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    By Memorial Day things will be back in more or less full swing on NFOW.  I cannot recommend a pond hopper.  Canoe, kayak, pontoon or drift boat.  With luck you would probably be OK.  But I am one of the don't count on being lucky crowd.  Without luck, you will dump.  And you won't like dumping with a battery and trolling motor.
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    Justin and Amy lost a bunch. Said they probably won't open at all this summer. 
    Just saw this from ROLF on Facebook. 

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    Eeck.  Ya, looks like we may not be staying there.  I heard it was bad, but no details.  Was going to wait to call them and check on things since I am sure they are a bit busy with more pressing matters.
    Thanks for the info all!  
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    If you could rig the pond hopper up with oar locks it might be fun.  A trolling motor is gonna be worthless.  Either way I wouldn't go over the Falls in it. 
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    I did just that a month ago with a bass baby and a 55 lb trolling motor.  We did the upper pool right below the dam and it worked OK.  Later that day we went down to the confluence of the North Fork and White and put in and trolled up stream a bit but we had been on that battery for three hours already and didn't want to chance going too far.  The wind was out of the south and pushing us UPSTREAM.  Our plan was to motor up as far as we could and could always drift back but that wasn't happening with that wind and didn't want to get stuck upstream.  Guide told us we could get about a mile upstream before it got too shallow.
    Tried a pool on the white the next day and again did fine drifting down and motoring back up.  Tried a deeper long riffle and even with 55 lbs couldn't make much headway.
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