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  1. 4/18-4/20

    Your handle should be Uncle Rooster
  2. Couldn't think of a better way to christen my boat than a trip to Taneycomo and fishing out of Lilley's for a few days. Boat ran great and was able get experience with it in some different conditions, such as loading it for the first time in the pouring rain this morning . Was entertaining my aunt and uncle so mainly bait fished from Fall Creek to past the landing over 2 1/2 days. Fishing was tough at times. Wind blowing boat one direction and current taking line the opposite direction. Thursday afternoon produced the best fishing overall. Boat had two 16" rainbows near Short Creek. Chartruese or pink power eggs worked best. Lightest drift rig or split shot with #10 hook worked the same. Friday and Saturday everyone caught at least two fish, but overall slow compared to many other trips of the past. Saturday afternoon things picked up ahead of the storm. 65 bridge to the landing was quite good from 4-6pm on white gulp eggs. While "guiding" had a chance to throw spoons and a few crankbaits for just a little while with no luck. As far as bait fishing goes, the number of fish was somewhat disappointing, but we caught really nice fish. I will take the quality over the quantity. Had some good fights on the ultra lights. Numerous 13-15" fish with some girth. Only a couple were stocker size. Nightcrawlers produced zero bites/fish. Also, saw a few being caught from the dock each evening.
  3. Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    Big Sugar can be some awesome fishing, but that is more of a half day float and stay in Pineville or Anderson type of thing to do multiple days in a row. Lot of snakes in Big Sugar fyi. Use live crawdads. Personally, I would do the 11 point, upper Current, or upper Jacks Fork. Gasconade has too many jet boats no matter where it seems you are.
  4. Dock Replacement...

    Cool, just in time for my trip. Are those some angled slips I see or is that an optical illusion as they were swinging it into place? Also, where is the old section of dock going to next?
  5. I would find a local yocal tire shop that does tractor tires and cattle & horse trailers. That is who I use to repack bearings and such for a boat trailer.
  6. My last boat had a 1999 Yamaha 90 hp 2 stroke. Could run all over Stockton or Table Rock in a day and never come near using up the 12 gal tank. This boat I have now is a deep vee. From a design aspect, since these are popular up in the great lakes and boundry waters where you may not be close to fuel I think it makes sense to have what seems like an obnoxious tank. Boat is rated for a 90hp, but as said even then still hard to burn that much gas in a weekend
  7. Rumbling night in the ozarks...

    Yeah, that was quite a light show last night. Lot of cloud to cloud
  8. Well, I would not entertain the idea of using all 20 gallons at the same time. I prefer to stay out of the news. However, that would be quite a sight and nothing some old fireworks couldn't help start from a safe distance
  9. What do I do with 20 gallons of old gas? I don't live in the sticks where I could put it on a burn pile.
  10. I recently bought a used boat. Consignment deal through a boat dealer. Built in 27 gal tank and the guage is at least saying 3/4 tank of gas, who knows. Motor ran fine at test drive and then a flush I did once I got it home. Based on the condition of the boat, guy had all manuals and receipts, and how he had the boat setup it seems the previous owner thought of everything and then some. However, what if he didn't treat the fuel? Should I run the stuff as is since boat seems to be running fine and treat from here on when adding fuel? The dealer told me to use Stabil 360 Marine regardless of whether I use no ethanol gas or not and use it year round. Thoughts on that? BTW, I plan on only using no ethanol gas.
  11. Walmarts everywhere carry a smattering of different powerbait forms. Even in Jeff City you can find it. Usually the dough and nuggets, not any eggs. When baitfishing Taneycomo with the fam I usually just wait and buy it at Lilleys. Figure theirs might be newer than Bass Pro. Plus, can get a heads up for any hot colors. I tend to think color doesn't mean a whole lot with powerbait though. White, chartruese, orange, pink. All seem to work if they are biting. Even bought rainbow color last time and that worked. For my brothers who do not take my word for it that they need 4lb green line and a size 10 hook, I will continue to out fish you dudes. I am always the one to run the boat and still out fish them. My favorite is when the accuse me of setting the boat up to favor me and then flip it around on the next drift and still catch fish. Water is fine on this side too boys.
  12. Cheapskates at MDC!

    I can stop by Conservation Headquarters tomorrow on my lunch break and give someone a knuckle sandwich for you! Kidding aside, nearing end of fiscal year I bet whatever appropration postage is included in must be getting tight
  13. I can remember when the Walmart sporting goods section actually had full time career dudes who only worked in that area of the store and that knew what they were doing.
  14. Stalking wild trout ...

    Spring River in Lawrence County. Used to be a hatchery south of 60 hwy near Verona. Have caught them as far west as Stotts City. Would see some big rainbows while gigging

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