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  1. MickinMO

    Saturday Night Fly Fishing - Video

    Beautiful fish. How long did it take you to net it? So much fun to catch these fish. Been 15 years or so since I have been down to the dam at night. Lot of great memories catching a lot of fish and big fish. Can remember the first time someone mentioned fishing the dam area at night to me. A fellow SMS student who worked the Bass Pro fly shop told me I needed to try it. He was from the Pacific Northwest, but I can't remember his name. We recognized each other from campus and me coming into Bass Pro. I thought he was crazy and that was before I found out he wet waded in summer.. He talked about the number and quality of fish you could catch strippin woolies. So, a couple of us met him down there one night and found out he was right. Took quite a few trips getting comfortable with where to go, but those evenings waiting for the water to shut off learned a lot talking to guys in the parking lot and pavillion.
  2. MickinMO


    Happy Birthday Phil!
  3. Going to start using 2lb test and trying out some jigs or pink worms. When boat fishing we usually fish from Short Creek down to 65 bridge. 4lb test and powerbait on an 6' ultra light. That is how I have fished from the boat for years. Maybe use some nightcrawlers from time to time. If I go to 2lb test and start throwing some jigs and spoons, what type of rod should I be using with a spinning reel?
  4. MickinMO


    That's far enough away from McCord Bend 😉
  5. Beaver and Bull Shoals seem to have much better O2 numbers top to bottom. Is Table Rock typically this different?
  6. Would opening a spillway or two just a tad add any amount of usable O2 to the upper part of the lake without inceasing temps too much?
  7. MickinMO

    You buying this?

    Is Elk visitors code for meth buyers?
  8. Lilley's jon boats are fiberglass and never thought twice about it even though I grew up fishing mainly out of aluminum jon boats. Those jon's at Lilleys are very sturdy and stable. One thing to keep in mind is whether you will always have a place to launch off the trailer. If you ever had to drag or carry to launch for places you want to go then I would compare weight. Go light
  9. MickinMO

    Have a question

    That doesn't sound much like retirement to me. That said, like in any business where you have something to sell, you have to know your customer and do everything you can to assess what they want in a trip and explain to them what your plan is. What you described to me I would consider a successful walleye trip, but I grew up fishing Stockton and I know how hard it can be to get on the wallys.
  10. Have a Lowe Deep Vee 165 Fishing Machine I bought used earlier this year. Has a 60HP Mercury 4 stroke on it, with the Bigfoot gear case. Has a terrible time getting on plane unless it's just me in the boat. The bright spot is that it will run in the 5mph range without plowing, which is perfect for Taneycomo (guessing that has something to do with the bigfoot). That is not great when I have the fam on Stockton or trying to get on plane loaded down when we need to run a ways. Top end speed with 4 adults, full tank of gas, gear is 25mph. Can hit 30mph if just me and little gear. Now, I knew when I bought it this wasn't the ideal motor for this boat. Boat is rated for up to 90HP and no idea why the previous owner ordered it with the bigfoot. Even the marina sales guy when I got to Iowa to pick it up said that I would want to find the right prop for this boat to improve performance and/or power up at some point. I got the boat for a bargain with the intention of making those savings help work towards eventually going up to a 90hp, but that will take me a couple of years to save for. In the meantime, that leaves me with a choice to try a different prop or consider a hydrofoil. I don't want to rehash that debate as I know the pros and cons to both. Two questions: If I look at a prop upgrade, how hard is it for a competent service department to figure out the correct prop? I plan to use Anglers Port in Warsaw as they are both a Mercury and Lowe dealer. And even though I didn't buy a boat from them, their service guys were helpful when I called and had questions in the past. If I look at a hydrofoil, it seems very few of the popular ones will fit the Mercury bigfoot and none of the no drill ones fit the 40-60HP Mercury 4 strokes anyways. My thought was that if I plan to trade or sell this motor within the next few years I don't want to drill on it. Plan to discuss with Anglers Port when I take it in for winter maintenance later this fall, so I don't know what their suggestion will be yet.
  11. I have not weighed it, but I would hope that Lowe within the last five years didn't engineer a package that overloaded their trailer. I can't think of anything that would be significant added weight post factory to cause this. Will continue to monitor wear at 50psi. Could just be crappy tires I suppose. Thanks for the tips fellas.
  12. It is on both edges of both tires. However, outside edges are slightly worse than inside edges
  13. Got on Pomme today for the first time in about 13 years. Holy schamoly the lake was busy. Bass boats, fishing boats, pontoons, tri-toons, and some big runabouts. PWCs and tubers everywhere. Not what I remember it being like even on a Saturday in August. The sheer volume of boats is what got me. Plus, those big boats create way too much chop. I watched one Cobalt go by about 12 times today in the 3 hours we were sitting in one spot. Just burning gas all day. Not stopping to swim or pull a tuber. Just burning gas in a small area of one lake arm I guess I am not surprised. Those 24' runabouts too small for LOZ now and I can remember seeing my first cigarette boat on Stockton about 15 years ago and thinking it's all downhill from here. Shame this tranquill lake has been ruined. Ok rant over. Sorry.
  14. So the boat I bought earlier this year has trailer tires that are max rated for 50psi at the max load. Tires were basically new as previous owner kept boat at a marina Iam under max load and started using them at 45psi. Had some edge wear so went up to the 50psi. However, even at 50psi I am getting wear on the egdes that tells me they are under inflated. I suppose I need to get them balanced to keep chasing the issue or is it ok to go another 5psi up?

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