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  1. Trolling or drifting from the back to mouth of long coves always a favorite of mine. Start shallow and work out to deeper water to find where they are at. I assume all the fancy electronics nowadays will tell you that without having to make several passes. Roadrunners or 3" grubs with 6lb green line.
  2. What lb line should be used when using jerk baits? That is something I have never tried on Taneycomo. Plus, with 15k CFS, I assume from reading historical posts on boating to the dam running up the middle will still get you to the cable without issue? I haven't been above Fall Creek much by boat in 20 years and certainly not since the recent floods. My trip down in April went past Fall Creek a little ways following Phil's instructions, but chickened out when I saw less than 3ft on the graph and decided that was far enough (that was at 7k cfs)
  3. My last trip to Taneycomo saw several Go Pros strapped to consoles and heads.
  4. I don't know enough about river boats and jets to get specific on the boat you are looking at. Also, there are a lot of guys on here that know a heck of a lot more than I do about boats. That said, here are my two cents on shopping for a used boat. First and foremost you are basically buying a motor. That is a majority of your value. You can never know for sure with a 20 year old motor how well it's been taken care of. If the test drive goes good that's a plus. I also try to get a sense for pride of ownership and how many owners there has been. Any service records? So, if you think that motor is worth $4-$5,000 to you then $7,000 may be a fair price. I also want to know what all comes with the boat and does everything work. Extra seats, dock ropes, anchor & anchor rope, life vests, electronics, trailer lights, livewell pump, etc. Even the non-electronic basic stuff to be sea worthy/legal can add up fast if he isn't including it or stuff doesn't work. Another thing to keep in mind is that boats hold their value. I was in the market for a boat the last two years. I did a lot of searching and looking. I was amazed at both private sellers and dealers how the price held up for 15-20 year old boats. After awhile I became convinced that they must be able to command these prices. I shopped several boats hard over several months and wasn't able to get price to drop much. Each of the boats would be gone the next time I stopped in to check on them and tried to haggle more. Sure, some could have been consignments pulled back, but not all of them. I would check boattrader and other online sources to see if you can find similar boats listed for sale. That will also be an indicator if this boat is in the right ballpark.
  5. Yeah, if you are on the Current below Van Buren you are taking your life into your own hands. Much of the Gasconade same way once you get to Jerome
  6. Prayers up for you all and those affected by last night's storms. Hope the releases don't increase and stay manageable
  7. Good thing there weren't any kayakers in their way 😀
  8. From the MO Handbook: Obstructing or Impeding Navigation It is illegal to: ■ Anchor a vessel in the traveled portion of a river or channel that will prevent or interfere with any other vessel passing through the same area. ■ Operate or otherwise position a vessel, other object, or any person in such a manner so as to obstruct or impede the normal flow of traffic on the lakes of this state.
  9. You aren't all wrong. However, there is a separate part of the rules that says a vessel should not impede other craft. A kayak going right down the channel fits that description.
  10. I believe technically small craft must give way to larger craft. Not only part of the boating rules, but also self preservation on their part. I usually run about 20mph on Taneycomo when planed out. My boat can't even do 30mph at top end of rpm range. I just think that kayakers doing their best to blend in with water and surrounding vegetation shouldn't be floating right down the middle of Taneycomo or at least don't act offended if you think someone is too close.
  11. Was on Taneycomo the last few days and the kayak flotilla was impressive. In the past, I would always try to give a kayak or canoe a lot of room and watch my wake. However, there are so many kayaks now and many going right down the middle it's dang near impossible to do this and get anywhere at times. We met one head on in a green kayak, the guy had a tan shirt on, and a tan life vest. He was floating in the current and wasn't moving his paddles. So, it was hard for me to even see him before I was closer than I cared to be. He was cruising right down the middle near Monkey Island on Friday with a lot of boat traffic present. He looked at me like I was the problem. I pointed at my eyes and hopefully he understood he was really hard to see. He also certainly wasn't moving right to allow passage for me on his left. If he was, I would have seen the movement from his paddles These guys have more guts than me because I would at least have some bright colors on for better visibility much like riding a motorcycle.
  12. Quick update for Friday fishing. Much tougher today than yesterday. Caught a few in Turkey Creek on jigs, rooster tails, and orange power eggs. Afternoon was better than morning. Didn't get any bites in Roark Creek. Finished the day drifting from Monkey Island to the landing and caught most fish of the day. Fish caught on drifting rigs with berkely mice tails. Both bubble gum/white and orange/chartreuse colors on the mice tails. A lot of boats today.
  13. Started fishing about 1pm just after the rain finished. Put in at Cooper Access and went up to about Trout Hollow and fished the opposite side down to Lilley's Landing three times. There was four of us in the boat and we caught six or seven decent rainbows using 3/32 jigs. Sculpin/peach or ginger with brown and orange speckled heads all caught fish. Went down to the landing and one in my party caught a couple out in front of the BP restaurant on power bait mouse tails with split shot. The real fun began when we went up into Turkey Creek. I had never gone up into the creeks before, but based on the recent One Cast reports we figured we had to try since things were a bit slow so far and we needed a break from the wind. Pretty much just let the wind push us back into the creek and slowly trolled further up. Jigs weren't working and decided the creek reminded me of being at a trout park in my youth. So, dug a rooster tail out of my box that has been in there idle for probably 20 years. Caught a stocker on the first cast. Then caught another and another and another. Then caught a 13" rainbow followed by several 12" bows. Rest of the boat went digging for rooster tails. By this time we were just past the wooden deck thing on the water's edge and caught a 16" brown. For about 30 minutes we were catching fish on almost every cast. We went back to the mouth of the creek and repeated several times. Never was as good, but the boat didn't go long without someone catching a fish. By 6pm we anchored at the mouth of the creek and caught several more before heading in. Many were larger than stockers and the fish seemed very energetic, which made them a lot of fun to land. 1/8oz gray-white rooster tails worked best. Several were caught on a variety of rooster tail colors, little cleos, and even white maribou jigs with pink head I tied on for the heck of it towards the end of our day.
  14. Sounds like fishing has been a little tough based on Phil's recent OC reports. Guessing this constant generation is taking a toll with very cold water and sub-optimal O2. Oh well, will be nice to get the boat wet for a few days. We typically fish fall creek to the landing. Been a long time since I have tried to go above fall creek and that was back when I had a basic lake jon. Might give it a try with two units.
  15. I like the long sleeve UV hoodies. It does help keep sun off cheeks some and obviously neck. Then lots of sunscreen on nose and cheeks
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