern getting out into the farm land. Back to the drawing board!
  10. Matthew Peaslee

    Smallmouth North of CR 7360?

    Hi, I am going to be heading to hit Little Piney and Mill late next week if the water is not still too high form this coming weekend. I have fished most access points around Rolla and Newburg for LP, but have never put in at the bridge crossing LP on CR 7360. It seems to be about halfway between Milldam and the standard access at Newburg. I figured this might be a fun place to have a chance at some decent smallmouth and possibly even a trout or two depending on temps. Any information on the area in either direction from the bridge would be appreciated! I am from Rolla but driving in from St. Louis for the day, so I want to make my time count!
  11. Matthew Peaslee

    Stream Fisher in St. Charles County

    Thanks for the replies. Snagged, thanks for the hope! Greasy, I share the exact concerns, but I if you google map a short ways out of the heavily developed areas it looks great for fishing. Access will be the challenge I might try to slip in off of Hwy Dd sometime. jgentile, I will shoot you a PM!
  12. Matthew Peaslee

    Stream Fisher in St. Charles County

    I have been reading threads on OzarkAnglers for a while, and have gotten tired of not being able to reply! As the title says I like in St. Charles County and primarily stream fish. I grew up in Rolla, so the Little Piney, Mill Creek, etc. are my home waters. Now that I am a little further from the spring-fed streams, I am learning to adapt to Bass fishing. I have hit a few ponds around the area, but am always on the hunt for fishable streams. The only place (within a half hour) I find myself returning to regularly is the area around Indian Camp Creek park. Nothing huge regarding the fishing, but I really like the stream. I am curious about Peruqe and Dardenne Creek but have yet to fish either stream. Looking forward to giving what little advice I have and soaking up plenty from everyone here!

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