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  1. MickinMO

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    You mentioned a dike across from Branson Landing. How far does it come out and how deep is it if the water is off? I don't have much experience on the lake below 65 bridges
  2. MickinMO

    Table rock

    You just need one of those 350HP outboards that can push your boat 100mph
  3. MickinMO

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    Maybe it was a Gambler tourney instead of a Skeeter tourney? 😛
  4. MickinMO

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    He is a college professor at OTC. So, by nauture he is likelh a bitter crusty old man.
  5. What the heck is their V.I.B access add-on? Got to looking online tonight and can't figure it out. Nothing on their site describes it. Back story: So the in-laws all want to come down to Branson for the day when we are at the lake. Since my boat only can hold 6 that is a problem. For some reason non-boaters don't seem to realize you can't put an endless amount of people on a boat. So, looking at getting a pontoon to accommodate everyone. State Park will be the easiest for all parties to meet at.
  6. MickinMO

    Another Boat Runs Into a Cliff

    Any armed guards walking the perimter?
  7. MickinMO

    Another Boat Runs Into a Cliff

    Is there a place on Lake of the Ozarks that compares to the Plaster compound at Table Rock?
  8. MickinMO

    Another Boat Runs Into a Cliff

    Thankfully I have little experience with Water Patrol, but in general I would have to think there is a level of ease produced by someone who acts like they know boating etiquette, safety, and shows outward respect to LE. Even something as simple as how you approach a checkpoint or properly yield to other boats helps your cause. And who is more likely to do that, your fishing boat and pontoon people who probably grew up being on the water. My grandpa, dad, and two of my buddies dads' growing up gave me a lot of wisdom that you can't just read about to understand. The 25 year old from Chicago driving daddy's cruiser may not have been as fortunate to learn the proper way to boat or handle yourself in front of LE. Yes sir, no sir, eye contact, do not ask questions only answer the questions they ask, do not appear agitated or in a hurry, tell your friends to keep their mouths shut unless they are asked a question, and most of all act interested.
  9. MickinMO

    Another Boat Runs Into a Cliff

    These arent guys pulling into a fishing spot. If you are in a runabout and are going fast enough to total a boat and injure or kill people you have lost track of where the open water is. It just baffles me that this happens so often.
  10. How drunk or stupid do you have to be to run into a cliff/bluff? I know being on the water at night can be disorienting, but come on. I can somewhat understand running aground on a shallow point or flat if you don't know a lake well, but running straight into shore? The only thing I can think is that if they don't see dock lights they assume it's the channel. http://www.abc17news.com/news/three-injured-after-boat-crashes-into-cliff-at-lake-of-the-ozarks/751182188
  11. MickinMO

    LOZ on TV

    Don't leave out BWI enforcement
  12. MickinMO

    New to Stockton Lake

    For the kids I would use minnows and anchor/tie up in timber near mouth of a main arm cove. Nights can be good under a light. You can also troll jigs like a roadrunner or 3" grub along the edge of flats and have a chance to catch almost anything.
  13. MickinMO

    New member in Branson area

    Welcome aboard.
  14. Well, none of it matters at this point. Just noticed that I have a seal busted somewhere on the left wheel so going to need a full bearing set replacement. Might as well put new bearing buddies on at the shop. Not what I was hoping to see
  15. I removed more grease from under the dust cap around the zerk. It is round and flush so no socket going to grab this. Must be compression of some sort or I need to replace the entire buddy

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