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  1. I wasn't aware that they have been ticketed several times. This was never something that should have been approved in the first place. During my fishing trips this year I never saw it out. Anyone know how far up they have tried to go? I know last year someone commented on a rider video showing them barely missing a large tree that was just below water level. It was big enough if they hit it right at full speed the boat could have flipped. I hope this thing just goes away or at least moves to Table Rock https://www.ky3.com/content/news/People-along-Lake-Taneycomo-say-Jet-Boat-damages-docks-and-boats-504233791.html
  2. Good luck finding one. Earlier this year when searching for a boat found one at a dealer in Illinois, but it was sold before I could get up there to look at it. I ended up buying a 2012 Lowe deep vee out of Iowa. Saved about $3k buying up there outside of "lake country"
  3. MickinMO

    Main Ozark Anglers Website

    I am not a tech person so I have no idea how to make it easier. I'd get a kid or niece/nephew to update it for you. Regardless, my business hat says that you don't want to keep a site up that isn't being maintained. I would at least redirect to the main forum page
  4. I had noticed, but not thought much of the main site no longer being updated since earlier this year. Although I know most of the info and fishing reports can be found on the forum or on Lilley's facebook page, I didn't know if that played into not keeping it updated or if Phil just doesn't have the time to mess with it. I am no tech wizard, but I believe there would be a way to imbed the onecast facebook videos on the Ozark Anglers website without having to double post.
  5. MickinMO

    Best catfish tutorial I've ever seen!

    Just saying that I don't think it's a great idea to have a 45lb kid drop a 25lb anchor.
  6. MickinMO

    Best catfish tutorial I've ever seen!

    This video makes me cringe. It wouldn't be funny if that anchor line got wrapped around that kid's leg and took him to the bottom. Looks to me like it almost did.
  7. MickinMO

    Tipping Etiquette for Fishing Guide

    Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like my line of thinking is within the goalposts of reasonable and fairly standard.
  8. Is there a general rule of thumb for this? I have gone on three guided fishing trips in the last ten years. All half day saltwater trips with one in Texas and two in Florida. If I recall, they were between $300-$400. I found all three guides to be very competent and worked hard (plus boat, bait, etc, ready to go when we got to the dock). I typically give the guides a $50 tip when we get back. One of the trips the guide stayed out longer than we had booked trying to get us on some fish as the morning was slow action wise. I gave him a $100 extra because he didn't have to do that. My brother is going with me in February and seems to think the cost of a guided trip is expensive enough already. If the guide is a dud and lazy then no tip, but otherwise going to flip him $50-$100 for a good time (catching fish not required). Is that too much or not enough?
  9. What should be the typical cost and services involved on a 4 stroke winterization service from a reputable marine dealer service dept? My first season of owning a 4stroke and a new enough boat that I need to take proper care of it by the book. I have a 2012 Mercury 60HP 4 stroke
  10. MickinMO

    Boating Obstacles

    Still getting more experience boating upper Taneycomo on my own and learn something new every time I am down. Saw two stumps that gave me pause while trolling or drifting this week. One that was just above Trout Hollow near the private dock with the Yoda and then a big one just past 65 bridge out in front of the second or third dock on the north bank. That one could really do some damage and when the water was high on Thursday and Friday afternoon it is just below the water line. You can see the swirl, but most novice boaters would not pick up on that until it's too late. Also, the heavy generation on Thursday and Friday I noticed the water around monkey island had a constant roll to it like a boat wake. My guess is this phenomenon is where the faster current of the upper lake gets squeezed and meets the slower and generally deeper water of the lower lake?
  11. MickinMO

    Great Three Day Trip

    Fished by boat Thursday afternoon and all day Friday & Saturday. Fished as far up as Fall Creek and down to about Tanglewood Resort all three days. Fishing was overall much better in the afternoons when water was running. Mornings were slower. Had five people in my boat using a mixture of jigs, spoons, power eggs, night crawlers, and berkley mice tails. The fish we caught Thursday seemed pretty lethargic, but got more lively through Saturday. Those of us throwing little cleo's with 2lb test did best in the mornings, but those using power eggs with a split shot 3' above a 8 or 10 hook caught a few as well. I had zero bites on several jigs I tried. Friday afternoon was one of the better 4-5 hour stretches I have ever experienced on Taneycomo. We drifted from Monkey Island to the railroad bridge numerous times and everyone in the boat caught at least one fish each drift. My brother was using a drift rig with a bubblegum color mice tail and he was catching 4-5 fish each drift. The bite was a little slower Saturday afternoon (and so was the water), but we caught generally larger fish it seemed with several in the 13"-14" range. As is my usual experience with the variety of styles my group uses, Short Creek to in front of Lilleys and Monkey Island to 65 bridge produced the most consistent action for everyone with or without water running. As always, great to be on the water for a few days with family and away from the stresses of everyday life.
  12. MickinMO

    Observations, 10/4

    Got down this afternoon and fished from Fall Creek down to about Lakeshore Resort area. Made two full drifts. Two of us in the boat threw jigs or spoons at times with no hits. Bottom rigs with power eggs caught fish pretty steady all afternoon. Seemed to catch nicer fish in stretch from monkey island to 65 bridge. Mainly new stockers past that, but if you have kids with you or are just wanting to catch some fish it was steady action. Power eggs in white, pink, orange, and chartreuse all worked and garlic or no garlic scent didn't seem to matter. My uncle has been down for a couple of days already and has had some luck in the mornings off the dock using orange power eggs catching a pretty thick 13" rainbow this morning about 9am. Saw a couple of fish caught this evening off the end of the Lilley's dock about when the water started to really slow down.
  13. MickinMO

    Branson Landing Public Boat Dock?

    Have wondered the same thing myself. I would be more apt to stop and get lunch. Heck, if my wife and daughter come down with me I could drop them off to shop and then come back to pick them up later in the day. Then they don't have to deal with traffic. Water taxi to/from resort
  14. MickinMO

    Branson Landing Public Boat Dock?

    There are courtesy docks out in front, but the railing appears fixed and if you have people in the boat that can't climb over or through the railing that doesn't work.
  15. Phil's post a few weeks ago about DO levels and how Table Rock's water profile works during the year to affect fishing renewed my childhood interest in how the dam operates. Never will forget the dam tour as a kid. If you ever have time to burn, the attached is an in-depth study released by DNR I came across. Who's for opening the sluice gates again? Based on pictures of dam construction and how they are described in the attached report, those must be tubes that are at the base of the middle of the spillway and allowed the white river to flow and keep Table Rock from filling too fast as dam construction moved higher and before the powerhouse was completed. Early construction photos show current coming from underneath the rising spillway and nowhere near the unfinished powerhouse tailrace and penstocks. Apparently they opened the sluice gates in 1978 to try and help the DO situation. Was deemed too dangerous as water shot 100ft into the air and travelled 200ft downstream. They tried the same thing at Norfolk and the physics proved too risky. 7314-lk-taneycomo-tmdl.pdf

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