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  1. Would a siphon or use of the sluice gates be enough to make a difference with O2?
  2. Miss my 2003 G3 1860. Had a 90HP 2 stroke Yamaha on it and in calm water that boat would scoot. Great for fishing any lake and using as duck boat in winter. Bought it new from Center City Marine in Springfield. Boat was easy to pull, put in, and load. Light enough to manhandle in the driveway or when putting in storage. That boat would float in 3 inches of water. Never should have sold it. Guy who bought it from me was going to build a larger front deck and turn it into a bass fishing boat
  3. Nothing wrong with white bass. Just have to get the red/brown stuff cut out of the fillets and I let them soak overnight in a brine before freezing or cooking them
  4. Always did best tied up to a tree at mouth of coves. Big Sac arm south of twin bridges. Minnows
  5. What a hog. That dull slap of the water gives me chills
  6. Wonder how many years in the lake's existence there has been a 10ft rise between Thanksgiving and Christmas?
  7. Lot of old models and data used. A lot more runoff in the basin with NWA, Springfield, and Branson development. Feds were using data from the 1960s to price mortgages in the 2000s and helped lead to the meltdown.
  8. And yet, they could have been passing more water though and keeping the White from potentially becoming ridiculous. But no, they backed it off once the lakes dipped just below flood pool setting up a situation when any large widespread rainfall could have destructive consequences from from NW Arkansas to New Orleans. Corps plays russian roulette.
  9. Still trending further east with 4pm advisory
  10. Still trending east little by little:
  11. Updated forecast maps: Although not great considering how full the lakes are, max rainfall in the 3" range. A few local amounts up to 6" possible in north central Arkansas and south central MO. A few days ago there was a swath of 4-6" totals in the forecast all the way through central and eastern Arkansas and central MO. I'd put more stock in the local office maps at this juncture to pinpoint more exact areas of rainfall amounts. The 7 day QPF is based entirely on computer models and is a good source for rain potential and areas that will get rain. Pretty good consensus with the local offices
  12. More model data here: Also, follow Ryan Maue on twitter.
  13. Updated storm track cone and rainfall forecast. Forecast track hasn't changed much for center of circulation. Width of uncertainty just getting smaller. Maybe a slight trend east
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